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Programmer Resume

Dublin, CA

OBJECTIVE: Position as Programmer or Programmer Analyst with opportunities for

{Certificate in Mirosoft Networking Essentials (CIS 325)}
{Certificate in JAVA programming (CIS 144 programming)}
(Certificate of Health HCFA & UB92 EDI mapping ).
{Certificate in Visual Basic (6.0) (CIS 141A&141B programming)}
{Certificate in Network Database Uses ORACLE Software (CIS 134B)}
(Curriculum:-The Project Leadership).
( Diploma in Computer Science ).
( Major : Mathematics/Computer Science.)


Mature, proficient, versatile and self-motivated Software Engineer with over 17 year’s vast experience in systems analysis, design and computer programming. Expert in use of techniques, tools, and methods of structured system analysis in large scale, complex data processing environment. Experience includes implementing application software, conducting user training, developing logical data models and data base design, preparing detailed functional and program specifications using data models flow diagrams, decision tables and other techniques of structured methodologies, analyzing manual and automated business processes. Extensive hands-on experience with high level programming languages (COBOL, FORTRAN, RPG, RPG IV, RPG (free format), RPG LE, CL, SQL, C, ..etc.), Assembly languages and Case Tools on AS/400. Knowledge with UNIX Operation System. Experience in Windows 95/98/NT and the ODBC. Well informed in the area of PC and PC software. Experience on EDI and EDI translator like GENTRAN and EXTOL Integrator with the transaction set of 824, 830, 850, 861, 862, 837, 834, 835, and 997…. etc. I had a good knowledge on the XML


  • Experience in interface between PC and AS/400 uploading/downloading using client/server
  • Experience with ODBC communication through ACCESS data base to/from AS/400.
  • Experience with SQUEL on PC as well as with experience on the SQL on AS/400 and the Visual Basic 6.0
  • Experience in Windows 95/98/NT networking (remote dialing) with TCP/IP prototype.
  • Experience on data base file transfer using FTP PC to/from AS400, AS400 to AS400.
  • Experience on Data transfer(FTP) to different client/Differen location by internet using ZMOD FTP/PGPfrom trailblaze system and as well as experience in VPN.


    6/2000—Present Senior Programmer/Analyst. Confidential,Dublin, CA

    Analysis and design on a new project for Freedom Flex system of medical insurance and also the project was written as RPGILE, CLLE, and DDS on the AS/400 using binding by service. I am also using TURNOVER change management software, Fax star, and Hawkye tools were also used. Analyze, design, develop, documentation, implement and enhancement on the Delta health insurance policy. Modification of internal legacy system programs are modified by the RPG IV, RPG (Free Format), CL, and DDS and some were converted to the RPG IV, RPGLE CLLE and DDS. I am also implementing the HCFA and UB92 EDI for the company and also interface program which used in the EDI were also written as RPG IV, RPGLE, CLLE and DDS using bending by service. Experience on EDI and EDI translators like GENTRAN and EXTOL integratorand also with HIPAA kit created by EXTOL company. Analysis and design and implement on the HIPAA on the EDI using EXTOL integrator with the transaction set of 837, 824, 997, and 834 etc… for the health industry with the version 4010 and 5010 transaction . On the manufacturing environment (BPCS software) using GENTRAN 400 EDI transaction software. Development and enhancement the BPCS version 6.02- programs and new development programs which the user requires on AS/400 (RISC/CISC) by using case II called AS/SET, and RPG, CL and DDS. In addtion to the BPCS enhancement was written as RPGLE. I am also experience in databases utilities program called DBU 5.0 and DBU 8.0 version. The trading partners I work on are WEBMD, Beach Street, Blue Cross, Blue Sheld, Blue Card, PROXTMED, … etc,,, over 20 trading partners with transaction sets 4010 and 5010.

    6/98 – 6/2000 Technical Consultant AS/400. Confidential,San Francisco,CA.

    Analyze, design, develop, documentation, implement and enhancement of BPCS Manufacturing accounting ERP and MRP system for the client needs. Development and enhancement the BPCS program with includes ERP and MRP and new development programs which the user requires on AS/400 (RISC/CISC) by using case II called AS/SET, and RPG, CL and DDS. Most of the client had modified on the mix mode BPCS 6.x.0x with the AS/SET, RPG, CL. For the BPCS 6.x.0x full Client/Sever we used the new tools called ODW for client portion which generated RPGLE, CLLE and RPG, CL. Helping the clients to install BPCS any version and also help them to do the conversion. I also developed customize conversion programs converting from different kinds of ERP software to the BPCS(6.x.0x) ERP system using RPG, CL, DDS, RPGLE/RPG IV and CLLE. I had an experience writing on the script of dcServe, dcCollect, dcXchange and dcTime PC software which are from the iWork company of Greensboro. I had experience on the data base management tools like DBU, Easy View, Sysquest, etc.

