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Software Resume

Brentwood, TN


Master of Computer Science
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering


  • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux/UNIX
  • Programming Skills: C++(over 6 years experience), C, C#, MFC, JAVA, Python, Assemble Language, MATLAB, Eclipse, Reverse Engineering, OpenGL, Design Pattern, SVN(version control), TCP/IP Programming
  • Network: PHP, XML, HTML, JavaScript, Tomcat, OpenDDS


Software Developer Intern, Confidential
Beijing, China, 2008 Summer

  • Developed a cartoon maker with C++ which creates animation pictures from ones\' own photo; this tool was delivered both in standalone version as well as a plug-in for Windows Movie Maker
  • Evaluated and improved user experience by comparing MFC, WTL and Fluent/Ribbon user interfaces(GUI)

Research Assistant, Confidential
Confidential, 08/09 - 12/09

  • Designed and developed multi-threaded real-time system monitors for application monitoring and network monitoring over scientific computing networks
  • Developed a multi-tier distributed system for scalable management using Data Distribution Service (DDS)
  • Developed a front end/web application in Tomcat with round-robin database, Java and AJAX
  • Utilized GoF design patterns at backend system, e.g. singleton , factory method and bridge pattern

Research Assistant, Confidential
Confidential, 09/08 - 04/09

  • Evaluated performance of peer-to-peer video accelerators for video sharing websites(e.g. Youtube); proposed a distributed video accelerator prototype that optimizes peer-to-peer sharing; implemented a peer-to-peer media player for web browser using Adobe ActionScript
  • Analyzed distributed architecture of a top 20 video on demand website in China; built a model for analyzing performance bottleneck of VOD service; wrote a Python web crawler to characterize user behaviors


Participant(2nd Prize), Confidential
China, 03/05 - 07/05

  • ≠Built mobile School Information Integrate System on Intel Sitsang/PXA255 Development Platform
  • Designed and developed with C++ in Linux which implemented the function of GPS, QT interface, file transfer and video conference
  • Developed V4L2 video recording and OSS audio recording with AAC codecs

Participant(2nd out of 340 students)/Organizer, Confidential
Confidential, China, 03/06 - 05/07

  • Analyzed application vulnerabilities and web service vulnerabilities of in Windows,redhat 9, Fedora and Solaris
  • Directed tests that evaluated students' hacking abilities, e.g. buffer overflow, reverse engineering, secure/reliable coding, web security and network attacks


Computer Graphics, Vanderbilt University, 01/09 - 05/09

  • Developed TIFF reader/writer, image resize, transformations and ray-tracer using OpenGL

Design Patterns, Vanderbilt University, 01/08 - 04/08

  • Developed array, queue and tree traversal program in C++
  • Did objected-oriented programming using iterator pattern, factory pattern, strategy pattern and visitor pattern


Web Administrator, Confidential, 03/08 - 03/09

  • Maintained, configured and supported backups of the website and mail list.
  • Maintained network security through monitors and traffic analyzing with Google Analytics


  • Network, Wireless Network, Network Security, QoS-enabled Middleware Design and Application, Web 2.0, Algorithms, Advanced Operating Systems, Intermediate Software Design(Design Pattern), Multi-Media System and Application, Introduction to Computer Graphics, Hybrid and Embedded System
  • Confidential, Network Security, Operating System, Algorithms
  • Confidential, Embedded System & Application

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