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Solutions Architect Resume

New York, NY


  • Around 9 years of experience in planning, developing, and implementing state of the art information solutions with suite of tools.
  • Strategic thinking: Provided project leadership to consultants and Support team and established “Best practices” for solutions
  • Innovation and Creativity: Championed use of Applications, many of which are now used company wide
  • Risk Taking and Risk Management: Met all target goals by identifying and tracking high-risk areas by implement risk mitigation early and contingency plans as needed, through proof of concepts technical and architectural prototyping, and by maintaining constant communication with project stakeholders
  • Results Orientation: Met and exceeded all goals and objectives in timely manner.
  • Coaching and Mentoring: Provided technical training to technical team and business users.



Essbase 7.1//6.6/6.5.4/6.3/6.0, Essbase Integration Services 7.1/ 6.5, Planning 3.3, Application Link 7.1, Financial Management 3.3

System 9.2

Master Data Management, Analytic Server, Analytic Administrative Services, Planning, Shared Services, Smart View, Business Rules, BI Plus, and Application Link

Data Warehousing

OLAP, ROLAP, MOLAP, Star Schema, Snowflake Schema


Oracle 9i/8i/8.0/7.0, MS SQL Server 2000/7.0/7.0, MS Access 7.0/97/2000

Business Intelligence

Reports 7.2/6.5, spreadsheet Add In, Analyzer 7.2/6.5, Executive Viewer 5.x, Clarity Performance Management, Cognos


SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus 3.3/8.0, HTML, DHTML, C, C++, Unix Shell Scripting


HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Win 2000/ 2003/ NT 4.0, MS DOS


Confidential, (New York, NY)
Solutions Architect Jun 2011 Dec 2011
Business Challenge:

  • Manual Planning and Consolidations process: Excel and Access
  • Manual and tedious calculations for Expenses, Average Assets, Frictional Cost of Capital, MRP, Internal Fees, etc
  • Manual Reporting using excel
  • A number of disparate IT systems used to generate Assets reporting causing reconciliations
  • Improve the efficiency, effectiveness and control over the reporting process and reduce overall efforts for it.
  • Add two dimensions to existing Planning application.


  • Developed an Essbase application to do assets allocations and Pillar reporting
  • Developed an Essbase Application to reconcile data daily among disparate data sources
  • Redesign the planning application.


  • Designed Data rules to build twelve dimensions
  • Developed Calculation scripts to allocate MRP, FCC, Expenses based on Average Assets
  • Developed Calculation Scripts to calculate Swiss Re’s fee for managing clients assets
  • Developed calculation scripts to calculate taxes for Swiss Re Clients
  • Designed the application refresh process using MaxL script.
  • Trained business users on Smart View functionality
  • Designed Reconciliation and variance reports

Environment: Essbase 9.3, Planning 9.3, Application Link 9.3, Shared Services 9.3, BI Plus: Web Analysis 9.3, Financial Reporting 9.3, Smart View 9.3, Oracle, Unix AIX.

Confidential, (Richmond, VA)
Solutions Architect Feb 2011 Jun 2011
Project Summary:

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Designed the metadata process for three different Essbase applications and integrated them with each other to facilitate data integrations
  • Integrated all three Essbase applications using replicated partitions and export calc scripts
  • Designed calc script on spread methods to generate forecast instead of user data inputs
  • Designed VBA with Essbase and Smart View VB functions to execute a calc script on a user selected line of business.
  • Managed system and unit testing on all development

Environment: Essbase 11.1.13/9.3, Planning 9.3, Shared Services 11.x/9.3, BI Plus: Web Analysis, Financial Reporting, SQL Server 2000, AIX.

Confidential, (Washington D.C.) Mar 2010 Jan 2011
Solutions Architect
Project Summary:

Significant Achievements:

  • Learnt and implemented solutions in ODI to replace all existing HAL routines.
  • Implemented Smart View throughout Fannie Mae
  • Reduced application refresh time from 4 hours to 30 minutes.

