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Software Engineer Resume

Hollywood, MarylanD


Highly adaptable and driven information technology professional with broad-based expertise in programming, project management, systems engineering, database administration, hardware/software, disaster recovery, troubleshooting, technical support, and technical writing. Consistently delivers top results as a team leader, team player or individual contributor. Leverages an expansive knowledge base to facilitate the completion of projects and secure the lasting success of an organization. U.S. Citizen. Languages: English, French.


IBM Mainframe: Assembler, Attachmate Presentation Builder, C++, CA-7, CA-11, Changeman, CICS, COBOL VS/II, DB2, Endeavor, Expediter, FileAid, Gateway, Infoman, ISPF/PDF, JCL, Librarian, MVS, PlanView, QMF, Roscoe, SAR, Sequel, SharePoint, SPUFI, SQL, TELON, TSO, U/ACR, VIASOFT tools, VSAM.

PC: Access 2003 VBA, ADA, Approach, Blaze Advisor, C, C++, C#, ClearCase UCM, Dbase III, DCAF, DOORS, DrawPerfect, Excel, Focus, GUI, Harvard Graphics, HTML, JAVA, Javascript, Linux, Lotus 1-2-3, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Project 98, MS-DOS, Outlook, MS Project 2000, .NET, Novell (LAN), NT, OLE, Oracle DB, OS/2, Paradox/Pal, OS/2, PERL, PowerBuilder, PowerPoint, Procomm, Raiseręs Edge, Rational Rose, Rhapsody, SAP, SAS, Sequel, ShareCenter, SPSS, SQL, SQL Server, T-SQL, Turbo C++, Turbo Pascal, Visio, Visual Age, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Source Safe, UML, VBA, Visual Studio, WebSphere, Windows 95/98, Word, WordPerfect, WPF, XML, Zenographics.

VAX Mainframe/VAX Station 3100: ADA, Assembler, BASIC, C, COBOL, Datatrieve, DCL, Debug, FMS, FORTRAN, LISP, PASCAL.

AS/400: CL, COBOL, DDS, DFU, MAPICS/DB, Office Vision, Query/400, RPG400.



Software Engineer 3, 2009-2011
Confidential, Hollywood, Maryland.

U.S. Navy\'s Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS) Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (UAV) Mission Control System (MCS) Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) and Logistics Management (LM).

* Developed research test software.
* Produced user interface (UI) software prototypes.
* Created use case design artifacts using UML.
* Performed requirement gap analysis.
* Derived detailed technical requirements from government business requirements.
* Prepared PowerPoint presentation slides.

Senior Developer, Analyst Programmer, 2000-2008
Confidential, Highland Hills, Ohio.

Commercial banking, customer service transaction processing through general ledger system.

* Earned multiple Excel/Rave awards; operating effectively, efficiently, exceeding expectations.
* Software development and enhancement with code owner accountability for system access, updates, corrections, support, new releases and documentation for branch online teller systems,
including check fraud system, primary payment system, and cash transaction reporting system.
* Maintained system statistics and connectivity for over 1,200 bank branches, 8,000 bank tellers.
* Troubleshot server and workstation connectivity problems as well as client concerns.
* Created test software from production and verified format and content of datasets.
* Developed and tested financial systems, including universal balancing system and general ledger system.
* Researched software applications to identify critical aspects of testing and created reusable spreadsheets to document required testing in chart-like format, that automatically updates test-
specific data via one start-up worksheet.
* Created helpful testing tips and troubleshooting documentation within spreadsheets to simplify testing process by avoiding common mistakes and providing solutions to most frequently encountered errors.
* Gathered meaningful data, performed data analysis and created charts to display results for six sigma project.
* Researched new technologies, contributing to direction of information services technology.
* Created Rational Rose models using data classes, attributes and operations.
* EAI development using Rational Rose for integration of mainframe legacy applications.
* Coordinated progress of multiple projects in one master project plan using MS Project 2000.

Project Leader, Senior Analyst Programmer, 1998-2000
Confidential, Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Merchant credit card transaction processing, core systems.

* Earned award for providing support above and beyond call of duty.
* Performed systems analysis, produced structured code, and implemented system enhancements and corrections to merchant credit transaction processes.
* Received promotion from Senior Analyst Programmer to Project Leader/Acting Manager.
* Managed multiple projects with limited available human resources, including four direct reports and access to eight additional human resources, as needed.
* Performed technical analysis and extensive coding, and delegated less complicated coding tasks to junior developers.
* Created project related documentation to be published in the corporate newsletter.
* Provided on-call production support.
* Telecommuted full-time.

Programmer, Analyst, 1996-1998
Confidential,Baltimore, Maryland.

Auto, home and business insurance account processing.

* Earned award for significantly reducing abend rate.
* Developed customized national disaster system.
* Supported several production systems, with on-call responsibility.
* Coded system enhancements.
* Contributed to development projects.
* Coordinated access to test regions, database tables, and plans.
* Monitored system flow. Researched user concerns.
* Developed unique system support documentation to optimize cross-training.

Programmer, Analyst, 1991-1996
Confidential,Baltimore, Maryland.

Manufacturing, State Welfare, Banking, Military Civilian, and Travel systems.

* Contributed to variety of projects, in-house and on-site at client companies.
* Analyzed requirements, designed program specifications, produced code, and tested online/batch processing.
* Maintained local bulletin board and provided user support over the phone.

Computer Programmer, 1989-1991
Confidential, Hunt Valley, Maryland.

The Leadership Series healthcare collection and patient accounting system.

* Developed software for The Leadership Series, used by hospitals and healthcare facilities.
* Produced structured code and corresponding technical documentation.
* Conducted design walk-throughs, testing procedure reviews, and group presentations.


M.E., Computer Engineering
B.S., Computer Science, Mathematics


Certificates: Oracle DB PL/SQL, C#, .NET, MS Access VBA.

Courses: Six Sigma, Requirements Management Methodology, Blaze Advisor Rules Engine,

DB2/UDB, Java, QMF, Rational Rose, Visual Basic.

Career Advancement Skills: The Cleveland Clinic Healthcare Careers Initiative.

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