    8/97 – 6/98 Sr. Programmer Analyst. Manufacturing System. Confidential,San Leandro, CA.

    Analyze, design, develop, documentation, implement and enhancement of BPCS Manufacturing accounting ERP and MRP system software, as well as PRISM (MRP system) which is from MARCAM an ERP and MRP system. Development a new legacy program to interface between the mainframe and AS/400 using RPGLE and RPG language. Developing, implementing and enhancing on the existing warehouse management system MATRICS and also created an interface program between PRISM ERP/MRP system and the warehouse management system (MATRICS). I have experience in debugging tools EXTERMIN8 and ISDB source debug tools, and also experience in change management software called from Implementers from SDM. I had experience on HAWKEYE Information System and DBU Data Base Utility. Developing, enhancing, and implementing on the year 2000 project of the San Leandro plant pay roll system. I am also developing some legacy system that applies to year 2000 using the object oriented approached with the AS/400 languages: RPGLE/RPGIV, CLLE. I have experience in scheduler like IQ-QUERY, ROBOT and IBM scheduler.

    8/95 - 8/97 Sr. Programmer Analyst. Confidential,
    Sacramento, CA.

    Analyze, design, develop, documentation, implement and enhancement of BPCS Manufacturing accounting ERP/MRP system software from SSA System Software Associate Chicago, Illinois. using RPG400, DDS, CL program and SQL on AS/400(RISC). Modification and enhancement on the purchasing module using 4GL language AS/SET, account payable, cost accounting and MRP module using RPG400, DDS, CL program. For the new development module that attached to BPCS (SSA product) is using by 4GL language AS/SET and also with RPG400 on AS/400. I have an experience in setting up a EDI partnership with our Shipping company on purchasing module using SSA EDI Software. I have hands on experience in debugging tools EXTERMIN8, SDM Implementers change management software, HAWKEYE Information System and DBU Data Base. The new development program which will link to SSA BPCS software are designed and developed with RPG IV (RPGLE, DDSLE, CLLE) program by Object Oriented approach and also using multi-system processing (Optic Connect/DDM) with two AS/400 320 system on BPCS A/R programs. Support user to download data from AS/400 (RISC) to PC using Access through ODBC driver. I have experience in the local area network (which connected 2 RISC AS/400, 2 AS400-320 and E70 image machine) and also using Client/Sever. Extensive experience on EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) using EDI translator as GENTRAN 400. I had an experience 6 months on testing Harbinger and at the end the company choose the GENTRAN 400. So I got experience working on Harbinger.

    6/93-8/95 Sr. Programmer Analyst. Confidential,Alameda, CA.

    Analyze, design, develop, documentation, implement and enhancement of PRMS Manufacturing accounting system (PANSOPHIC System) software from Computer Associates Inc. using RPG400, DDS and CL program on AS/400. I developed a new sales analysis module which is connected to PRMS/PKMS and also modified the DRP module. I am also supporting the technical analyst on local area Network and wide area Network using Novel Network. Implementing, Developing, and modification on the ALDON change management system software which is the software management tools for the AS/400. Develop an Interface program between the PC forecasting system and PRMS forecasting system on AS/400.

    3/93 - 6/93 Program Analyst. Confidential,San Francisco, CA.

    Analyze, design, develop, implement and enhancement of DEL MONTE Production Input System using AS/SET (V3.0) Case Tools and RPG, CL on AS/400. The features of the Production Input System includes uploading to IBM Mainframe Stock System, updating BPCS Shop Floor Control System and generating Bill of materials. Responsibilities include modification, documentation and enhancement of the BPCS purchase order modules.



    1/90-3/93 System Analyst. Confidential,Singapore

    Analyze and define business objectives, processes and procedures to make system recommendations and solve system problems. Develop and maintain a large complex database application system software (BPCS Accounting software,) including MRP system, financial system and BIR (Business Information Retrieval) on AS/400 D60 machine with RPGIII/AS400RPG. Convert some MAPICS (Manufacturing software ) program from S/38 (RPGIII) to AS/400 programs linked with BPCS (ERP/MRP) software. Extensive experience on EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) using EDI translator as GENTRAN 400. I was working as an international EDI as a pacific region (Honk Kong, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia,…Etc) in Singapore working with VAN’S. Design, develop and test on EDI using TRADNET for DIGITAL Singapore, APPLE Singapore and World wide AMP affiliates. Responsible for designing, developing and testing Tools Room inventory management system using 4GL language on AS/400 (SSA product, AS/SET).

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