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Software Developer Resume

Austin, TX


Highly motivated and accomplished Software developer with >30 years of software development and application support in multiple industries with proven track record of understanding the requirements and getting the deliverable right and on time. Recognized for commitment to quality, innovative business process improvements, and security. Flexible effective multitasker willing to take on tasks both large, small, and undocumented legacy systems. An effective communicator and team player with demonstrated analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills. Superior self-taught working knowledge of various programming languages, operating systems and networking.


Operating Systems: Linux (CentOS, Red Hat), Unix(Solaris, True64, SCO), VAX VMS, MS(1.0->XP, Win2003), Perkin and Elmer, Gould, CDC and IBM Mainframes, Honeywell/GCOS, Univac 1108
Languages: C, shell scripts(SH, KSH, BASH), Perl, Makefiles, Ant, ORACLE ProC, .BAT, TCL, XMPRPC, HTML, C++, C#, J2EE Java, JavaScript, Ant, FORTRAN, ASM
Networking: TCP/IP, FTP, RSH, RCP, SFTP, SSH SCP, RDIST, EXCEED(xterm, ftp/sftp)
Web/Application Servers: Apache Tomcat
Databases: Oracle, SQLite, Sybase, MS SQL Server
Applications: vi/vim GDB, valgrind, MS CMAK Phonebooks, MS Office, Wink, Edit/tpu STRUDL, PIPELINE, TRIFLEX, and FASTDRAW


Confidential, (Austin TX) 2011 - 2012
Contract Perl Developer
Design and implement an automated Perl process to pull data from remote DB, build/distribute spreadsheets, and then gather updated version to update DB with results. This decreased work load for counselors and improved client care.

Confidential, (Austin TX) 1996 - 2011

Lead Software Developer, Application Support

Worked on a large variety a projects both large and small. Projects included new code as well as rewrites to bring applications up to date as well as moving to a more modern OS and new equipment to reduce cost and improve reliability.

  • Developed C code to produce a static file of an Oracle DB data along with the relation pointers to exist in shared memory, reducing the cost of each rep needing a license to access the DB as well as the expense of maintaining a DB for each call center. Also worked on many of the APIs written in C to access the data in shared memory as well as the C code to display the data on VT200 screens as selections only for an updated telemarketing consumer sales application. Previous application C code had data hard coded and had to be updated and recompiled every 2 weeks and actual selections where often manually typed in. Data was pulled from the Oracle DB using Pro*C.
  • Designed and wrote C code for a new app to support enhanced third party verification (TPV) of call centers preventing lost sales and legal action and increasing productivity. A script was produced by using an editor with key values which where added to the script for specific campaigns. A separate app was written using C with a VT200 interface to define the keys used when creating the script that related to specific campaigns. Also wrote the C code to produce a static file for use by the TPV VT200 app as well as the updating the C code of the TPV app to use the file All work was in a DEC VMS environment.
  • When the VT200 sales app was moved to maintenance mode the entire team moved to development of backend C code (some C++) for a GUI consumer telemarketing sales app derived from a small business sales app on Digital True64 Unix. This application was multi process and used Oracle pipes to move data and communicate between the multiple possesses. Pro*C was also used for real-time communication to an Oracle DB. Identified a True64 Unix application no one was aware of that could indentify memory leaks which resulted in a buggy application becoming much more stable resulting much less down time, fewer errors resulting in higher rep efficiencies and higher TPV verifications.
  • As call center activity spun down, moved to a transaction services team (working remotely) that dealt with dial-up internet connections and later direct connects. First project was to rewrite Perl code for a large complex dial-up phone book generation system resulting in customer retention and satisfaction and reducing errors to zero. This was on Solaris and also included and auxiliary MS system on a Win 2003 server called CMAK.
  • Created an error free install method for a high profile third party application version upgrade running in a complex Red Hat cluster/failover environment resulting in customer retention and satisfaction and reducing install errors to zero. This was first time out of several upgrades this application installed without errors or downtime.
  • Helped to upgrade an old internal Web site using various older methods to use J2EE and Tomcat.

Credit Card Transaction Project

  • Worked on a multi year large 10 - 15 team project both domestically and internationally which replaced a severely aging credit transaction system. Goal was reduced downtime and improved customer retention as well as increasing revenue. The old 24x7 system had a major failure with a resulting excessive amount of down time and customer loss. Wrote many of buffer gathering processes with C using a C++ compiler and an object type methodology but with mostly straight C. Wrote an interface process in C to SQLite using the SQLite API. Wrote tests written in a TCL test application (the app main was TCL and was interupt driven). Rehosted various processes such as a security seed generator and hash storage function written in C. The app lived in a Linux virtual environment that lived inside a Cisco router. Development was on Centos Linux. There was also an internal web application for command and control developed by the team members in India. There where numerous scripting and various other tasks done for web application.

Other Experience Includes:

Confidential, (Houston TX)

IT Manufacturing/Application Support,

Support all IT aspects for operation of a 24x7 Distribution center.

Confidential, (Houston TX)
Development and support of on-line large scale real-time pipeline modeling systems for load prediction and leak-detection. Coding was done with Fortran 7 and C.

Confidential, (Houston TX)
Software development for large scale, 6 DOF dual cock-pit combat helicopter training simulators AH-64 APACHE and AH-1T/W CORBA . Coding was done with Fortran 7 and some inline assembly.

Confidential, (Houston TX)
Sales and application support for engineering applications.


Masters of Mechanical Engineering

BSMechanical Engineering

Full time graduate student responsibilities: teaching, running outside solar testing facility, and running solar computer simulations.
Completed Both tests for Professional Engineering(PE) certification
Member of Mechanical Engineering honor fraternity PI TAU SIGMA
Chairperson in the Program Council.

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