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Senior Programmer, AnalysT

EAI Developer (TIBCO Consultant).

Profile: Over Twelve years of experience in the information technology industry, coupled with extensive experience in business intelligence solutions. Involved in several successful mission critical projects health insurance, retail and telecom domains. Proven track record of delivering large-scale, mission-critical projects on time, using leading-edge technologies to solve critical business problems.


  • Hands-on experience in Analysis, design, development, testing and deployment of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) projects using TIBCO components, architecture and methodology.
  • Expertise in installation, configuration and maintenance of TIBCO components TRA,TIBCO EMS, Administrator 5.x, TIBCO Business Works 5.x, TIB/Hawk 4.x, TIBCO Business Events,TIBCO ActiveMatrix and various Adapters including ActiveDB, Files, SAP, Siebel and MQ Series etc.
  • Strong working knowledge of XML and web services, WSDL, SOAP and UDDI. Implemented services based on SOA using SOAP Web Services.
  • Experience in configuring and working with various adapters including, ADB adapter, File Adapter, Siebel Adapter, SAP adapter and LDAP adapter.
  • Strong understanding and experience on apache Ant build Scripts and Maven Scripts.
  • Working knowledge of system and process monitoring using TIBCO Hawk.
  • Experienced with deploying various TIBCO applications with BusinessWorks Administrator.
  • Experienced in developing distributed applications using widely popular messaging standards such as JMS, DME, and, TIBCO Rendezvous.
  • Strong working knowledge of version control tools WinCVS and Subversion.
  • Excellent working knowledge in Java, C and C++.
  • Self-motivated and energetic team player. Able to work collaboratively with testers, developers and other team members in testing complex projects and in the overall enhancement of software product quality.
  • Have excellent Communication and Interpersonal skills, Analytical and problem-solving skills.


EAI Tool: TIBCO Business Works, TIBCO EMS/JMS, TIBCO Administrator, TIBCO Hawk, TIBCO Rendezvous, TIBCO Business Events, TIBCO ActiveMatrix, ADB Adapter, File Adapter, Siebel Adapter and SAP R/3 Adapter
BI Tools: Business Objects, Data Stage, Informatica, Microstrategy,
Programming Languages: C, C++, Java
Operating Systems: Windows 9x/2000/NT/XP, UNIX, Linux, DOS
Development Tools: JDK, Eclipse, MS FrontPage 2000, Adobe PhotoShop, MS Office 2000
Web Programming Language: Java, Servlets, Applets, ASP, HTML4.0, XML
Database: Oracle, DB2, MS Access and SQL Server



Designation:TIBCO Consultant

Environment:TIBCO Business Works 5.x, TIBCO RV, EMS 4.x, Business Studio 2.x, TIBCO Business Events, Contivo 3.11, Custom Adapters, TIBCO Administrator, XMLSPY, Oracle 9.x, Unix, Windows 2003 Server.

Duration:Jan-2008 to till date

Project Description:
Confidential is the largest wireless company in the United States, with more than 73 million subscribers who use the nation\'s largest digital voice and data network. AT & T is dedicated to providing customers with wireless technology designed to enrich their lives.The Common services design aims at integrating the various existing BIS systems of AT & T with the downstream/trading partners and service providers and also the internal upstream systems. The downstream and in-system transactions flow is achieved through TIBCO EMS and the upstream/trading partners are seamlessly connected through HTTPS.

  • Attend the Business Requirement review sessions and determine if the requirement is consistent, relevant and achievable and sign off the BR.
  • Attend the JAD Sessions to gather the key information needed to start the high level design.
  • Create the System Use Case Document that will capture the specific requirement to be accomplished by the middleware.
  • Create the High Level Document and conduct the review sessions for the HLD.
  • Create or Update the necessary public and private schemas to support the business requirement.
  • Create the Interface Specification Document to determine any new or existing interfaces.
  • Creating the Process Models for the new interfaces or updating them for the existing interfaces using the Business Studio 2.0
  • Creating the Contivo Maps to be used in the Process models for mappings.
  • Creating the Detail Design Document and conducting the review sessions for the approval.
  • Translate the created Process Model XPDL's into the BusinessWorks process using the XPDLBW Converter.
  • Test the successfully created BusinessWorks process after the conversion from process model.
  • Created the Version Proxy maps to support the clients running on the older versions.
  • Provide QC support and Production support using logging tools like Tealeaf and Splunk.
  • Create the required Queues in the TIBCO EMS Server for the Development server.
  • Mentored the new team members on the Common services design process.
  • Conducted training sessions and created training material for the new team members.
  • Created custom adapters using java code to interact with backend BIS systems.
  • Created M2E projects using maven scripts.

HIPAA EDI - Claims and Customer Service


Designation:TIBCO Consultant

Environment:UNIX (Solaris), WINDOWS 2000 and Mainframe
TIBCO Business Works 5.x, TIBCO ActiveMatrix, ABD Adapter , SOAP UI, XMLSpy, Turbo XML 2.3.1, TIBCO EMS 4.1, TIBCO Admin 5.3, Oracle 9i

Duration:June 2006 to Dec 2007

Project Description:
Confidential, is a leading health and life insurance provider. Claims and Customer service module enables the automation of the electronic claim processing including Medical, Dental and Institutional claims. As part of the B2B process, the ASC X-12 EDI files containing electronic claims are sent by external trading partners using FTP and are processed by TIBCO BusinessConnect. And these claims are published by BusinessConnect and are further processed by BusinessWorks processes as part of the electronic claim process. All the services are modeled using SOA approach.

