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Programming Manager Resume

Frisco, TexaS

To find a rewarding and challenging position in an aggressive environment that will allow me to continue to grow my personal/technical/business skills and provide an equitable contribution to an organization.

Summary of Experience:
Twenty-seven years in the computer industry in various positions from technical programming roles to Senior level Management. I have achieved a strong technical/business knowledge, which allows me to effectively work with all levels of an organization. While managing development efforts on the OpeN/2 product line at S2 Systems, I was given the opportunity to drive many development decisions and see them through all stages of the product life cycle. This product line focuses on reliability, scalability, and product extensibility. As a developer, I focused on product architecture and performance tuning.

Technical Summary:

  • 25 years RDBMS including reporting, development, performance tuning, and administration.
  • 27 years software development.
  • 16 years progressive management in areas of programming, database administration, training, quality assurance, and professional services. This included responsibility for departmental policies and procedures.
  • 18 years of Point of Sale/payment systems related software development.


7/2007 Confidential, Plano, Texas
Senior Development Manager: Rebuilt a professional services department from the ground up to support two product lines for North and South America. Responsible for multi-million dollar revenue stream. Accomplished this task using low-cost domestic resources with better profit margins than comparable departments using offshore resources. Led the development of tools to facilitate application migration projects that shrink human resource needs by 75% resulting is affordable pricing for customers and retaining desired billable utilization.
Developed data conversion methodology utilizing a code generator and data dictionary that results in generating 95% or more of conversion programs. Developed testing methodology that results in improved test quality and reduces test time by over 60%.

Contractor: Assists Customer Service on difficult customer issues. Built a suite of tools to synchronize a customer’s production environment with the internal source code repository. Built a new process to facilitate customer product release migrations that reduce effort by over 60%. Overseeing all Professional Services initiatives for the OpeN/2 and ON/2 product lines in North and South America.

9/2005 - 7/2007 Confidential, Frisco, Texas
Programming Manager: Responsible for day-to-day maintenance of credit card switch related applications. Managed a team of developers in the development of a payments gateway that accepts XML messages and forwards them to the core payments switch. This application is written using C#. In order to efficiently test the gateway application, I designed a testing tool that allows for recording of transactions for later playback. This proved very effective for regression testing as further enhancements have been made to the application. The gateway includes a website for merchants and support center staff to perform all administrative activities. Took a team of inexperienced payment processing developers and led them through an implementation project of the IST product by eFunds.

10/1993 9/2005 Confidential, Plano, Texas
Technical Architect (7/2001 9/2005): Responsible for overall architecture of all implementation projects (greater than 10 concurrent). This position required the ability to converse with both technical and senior management resources, identification of potential problem areas and timely resolution without causing delays to the project timeline. In this position, I have been able to demonstrate my advanced troubleshooting skills and come up with creative solutions to complex problems. Have exhibited the ability to install, configure, and instruct others on how to properly setup environments with enterprise database software such as Oracle, Informix, Sybase, DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server. Play a key role as customer advocate to ensure that satisfaction is guaranteed. Willing to take appropriate risks and make decisions on a timely basis. Worked with IBM Global Services on a special project where I led a group of their senior technical gurus to prepare a customer’s site for production.

Director of Development (7/1999 6/2001): Responsible for all development responsibilities Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Directing, coordinating, and evaluating the work of the product development staff
  • Managing vendor contracts and services
  • Develop management plans for product enhancement schedules and analysis of benefits versus cost
  • Manage multi-million dollar departmental budget
  • Product evangelist to other parts of the organization
  • Establish policies and objectives for software development based on established strategic plans
  • Oversee training of sales, development, and support resources
  • Prepare and present technical information during sales calls, user conferences and trade shows.

Database Manager (5/1995 7/1999): I designed a single-source code methodology that interacted with the five major relational database vendors including Oracle, Informix, DB2, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server. Vendor specific tuning capabilities were established to ensure that the ultimate performance would be achieved.

When the product was in it’s infancy, I oversaw the creation of installation procedures. The product requires configuration data existing in the database for the system to function. Automated installation scripts that include database creation and population were developed to solidify the installation process. Also, I developed remote support procedures to facilitate timely response to customer problems. As a result of being involved in so many aspects of the system, I am very strong in troubleshooting problems with the system and frequently mentor developers with programming and design issues.

7/1989 10/1993 Confidential, Plano, Texas
System Engineer: Responsible for developing Data Warehouses for various customers. While in this position, I was frequently asked to help out other projects within the company. This required coming into a new environment with little knowledge of the system and quickly analyzing the overwhelming volume of information to make an assessment and report to senior management.

B.S. Business Administration

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