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Storage Administrator Resume

Dallas, TX


  • 6 Years of IT Industry experience including over 5 Years in SAN, NAS, Backup and Disaster recovery.
  • Proficient in EMC storage systems like CLARiiON, Symmetrix DMX4, DM3,VNX,V-MAX, and Celerra and EMC software such as DMX4, DM3,VNX,V-MAX, Control Center, Navisphere Manager, Unisphere, Connectrix Manager, Visual SAN and Visual SRM.
  • Experience in administering, maintaining and troubleshooting of diverse array of equipment including EMC NS120/480/960, CX4-120/480/960, NetApp Filers FAS 6080/6040, FAS 3270/3170/3070,FAS3240/3140,FAS 2040/2020,FAS 270
  • Expertise in allocating storage from NetApp NAS FAS 3000 series, FAS 6000 series filers, managing volumes, Qtrees and Quotas.
  • Expertise in NetApp DATA ONTAP 7.2.3, Snap Mirror replication, storage planning, and data management, disaster recovery planning best practices and testing.
  • Managed EMC Storage arrays using EMC SYMCLI and NAVICLI.
  • Hands on experience with EMC and NetApp management tools like Navisphere, Unisphere, ECC, SMC, Snapview Snapshot/clone, Mirror View, Filerview, Snapmirror, SnapVault and PowerPath.
  • Hands on experience in the data migration in array based like SRDF, SANCopy and Open Replicator and Host based like Open Migrator, Unix native tools.
  • Extensive knowledge on implementing EMC NAS and NetApp products.
  • Expertise in implementing business continuity solutions using various migration and replication tools like SnapView Snapshot/Clone, SAN Copy, Snapmirror and Snapvault.
  • Hands on experience with zoning, storage provisioning, LUN creation, Mapping and Masking.
  • Hands on experience with installing ECC, deploying master agent and pushing application agents.
  • PowerPath installation and configuration on both Windows and UNIX platforms for failover and load balancing purposes.
  • Good knowledge on Win 2K/Win 2K3 networks, Active Directory and TCP/IP protocols.
  • Solid experience in identifying and analyzing technical issues and troubleshooting them.
  • 24X7 Production support on call.
  • Versatile team player with good communication and problem solving skills

Operating Systems:
Windows XP/Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Solaris 10/9/8, Red Hat Linux 5, SuSe Linux 10 and

LAN, SAN and NAS Management using Cisco Switches and Directors over FC and IP

Hardware :
NetApp ONTAP 8.1/8.0/7.3/7.2.5/, FAS270c,FAS3020c/3050c/6030c/6070c/3170c/3240c, R200,FAS920c/940c/960c/980c/2020/2050/3140/3170/3150
EMC SymmetrixVNX5700/5500,V-MAX,DMX 1000, 2000, 3000, DMX-3; EMC CLARiiON CX3-20, CX3-40, CX3-80, CX600, CX700, CX200 ;EMC Celerra NS500, NS704.

Data ONTAP7.2/7.3/8.0.7/8.1,DART5.6/6.0,OM3.7/3.8/4.0, On command, Filer view,EMC Control Center , Navisphere Manager, Unisphere, SnapMirror, SnapVault, SyncMirror, SnapDrive, SnapManager, DataFabric Operations Manager, Filerview, Solutions Enabler, NaviCLI, SymCLI, MirrorView, SnapView, SAN Copy, SRDF, Storage Scope, PowerPath , Fabric Manager, Device Manager, Celerra Manager, Celerra Replicator.


  • NetApp Data ONTAP 8.0.7 Administration.
  • EMC Clariion Management and Host Integration.
  • EMC Control Center training
  • Netapp Operations Manager 4.0
  • Netapp High Availability.

Confidential,Dallas,TX Sep 2011- Till date
Sr. Storage Administrator

  • Administration and maintenance of high end storage arrays like NetApp FAS6080/6040,FAS3270/3170/3070,FAS3240/3140,FAS2040/2020,FAS270,EMC Celerra NS120/480/960 and Clariion CX 120/480 and 960.
  • Actively participate in the planning and implementation of storage and backup solutions.
  • Worked on SanCopy for data mobility or data migration between the Clariion’s.
  • Worked on Snapmirror to transfer data across filers at volume and QTrees level.
  • Experienced in maintaining NetApp systems including MetroCluster, active/active, and stand alone systems. Responsible for configuration management, provisioning, backup/recovery, hardware/software upgrades, training of other administrators, and ensuring high availability and integrity of critical data
  • Worked on Data ONTAP for managing the filer and for efficient utilization of the storage.