Roles and Responsibilities:
HAL Routines to ODI Routines:

  • Designed and replaced existing HAL routines to ODI.
  • Developed ODI packages, interfaces, variables, and updated knowledge modules
  • Developed ODI dimension build interfaces for different sources (flat file, PeopleSoft, Oracle, etc)
  • Developed ODI interfaces to load data into Essbase
  • Developed ODI Interfaces to mail Support and Development teams on control totals (variance between PS and Essbase)
  • Developed extract processes for different planning dimensions
  • Customized error handling in ODI packages to notify users about number of rows processed, successful, updates, errors, etc

Budget 2011:

  • Designed and Developed Fannie Mae’s budget for fiscal year 2011
  • Designed a process to mass transfers FTEs and Contractors
  • Developed business rules to facilitate mass transfer of employees and contractors
  • Developed business rules to transfer non compensation accounts from CC to another
  • Implemented Smart View across fannies user base as a data input tool
  • Redesigned 2010 budget forms for data input
  • Trained business administrators on Smart View

Business Segment Allocation:

  • Lead, architected, and directed team in design and development of Business Segment Reporting
  • Saved 2 hours of maintenance work daily
  • Developed HAL Routines to automate the metadata updates
  • Developed Load Rules to load data into the planning app
  • Migrated the hp app from Dev to Acceptance and Prod environments
  • Did performance analysis on outline, calc scripts, data loads, HAL routines, better metadata management

Environment: Essbase 9.3, Financial Management 9.3, Shared Services 9.3, Application Link, BI Plus: Web Analysis, Financial Reporting, SQL Server 2000, Windows XP/2003.

Confidential, (New York, NY) Dec 2009 Feb 2010
Solutions Architect
Project Summary:

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Assisted in financial systems design to integrate Wyeth data to existing Pfizer systems
  • Developed dimension build data rules and MaxL scripts to automate the refresh process
  • Migrated Essbase apps from Dev to Test, ProdFix, and Prod environments
  • Analyzed and resolved trial balance/sales submission issues into Essbase via FDM
  • Designed/implemented Security for 6 Essbase apps
  • Lead and direct offshore team in development and maintenance

Environment: Essbase 9.3, Financial Management 9.3, Shared Services 9.3, Financial Data Quality Management, BI Plus: Web Analysis, Financial Reporting, SQL Server 2000, Windows XP/2003, AIX Unix.

Confidential, (New York, NY) Jun 2007 Dec 2009
Project Summary:

Significant Achievements:

  • “Billion Dollar Save” project from technical front (standardize financial systems tools across Financial Services Division)
  • Architected and managed two high visibility projects (Derivative and Debt Accounting) in Essbase
  • Resolved Planning Web Form redirect
  • Introduce and implemented a new data input strategy for Budgeting via Smart View
  • Integrated HFM and HP systems seamlessly via Essbase

Roles and Responsibilities:
Master Data Management:

  • Developed Versions for implementation of three subscribing systems in Master Data Management (MDM 9.3).
  • Created different System Categories and Property Categories for those subscribing system (HFM, HP, and Essbase).
  • Created three node type glyphs, one each for HFM, HP, and Essbase.
  • Created different node types and numerous properties (Defined, Derived, RWDerived, and Lookup) for dimension building in HFM, HP, and Essbase.
  • Created property queries to export stored and alternate dimension hierarchies.

Financial Data Quality Management:

  • Developed locations, import formats, mappings, and maintained security
  • Tested mappings and loaded data from ASCII files for few locations
  • Migrated data from HFM to HP and Essbase to HFM
  • Designed, developed, and maintained users and application security

Financial Management:

  • Developed and maintained dimensional hierarchies
  • Extracted data on monthly basis to feed external financial systems
  • Developed numerous data grids, web forms, task lists, member lists as per user requirements
  • Implemented web forms in excel model using Smartview to improve data input performance


  • Developed data forms/web forms for user data input.
  • Developed Business Rules (HBR) and Sequences to calculate different dimension members in HP.
  • Used Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in and SmartView extensively to test Business Rules.
  • Developed and modified Currency Conversion calc for HP application.
  • Migrated web forms from one server to another and from one application to another using HP FormDefUitl.


  • Developed automation batch scripts using MaxL to automate dynamic dimension building and data loading.
  • Developed and implemented Replicated partitioning between two Essbase applications.
  • Developed numerous calc scripts: aggregation, clear data, copy data, Inter company transactions, average, yield calculations, loan amortization, etc.
  • Improved application performance by optimizing different Essbase objects like Outline, Rules File, Calc Scripts, Caches, etc to improve application performance.

BI Plus:

  • Developed and maintained financial package canned reports in Financial Reporting
  • Extensively used different Analyzer objects for dashboard building: combo box, services button, slider mechanism, radio button, image, text, etc.
  • Developed numerous dashboards for higher management team using Web Analysis

Environment: Essbase, Planning, Master Data Management 9.3, Application Link 9.3, Shared Services, License Server, BI Plus: Web Analysis, Financial Reporting, SQL Server 2000, Windows XP/2000.

EDUCATION: Masters in Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (India)