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Senior Ui Designer Resume

Dallas-, UsA

6+ years of rich IT experience in analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of real-time/embedded systems in Consumer Electronics market.


  • 6+ years of experience in Mobile environment in the Application, Middleware and Network Layer.
  • 5+ years working in Symbian platform.
  • Solid API development experience in Nokia S60 Middleware (Multimedia, helix, MMF, OpenMAX, OpenGL ES).
  • Certified Symbian Developer.
  • Experience withApplication Development inIPhone Cocoa environment (UI and Internals).
  • Strong experience in Symbian OS and strong knowledge acquisition over programming in Symbian environment with Platinum Partners.
  • Strong Hold on S60 UI APIs -AVKON
  • Component Owner and designer - S60 Thumbnail Engine.
  • Active Contributor and Representative for Multimedia Components to Symbian Foundation.
  • Well versed with Agilemodel of working environment with Sprint Planning and scrum management activities.
  • Member of Helix Developer Community.
  • Member of Symbian Academy in London and Bangalore.
  • Hands on experience with Microsoft .Net Compact framework for Windows Mobile.
  • Hands on experience in developing Symbian applications using Series 60 SDK3.2, 5.0 editions.
  • Strong hold over S60 Multimedia Framework and its sub-components.
  • Hands on expertise in Open Platforms like OpenMax(AL,IL) and OpenGL ES
  • Expertise in developing Application layercommunication protocols (SIP, RTP, RTSP) in an embedded environment.
  • Thorough Knowledge of SIP and RTP protocol and its implementation in compliance to RFC 3261 & 3550 respectively.
  • Experience in Hardware Troubleshooting and memory related issues both at Hardware and Emulator platforms Crash Debugger, JTAG & HookLogger.
  • Handful experience in Perl and Python Scripting language
  • Working knowledge on UML with Rational Rose.
  • Possess excellent leadership, team building, knowledge sharing, problem solving, communication and interviewing skills.

Technical Skill Set:

  • Domain Skills
  • Real Time Embedded Systems
  • Operating Systems
  • Windows 2000/XP, DOS, UNIX, Embedded Linux
  • RTOS
  • Symbian,Iphone Cocoa Development
  • Languages
  • C, C++, Symbian C++,Objective C, C#
  • Scripting languages
  • Perl , Python

Network Protocols


  • Multimedia Standards

Configuration Management Tool

Perforce, Synergy,SVN,CVS

Computer package Tools

UML Rational Rose, Team track, Lotus Notes, Code Coverage,TSW

Test Automation Frameworks

TTworkbench, Telelogic Tau


Eclipse,CodeWarrior, Microsoft Visual Studio, Carbide,XCode




BS Degree in Computer Science.

Professional Experience:
Confidential, Dallas- USA Oct 2009 till Present
Role: Senior UI Designer and Developer

Project Title: Development of VOIP Security product for IPhone

The Project scope is to come up with a VOIP Client on IPhone environment which will talk to Sipera's Security appliances in the network and provide efficient secured layer of communication between the Handset and any other Soft client on the other side of the network. This involves extensive work in UI layer as well as at the Network layer (SSL) where the Application needs to provide extra certificate check for any VOIP client running in this environment.


  • Study and Understand the IPhone internal environment from the point of view of deploying an application with an extra security layer.
  • Developing UI component keeping the Cococa MVC UI design model.
  • Design and develop a phone application with all the phone features.
  • Develop a middleware/state machine to handle all the states of a call leg as well as features like multiple calls conference calls etc.
  • Design a possibility of supporting Presence and IM features too in the application.

SDK: Iphone
Language: Objective- C
IDE: XCode

Confidential, Dallas- USA July 2008 till Oct 2009
Role: Senior Developer

Project Title: Enhancement and Maintenance of Helix Multimedia Engine

Member of Confidential, team in Nokia, Dallas. Helix Multimedia team is a core R & D team in S60 dedicated to bringing in most upcoming and enriching Multimedia experiences to S60 Devices.
The team is involved in developing and enhancing APIs for core media player, Media decoder and Post Processor (Video Posting Component) as well as analyzing the media packet flow chain from the Application layer to the Output devices.

  • Deployment of the Real Networks licensed open media platform (Helix Multimedia Engine) into Symbian Multimedia Framework.
  • Solved several Customer related critical errors to allow successful and timely release of Helix multimedia engine in Nokia Phones like (N96, N78, 5800, N97 etc.).
  • Complying Helix Engine to support multiple codecs and file formats
  • Extending support to different Hardware processors to achieve a smooth playback of Helix with external decoders.
  • Writing Test Player using Symbian MMF on top of S60 UI APIs.
  • Enhancing Multimedia player to achieve state of art streaming capabilities with Standard Real Network Servers as well as Multimedia Servers supported by different Operators.
  • Working with S60 clients to resolve Multimedia issues in real time streaming scenarios.
  • Creating a test framework to test Helix engine capabilities to render audio and video to Data sinks like speaker and Posting Surface.
  • Future Development to achieve HDMI capabilities to S60 Devices.
  • Developing new Helix data sources to support new interfaces for asynchronous multi reading.
  • Enhancing Helix file formats (ASF, 3GP, AVI, RM) to support 64 bit read which allows playback of more than 4 GB file in Helix MM Engine.
  • Enhancing Helix data source to support Asynchronous multi-reading.