Storage Provisioning on Clariion and Symmetrix.

  • Responsible to manage Symmetrix, Clariion environments for the day-to-day operations.
  • Administer the storage and server production environments. Day-to-day disk allocation and using Unisphere, Symcli, Control Center and NaviSphere tools from the Symmetrix and Clariion storage units.
  • NAS Netapp Filers quota Management, Near store Administration, NFS exports, Data migration Administration.
  • Managing NFS exports and CIFS shares.
  • Creating volumes and allocating size to file systems using quotas.
  • Created Snapshot/Snapmirror on daily basis.
  • Created Aggregates/Volumes and QTrees.
  • Created CIFS, NFS, QTrees for Windows and Unix environment.
  • Createdquotasandpermissions.
  • Created metas, storage group, device group, port group, masking view on VMAX.
  • Worked with NetApp to upgrade the Data Ontap version on the filers.
  • Migrated data from EMC to NetApp filers and vice versa.
  • Migrated NFS data from standalone servers to NetApp Filers.
  • Configuration and Administration of SRDF.
  • Done Snapshots using Data Ontap, Filer View®, Data Fabric®.
  • Created aggregate, Add disks to the aggregate, Destroyed the aggregate using Data Ontap.
  • Increasing the Volume storage space as per the requirement.
  • Maintaining Storage units using Mapping, Masking and Zoning.
  • LUNS and allocating storage capacity to servers.
  • Administration of Fiber channel switches by creating zones and fabric configurations.
  • Mounting and managing Luns and HBA configuration.

Configured zoning on FC Switches (Cisco) using the Fabric Manager, Device Manager.

  • Creating disk volumes, Storage groups and installed RAID controllers configured raid 0,1 and 5
  • Problem determination and resolution including troubleshooting and submitting results reports to upper management and root cause analysis.


Confidential,San Francisco, CA Sep 2010 – July 2011
Sr. Storage Administrator
NetApp & EMC Storage Administration:

  • Managed and administered CLARiiON CX 600, 700, 3-40, 3-80, DMX 2000, 3000, DMX 3, FAS 3070, 6040.
  • Bringing up new NetApp filers this includes configuring creating Aggregates, Volumes, QTrees, configuring CIFS, NFS and providing the access to different projects and troubleshooting.

Installed and Configured NetApp Filers FAS-3020, FAS-3050C.

  • Extensive NetApp Data ONTAP experience including CIFS, NFS and Snapshots, Flexvol, SnapMirror, SnapDrive, SnapVault and Near Store solutions.
  • Designed remote replication and helped disaster recovery solutions to ensure data availability using SnapMirror, MetroCluster.
  • Worked and gained solid understanding in Data ONTAP software such as SnapDrive, SnapLock, SnapManager, SnapMirror, SnapRestore, FlexCache, FlexClone, LockVault, MetroCluster, MultiStore, etc.,
  • Performed hard and soft zoning on switches.
  • Performed ONTAP upgrades before and during cutovers to bring filers up to the approved speculations.
  • Performed ECC upgrade and applied update bundles.
  • Performed Migration of data from CX500 to CLARIION CX3-40, using SANCopy.
  • Installation, Configuration and integration of NetApp filers with the Windows and UNIX environment, experience with CIFS, NFS, LUN management.
  • Support Ontap upgrades; export Qtrees, creation and exports through NFS.
  • Created Qtrees in user volume.
  • Created and expanded volumes when required.
  • Managing Quotas and permissions, managing disks.
  • Managed and configured Navisphere Manager, Unisphere,Snapview/Snapshot, Clones, EMC Networker, SanCopy, Mirroview Filers and also performed sanitization of Switches.
  • Created and managed Business Continuity Volumes (BCVs).
  • Worked with various RAID levels including RAID 3, 5, 5+1 in EMC products, RAID 4 and DP in NetApp products.
  • Responsible for managing and binding LUNs, installing HBA and installing Fiber Channel HBA on host.
  • Involved in troubleshooting various issues on both DMX and CLARiiON boxes.
  • Implemented SyncMirror, active­active controller configuration, and MetroCluster to ensure rapid recovery of data and continuous data availability in the enterprise.
  • Installed Veritas Netbackup software on master and media server
  • Maintained and Managed Veritas Netbackup and Veritas Volume Manager (VxVm& VxFs).
  • Managing and monitoring EMC VMAX Storage arrays using EMC Control Center and Solutions Enabler (SYMCLI).
  • Created Meta-heads and LUNs using “symconfigure” command.
  • Creating File systems using VERITAS Volume Manager V5.0 and Logical Volume Manager.
  • Installed and configured PowerPath for load balancing.
  • Used ECC for mapping the SDR devices and configuring Meta devices.
  • Configuration and maintenance of SRDF/A for disaster recovery applications.
  • Used SymCLI for LUN masking.
  • Assisted in Upgrading Data ONTAP as a process of flexvols migration.
  • Involved in the implementation of NetApp NAS technology and configuring shares, CIFS and NFS Administration.