  • Involved in the design of various services which fits into Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Worked extensively on EDI X-12 HIPAA transactions like 837 Claim submission, 835 Claim payment / Advice, 834 Enrollment as part of the electronic processing of the transactions
  • Designed and developed several TIBCO BusinessWorks components like ClaimIDService, TrizettoClaimsService and ToBCService to process HIPAA 837 transactions as part of claim adjudication
  • Designed and developed TIBCO BW DrugClaimService to automate processing of NCPDP 2.0 drug claims. And processed business events to generate the reports
  • Defined and implemented EMS and SOAP interfaces for above services
  • Designed and implemented SOA model for all the BW services
  • Created Low level design documents and Unit Test Plan for all the components
  • Built and executed automated component test scripts for the BW services
  • Created release notes for all the components to aid the promotion to various environments.
  • Application migration to DEV, QA and UAT environment using automated scripted deployments
  • Designed XML schemas using XMLSpy and TIBCO Designer
  • Maintained and enhanced various BW Components
  • Built smoke test interfaces in each BW component to verify the healthiness of its dependant resources. And these smoke tests are invoked periodically by Hawk monitoring tool and alerts if there are any errors.
  • Troubleshooting Electronic Claim processing in TIBCO BusinessConnect and BW components
  • On call support for System test and QA environments

Integration of Legacy Applications
EAI Developer

Environment:TIBCO Business Works 5.x, TIBCO EMS, TIBCO File Adapter, TIBCO SAP R/3 Adapter ,TIBCO Administrator, TIB Hawk, Oracle 9i, Turbo XML, XSL, XSLT

Duration:Sept 2005 to May 2006

Project Description:

Integration of Legacy Applications with Oracle and SAP R/3: Gates Corp is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial, automotive belts and hoses, plus a host of related products with sales and manufacturing operations in all of the world\'s major markets, including North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. The project aims at integration of Legacy systems to Oracle and SAP using TIBCO.


  • Responsible for complete design and development of 14 interfaces for interacting with Oracle and SAP R3.
  • Involved in the integration architecture and methodology for the project with the goal of achieving the required scalability, performance and reliability.
  • Developed XSDs and XMLs.
  • Implemented transformation by using XPath expression language.
  • Designed and developed various TIBCO BW processes to integrate with Oracle and SAP.

EAI Initiative

Environment:TIB/Active Enterprise: TIBCO Business Works 5.x, TIB/RV, TIB/Hawk, Active Database Adapter, Siebel Adapter, Turbo XML, Java , Oracle ,

Duration:Mar 2005 to Sep 2005

Project Description:
Cendant is the world's largest real estate brokerage franchiser and hotel franchiser. The integration projects implemented in Cendant are aim to integrate various desperate systems and web servers and make the data synchronized in the organization. Various TIBCO tools and technologies are leveraged to achieve the integration.

  • Installed TIB/ActiveEnterprise products, ADB adapter and Siebel adapter on Sun Solaris Windows NT/2000.
  • Analyzed Business requirements for different interfaces, preparing EAI Specification Documents and TIBCO component configuration template docs.
  • Developed DTD's and XMLs using Turbo XML.
  • Written Technical Design Documents for interface development.
  • Designed and developed several TIBCO BusinessWorks components

Granites Management System
Senior Programmer/Analyst
Environment:Java, JSP, EJB with XML, JavaScript, Oracle 8.X, Windows NT


May 2003 to Feb 2005

Project Description:
This project deals with production and dispatch of granites in the quarry (production site)
There will be two types of products one with clear measurements for which adk no. Will be given by the department of Mines & Geology and other without clear measurement, which are referred as feet blocks. Dispatch will be based on permit mine waybills and cto waybills. The various reports that will be generated from this project are permitting reports, cto waybill reports and monthly production/dispatch reports of feed blocks/adk no. It assists the management of query to take correct decision regarding when to apply for next permit and to know the position of production and dispatch at every stage.


  • Designed and developed GUI Screens Using HTML and JavaScript
  • Involved in designing and developing interfaces in order to communicate with different DSL providers on the basis of XML Data.
  • Used the Concepts of Multithreading, Exception Handling etc.
  • Developed Servlets in forwarding requests to different server, for invoking the EJBs and Servlets connecting to databases by using JDBC.
  • Developed JSP pages for Displaying Dynamic drop down boxes for reports.
  • Developed server side components containing business logic.
  • Developed Session beans and entity Beans representing business logic abstractions.
  • Involved in monitoring the performance tuning.
  • Involved in Designing the System Requirements and Business Requirements.

On-line sales management system
Environment:Java applets, JDBC, Servlets and Oracle 7.x, Windows NT.

Feb 2002 to Apr 2003

Project Description:
The system provides online information to the sales persons at various branches with latest updates of product, pricing, discounts and delivery schedules. This will help the sales person to decrease the communication cost and to increase the response time, there by enabling him to penetrate well in advance in to market to face competitors. Also this increases the sales of various products of the company..

This system was classified into 4 modules - Head office sales team, Branch office sales executives, Internal Administrators and Detail modules. The Head Office Sales team deals with the order validation, order shipping and invoice preparation. The Branch Office sales executives deal with customer enquiry orders entry, customer registration and market intelligence. The Internal Administration module deals with salesman registration and branch registration. Details module is used to list the product details, discount details and offers details of particular products.


  • Involved in complete life cycle of the project.
  • Developed use cases for requirement capturing.
  • Involved in developing high-level sequence diagrams.
  • Designed Class diagrams and sequence diagrams.
  • Strongly involved in developing Admin, Catalogs, Attachment and Approval modules.
  • Developed GUI using JSP, HTML, JavaScript, Java Applet for the Admin, Catalogs,
  • Approval modules
  • Involved in coding PL/SQL Stored Procedures
  • Used Server side JavaScript for collected data validations

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