SDK: S60 3.2, 3.23, 5.0
Operating System: Symbian OS (9.3, 9.4, 9.5)
Language: Symbian C++
IDE: Carbide, Configuration Management tool: Synergy

Confidential, Dallas- USA Mar 2008 to July 2008

Role: Designer and Developer (Component Owner)

Project Title: Develop and maintain S60 Helix Thumbnail Engine
The Requirement was to recreate a Thumbnail Engine component to support thumb generation for more variety of contents. The new Thumbnail Engine was designed to use the Helix Metadata Engine and Video renderer libraries to generate thumb. Also it was re- modeled into a Symbian Client/ Server micro framework in order to get real time UI supported events.
The Project required extensive analysis and code development of Thumbnail Engine and its utility layers with Helix multimedia player. Responsibilities also include maintaining the Thumbnail engine and its communication layer with Media Gallery component and other Thumbnail Engine clients.

  • Adding new metadata functionality and utility APIs to existing Helix Metadata library.
  • Deploying the Thumb generation logic to Symbian Client/Server framework.
  • Changes to Video renderer component to be used in Decode only mode.
  • Developing the Thumbnail Engine based on above theories and ideas.
  • Testing the Thumbnail Engine component by creating a test framework which will try to exhaustively test the thumb generation for different codecs.
  • Responsibly handling Ownership of the Thumbnail Engine component.
  • Maintaining the Engine and Error Management with the help of small team of developers and testers.

Environment: SDK: S60 5.0
Operating System: Symbian OS (9.3, 9.4, 9.5)
Language: Symbian C++
IDE: Carbide
Configuration Management tool: Synergy

Confidential,UK April 2006 to Dec 2007
Role: Developer (Licensee Consulting to Motorola)

Project Title: Development of SIP Client Resolver Component
Motorola, being a Licensee to Symbian required a SIP component which essentially could behave as a framework for providing target SIP clients resolving services and a SIP message delivery chain.
Development of a new SIP Client Resolver component required creation of a possible architecture to make the resolution of target client possible upon receiving SIP requests from the default port. Target clients interested in receiving SIP requests in turn must implement an ECom interface called SIP Client Resolver API, meaning that every target client must provide a standard Symbian plug-in to be used within SIP Client Resolver Framework.


  • Consultations with Motorola Technical Architects and Program managers to come up with a possible solution to fit the Client Resolver component in Symbian framework.
  • Defining Uses Cases and Boundaries for the Client Resolver Component
  • Design of Client Resolver Architecture at Meta Model level.
  • Detailed Class level Design of each of the Subcomponent - Resolver Client, Resolver Server, Resolver.
  • Defining Operations and roles for each of the subcomponent.
  • Defining dependencies within the component and with other SIP components.
  • Participation in implementation of the design to come up with a set of APIs that can reside in the standard Symbian Client - Server framework.
  • Defining Network capabilities of each API.
  • Defining and monitoring Symbian Central repository usage and Memory Consumption of the core binaries as well as peripheral Ecom-plugins.
  • Consultations with Test Architects of different organizations like Sasken and NSTL in view of Outsourcing the creation of Test harness framework which can exhaustively test the component.
  • IDE integration design to test the framework under various IDEs - Visual studio Code Warrior, Eclipse etc.
  • Detailing Test Specification and test cases scenarios to come up with a bundle of test cases to comply with SIP IETF standards.
  • Hardware testing under the radio network over Motorola phone devices.


Operating System: Symbian OS (9.2)
Design tools: Rational Rose for UML designing
Language: Symbian C++
IDE: Code warrior, Eclipse

Confidential, Bangalore August 2004 to Mar 2006
Role: Developer

Project Title: Development of SIP High level Wrapper API
Confidential, Licensed Confidential, SIP Stack required a wrapper over it to talk to the lower layer Symbian Socket Server (ESOCK). ESOCK provides a common interface for client software to access communication protocols, such as TCP/IP and IRDA. The requirement here was to extend the ESOCK APIs to support SIP in addition to TCP/IP and IRDA.

This was achieved by writing separate server side interface for the SIP in the form of Connection and Sub Connection providers. The ESOCK API will interact with connection and sub connection providers and connection and sub connection providers will in turn interact with the high level wrapper of SIP stack which includes State machine and Transition engine.


  • Designing the architecture for High level API and framing call back functions in the API.
  • Implementation of the design to provide a 2 layer framework between the SIP Client APIs and ESOCK API.
  • Creating suitable test bed which exhaustively tests the APIs of the wrapper.
  • Writing test specifications and defining test cases.
  • Deploying the test harness in Symbian Automated Build Environment.

Additional Responsibilities Handled

  • Defect Coordinator (6 Months). Worked as a Primary Defect Coordinator for Multimedia Protocols Team . Being a single point of contact for the defect maintenance related matter within Symbian and also to Symbian Platinum partners and licensees using the Multimedia protocols (SIP, RTP) components Task Details:
  • Software Release Engineer (6 Months) I had worked under the post of Primary Software Release Engineer (SRE) for MMP team. The post comprised of administering and maintaining the stability of MMP code using Perforce tool.
  • Build Coordinator (4 Months) Setting up Automated Hardware Nightly build environment for Multimedia Protocols.

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