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Computer Services Consultant Resume

Raleigh, NC


Customer-focused, resourceful Infrastructure/Systems Specialist with over 14 years
systems experience. Pivotal technical resource for operating in a leveraged environment. Motivated by challenges and readily adapts to new technologies, projects, teams, systems and tools. Possesses strong commitment and dedication to team environments with the ability to contribute expertise and implement leadership directives at appropriate times.


Platforms: Windows 2000/2003/XP/NT, Solaris, Red Hat Linux,
Protocols: TCPIP/SNMP, WINS, DHCP, DNS, Active Directory
Applications: NetCool/Omnibus, Apache, Urchin, CA Unicenter, Veritas Backup Exec8.0, Netbackup Data Center
Languages: Windows/UNIX shell scripting


Confidential, 2009 –

Computer Services Consultant

  • Support small businesses. Setup computer hardware, peripherals and network devices
  • Aquire and install software packages, Antivirus, Office products and customer applications.

Confidential,Raleigh, NC 1999-2008

I worked in multiple positions during my career with EDS.

Infrastructure Specialist

  • Supported Unix/Linux /Windows 2000 and 2003 applications, monitoring, statistics, reporting, Cricket, Web Logic portal, Apache, Urchin. Installed packages and upgrades to Solaris, Red hat and Windows servers. Administered and troubleshoot packages on OS level using tools such as ps, top, truss, kill, du, df . Installed and administered Redhat and Ubuntu in lab environment.
  • Developed and implemented monitoring and automated task shell scripts. Used tools such as grep, awk, sed, find, nslookup in scripts.
  • Monitored servers and network for 100% uptime with various monitoring tools.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Instrumental in a 2 year project migrating, an outdated infrastructure into a fully managed and supported environment
  • Primary architect in planning, configuring and installing Urchin upgrade in 3 Data Centers.
  • Developed and implemented scripts to monitor software/hardware applications that provided statistical reports to co-workers and customers.

Advanced System Administrator EDS/ USPS

  • Effectively support major client in operation and maintenance of Windows enterprise class systems, applications, patches and backup solutions. Systems include File Servers, Web Servers, Database Servers, Monitoring and Backup Servers.
  • Performed User/Server administration through Active Directory, and resource kit utilities. Performed application Support, Virus administration and Server / Client operations.
  • Monitored customers supported servers and clients via CA-Unicenter and Shell scripts.
  • Pro-actively plan, and regularly monitor Server integrity for 100% production.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Developed and implemented scripts to monitor and alert if on-site switches are down.
  • Developed and implemented scripts to assist remote patching of Windows Servers.

Advanced Systems Administrator USPS

  • Provided advanced NDS technical support, local and global group administration, directory services maintenance. Responsible for administration of 85 districts and over 100,000 end-users. Worked crucial remote and on-site disaster recoveries for network Server/Client and peripherals.

Provide computer system security, and virus protection. Provide customer support for Postal applications on multiple platforms

  • Experienced upgrading, installing, configuring, and troubleshooting Server and Workstation hardware including raid and scsi devices.
  • Provided Blackberry Hardware and Software support.

Key Accomplishments:

  • I maintained one of the largest Novell NDS trees in the United States.
  • I was instrumental in crucial disaster recovery issues repairing servers and NDS problems remotely and on-site.

EDS/JW Aluminum Manufacturer

  • Systems Administration and backup of 10 NT Servers
  • Troubleshoot and repaired hardware and communication issues.
  • Outlined, recommended and implemented procedures for Disaster Recovery initiatives. Implemented LAN Server software and hardware upgrades.
  • Participated in decisions for LAN expansion and Firewall solutions.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Our presence was instrumental in allowing EDS to pursue additional business with JW Aluminum

Confidential,Raleigh, NC 1997-1999

System Administrator USPS

  • Supported application team as well as Netware client /server duties.
  • Work with Tier 3 support on implementation of Postal Netware environment

Confidential,RTP, NC 1994-1997

Senior Product Specialist

  • Provided World Wide Server Support on all client/server and raid implementations.
  • Supported token ring and Ethernet hubs and switch configurations.
  • Technical lead specialist of a 3 member group that specialized in the configuration, testing and monitoring of high end network adapters, installed in enterprise servers, running Major NOS platforms such as Netware, NT and LAN Server.

Key Accomplishments:

  • I started on the pc helpdesk supporting pc’s and became a senior product specialist in the networking group.


Held technical positions with the following organizations:
Avnet Computer Technologies – (Senior Field Service Representative)
Post Software - (Quality Control), Allen Test Products (Field Engineer),
Bear Automotive (Field Engineer), Malloy’s Cash Register (Field Representative)


A.S., Computer Technology
Introduction to UNIX System
UNIX System Administration
Certification, MCP / MS Server

SOFTWARE: Novell 4.1x Directory Services, Netware/IP, Norton Antivirus, Cheyenne Arcserve 6.1 and 6.6 for Netware, MS Office, SMS, PCAnywhere 10, Robocopy

HARDWARE: IBM PC Servers, PC’s, Compatibles, ThinkPad’s, Hubs, Switches, Dell, Compaq
(Various clones and assorted peripherals: manufactured special emulator boards,) Exabyte tape drives, Mylex, SWXCR, DAC and Compaq RAID Controllers, Adaptec SCSI controllers, HX Servers (590 - 6000), various workstations.

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