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Software Engineer Resume


Senior software Engineer with extensive experience in analysis, design and debug in the field of machine automation. Experience includes work in C++, C, Java, Databases, UNIX, real time operating systems and revision control systems. Completed Masters in Computer Science at the University of Vermont, February 1995.

Confidential,NY October 2011-June 2012
Software Engineer: Veeco uses innovative OO software and database technology to allow a single software package to control a variety of high vacuum semiconductor cluster equipment.

  • Led team in development of design methodology using OO and case walk through.
  • Developed and debugged software for high speed rotational control and high temperature measurement.
  • Led team through debug of above design effort.

Confidential,Burlington, VT April 2010-May 2011
Senior Developer & Data Analyst:
Patient Engagement Systems helps patients with chronic diseases maintain a healthy lifestyle by monitoring blood tests remotely. (Java, SQL, Oracle, Toad, Linux, Bash Shell, Windows Server).

  • Enabled collection of data from redundant sources without compromising the data base.
  • Created monitoring software to alert personnel when output or input deliveries fail.
Confidential,Milton, VT March 2006- April 2008 Consultant- Sr Software Engineer:

Ascension Technology makes hardware and software to provide accurate 3D locations of tracked sensors. Ascension now has an instrument that provides the medical community with accurate sensor locations for minimally invasive surgery etc.

  • Designed and implemented communications software for virtual EEPROM in Ascension Phaserbird product. Designed using UML. Implemented in firmware using Analog Devices IDE and emulator. (C++, UML, SHARC DSP, Real Time Multi-Threading).
  • Implemented support software for instrument simulation & diagnostics in Microsoft Visual C. ( C++, MULTI-THREADING, GUI)
Confidential,Williston, VT April 2002- September 2005 Software Engineer

MBF Bioscience makes software that provides medical researchers with tools for image acquisition and analysis. Contributed to graphical user interface designs and improved the integration of OEM hardware.

  • Implemented an integrated cross-sectional data view showing all components. Implemented in MFC using C++ and Direct Draw.
  • Contributed to a Java design enabling researchers to share virtual slides over the Internet.
Confidential,NH January 1999- January 2002 Software Engineer
  • Laurier makes semiconductor equipment designed to break wafers up into chips.
  • Integrated a new vision recognition system that inspects parts and determines the exact location of a chip before removal from a wafer. High speed was accomplished using multi-threading in MFC, RMX and C++.
  • Led the research to upgrade to a modern Real Time operating system (INTIME).
Confidential,Burlington, VT June 1996- January 1999
  • Contractor
  • Lead applications programmer for feature design and software debug for the Robotics wafer processor made by Steag for IBM in Vermont. This system used Windows 95, C++ and C.
  • Produced robust software that met IBM requirements allowing Steag to collect well over one million dollars. (Borland C++, C)
  • Created and implemented a software design increasing the batch size from 50 to 100 wafers. (Borland C++, C)
  • Confidential,VT October 1995- April 1996
  • Consultant
  • Generated design specifications and implemented software to meet host communication requirements of a semiconductor equipment maker located in California.
  • Confidential,Waterbury, VT March 1995 – September 1995


  • Enhanced firmware for a new generation X-Ray Lithography machine.
  • Confidential,Burlington, VT 1979 - 1994
  • Staff Engineer 1992 – 1994
  • IBM manufactures semiconductor integrated circuits.
  • Team lead: Debugged the Multi-Tasking QNX Robotics batch wafer scheduling system. This system had a complicated macro scheduler algorithm.
  • Increased semiconductor yield dramatically. (QNX, C)
  • Developed algorithm to increase machine efficiency.


M.S. in Computer Science
B.A. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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