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Sr. Software Engineer Resume



  • Sr. Software Engineer with 7+ plus years of work experience in Analysis, Design, Development, Integration, Maintenance and Implementation of web-based and Windows based applications.
  • Extensively worked in both LAMP & WAMP environments with Linux / Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP, HTML, FLASH, PHOTOSHOP, FLEX, PERL, ASP, IIS, XML, Smarty, JavaScript, Jquery, JSON, Action Script, TYPO3, Symfony, Zend Framework, OS Commerce, FBML, XFBML and Web Services
  • Extensive knowledge in B2C, E-com Enabled web applications, implementing Business Logic, integrating Server Technologies.
  • Worked in Integrating various Paymentgateways - PayPal and Authorize.net (AIM/SIM), Integration of Freight shipping services like UPS and FedEx, News and Weather services thru XML & RSS Feeds using CURL Library and Configuring on Live Servers.
  • Expertise in working with back-end technologies using ADO, ODBC and OLEDB.
  • Good knowledge in RDBMS concepts.


  • Possess good interpersonal and analogical skills.
  • Highly dedicated and self-motivated.
  • Ability to work in team environment or willing to take individual responsibilities.
  • Always taken initiative role in resolving the issues of team members and communicating the best practices to the team.
  • Enthusiastic and have an easy adoption to learn new technologies and tools.

Operating System : Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Linux
Languages : JAVA, C, C++, VB
Databases : MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server 7/2000/2005,
PostGreSQL, and MS Access
Internet Technologies : JavaScript, VBScript, JSP, HTML, XHTML, CSS,JSON, Action Script, Flex and AJAX
Serverside Technologies : PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, Perl, XML and XSLT
Web Servers : IIS, Apache Server
PHP Tools : Typo3, OS Commerce, Smarty, Zend
Framework, FBML, XFBML, Drupal, Mamboo, Symfony and PHPNuke
Development Tools & IDE's : Flash, Photoshop, Maguma Studio, JEdit, Zend Studio, Edit Plus, PHP Edit and Dream Weaver


Bachelors degree in Computer Science.
Masters in Computer Applications.


Confidential, Nov\'2007 - Oct\'2009
Client : Confidential, CA

Confidential, is a community portal built on LAMP technologies provides a robust, dynamic neutral network to connect and network with individual persons, professionals, groups, organizations, and extended families.
It facilitates members with various tools - blogs, games, MSG boards, media album, forums, email, groups, comments, alerts and different profiles with different themes.

  • Involved in complete SDLC process and end-to-end development of client applications.
  • Efficiently lead a Five member team and deliver the projects by timelines.
  • Managed Projects' Scheduling and Distribution of tasks to the team members
  • Worked with Art & Design teams on web pages layout, and develop in Dream Weaver using HTML, CSS, FBML, XFBML
  • Dynamic content management at client side using AJAX, JavaScript, DHTML
  • Client side validations using Java script, Jquery, JSON
  • Used Action Script to interact programmatically with Flash APIs
  • Write PHP Scripts for application logic and access database (MySQL) layer.
  • Responsible for maintenance and administration of Open Source products, Third party tools ZendFramework, Typo3 used in house.
  • Develop new modules and maintained current code base using OOPS.
  • Develop and design pages in Flash, Flex
  • Create or modify the images using Photoshop
  • Creating images using GD libraries
  • Redesigned in-house inventory application scripts to automate processes for inventory tracking from 100 servers to over 400 servers while minimizing manual intervention.
  • Implementation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) using webservices.
  • Actively involved in conversion applications
  • Internal website from HTML/Perl to PHP using custom built framework
  • Internal website from Apache Auth to PHP Session/Database
  • Re factored code for maintainability and optimization
  • Helped and mentored junior programmers.

Environment : Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP5, Zend Frame work(MVC), Typo3, JavaScript, jQuery, GDLibrary, Flash, Photoshop, Flex, XHTML,HTML, CSS, Dream Weaver, FBML, XFBML, XML, XSLT, AJAX, JSP, JSTL, JSON and Flash, MS Office, MS Project,CVS.

Confidential, Jan'2007 - Oct'2007

Client : Confidential,CA, USA
URL : Confidential

Confidential, application is developed using LAMP technologies to build social network for members from various walks of life irrespective of their geographical locations.

  • Requirements & business analysis, technical & database design.
  • Application design and development.
  • Features implemented in this site
  • Admin features
  • Site administration and user management
  • uploading the news, Magazines details and stories
  • Filtering data uploaded by different users.
  • User features
  • Registration of different users like user, paid user, band user.
  • uploading the photos, media files, display related pages using FLASH
  • Search functionality using Memcache
  • groups, events
  • Mailing functionality for paid users
  • SEO for searching users and groups
  • integrated with facebook and digg, FBML was used to design these pages
  • Provide training to internal help desk for customer support on new features.

Environment : Linux, PHP5, MYSQL, Apache, CVS,Javascript, AJAX, Memchache, FLASH, MVC, HTML, XML, XSLT, PLSQL, FBML, Dream Weaver

Confidential, Sep'2006 - Dec'2006

Client :Confidential, CA

Confidential, is developed for helping job seekers to build a great career by providing their skill set for recruiters.

  • Project Scheduling and Distribution of tasks to the team members in order to meet Project Deadlines.
  • Authored Technical Documents, User Manuals.
  • Defined and setting up Production Work flow, data loading from flat files.
  • Features implemented in this project
  • Administration module using drupal
  • SEO for job searching functionality
  • 2 users: job seekers, recruiter
  • RSS feeds for job seekers
  • PDF conversion of resumes
  • Pay pal integration for recruiter module
  • Client side validations using Javascript and AJAX

Environment : LINUX, PHP, MySQL, MVC, XSLT, JavaScript, FLASH, AJAX, HTML, CSS, Drupal

Confidential, Oct'2005 - Sep'2006

Client : Confidential, US
URL : Confidential

Confidential, is online site that caters wide range of products for kids, teenagers, adults - individuals of all ages.


  • Closely worked with client on project scope and approval.
  • Database design and web pages development.
  • Integrated payment gateways for Paypal, web services for shipment of goods, shopping cart implementation using OSCommerce application.
  • Unit testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Environment : PHP, Smarty, MySQL, OSCommerce, JSP, tomcat, Struts, JavaScript, HTML, Ajax, CSS

April 2002 to September 2005

Implemented various web applications using but not limited to - Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, PostGreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PEAR, MVC, Smarty, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, JSP, FLASH, Dream Weaver, Photoshop, NET Framework, VB .NET, Winforms, SQL 2000, WINDOWS XP

Projects worked during this tenure:

  • Bridgeboats, http://bridgeboats.com
  • E-Governance (TWM)
  • Institute for Electronic Governance, India www.ieg.com
  • AP Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd, India.


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