Confidential,Walden,NY July 2010 - Aug 2010
NAS Administrator

  • Actively participated in Project transition activities.
  • Configuration, administration and monitoring of the EMC Celerra environment using EMC Celerra Manager.
  • Playing a vital role in handling incidents which we receive through BMC Remedy tool and closing it with in SLA.
  • Creating and expanding volume when required.
  • Interacting with the client daily to discuss about the ongoing issues and the steps to be taken to resolve the same.
  • Worked with flexible volumes.
  • Worked on NetApp SnapMirror for data replication and migrating volumes.
  • Experience with creating aggregates and managing disks as and when required for new projects.
  • Interacting with NetApp to fix the hardware failure.
  • Using DFM to generate reports and to check the server status.
  • Preparing plan for change request and implementing it in the scheduled time.
  • Creating lun and mapping it to the igroup using snapdrive.
  • Configured CIFS in the filer.
  • Involved effectively in managing the snapshots
  • Created Volumes, Luns using Filerview and console.
  • Configuring snapmirror relationship between filers whenever required.
  • Performed DATA OnTap upgrade.
  • Copied data from filer to filer using snapmirror and ndmp.
  • Involved in generating capacity report in a monthly basis.

Confidential,India Nov 2007 – Apr 2010
Client: Confidential,TX
NetApp Administrator

  • Played a responsible role in troubleshooting problems logged by the client users in day-to-day operations of the business and providing complete technical support for the client.
  • Performed daily activities and checks on the NetApp FAS3020 and FAS3070 Filers.
  • Resolved issues if any in the filers.
  • Performed filer failover activity successfully in production twice.
  • Involved in day to day call handling through a RDBMS package called REMEDY in Service Level Agreements.
  • Created boot Lun for the servers using image.
  • Created Volumes, Luns from console.
  • Administered Luns and snapshots using Snapdrive.
  • Restored Luns in case of any corruption using lun clone.
  • Configured snapmirror.
  • Data movement from filer to filer using Snapmirror (planning)
  • Configured snapmanager for SQL for taking database snapshots.
  • Worked with the offshore storage team to ensure that volume configuration are as per standards
  • Configured scripts for taking the snapshots on the server and also fix them if there are any issues with the current one.
  • Configured scripts for taking the snapshots on the server and also fix them if there are any issues with the current one.
  • Used DFM to collect Reports.
  • Prepared Capacity report on monthly basis.
  • Created implementation plan for planned and unplanned infrastructure changes and implemented successfully.
  • Upgraded the firmware whenever required.
  • Interacted with the Onsite team if their involvement is required.
  • Involved in maintaining DR setup.
  • Interface with NetApp for escalations.

Confidential,Aug 2006 to Aug 2007
System Administrator
Job Profile:

  • Maintaining user accounts, trouble shooting their issues.
  • Configuration devices and formatting disks as per the requirement.
  • Configuring rsh and Ssh to automate file transfer between servers.
  • Performing Backups by using ufsdump, ufsrestore tar and dd.
  • Configuring NFS and giving permissions by using net groups and troubleshooting.
  • Adding users to Samba and troubleshooting.
  • Mounting Sun and Windows servers and maintaining the inventory.
  • Installation & configuration of Solaris operating system as needed by Using Custom Jumpstart
  • Add, modify, and delete user/group accounts and set up a user’s work environment and fulfill user’s needs.
  • Managing and maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2000, XP Environment.
  • Managing users. Computers & Groups.
  • Performing OS Image with the help of Ghost software for quick installation.
  • Adding computers to Domain and trouble shooting.
  • Configuring Local Printers and Network Printers, Scanners.
  • Installing and configuring devices.
  • Managing and Maintaining Access Resources.

Educational Qualification
Bachelors of Technology

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