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Programmer Analyst Resume

Rockville, MD


  • Work experience acquired in the finance sector supporting live production running with clients and employees
  • 6 years Oracle PL/SQL programming experience with some DBA
  • 5 years Oracle Forms, Reports and Crystal Reports experience (Oracle 10g Database); Able to write Packages, Procedures, Functions, Database Triggers, Oracle Database Performance Tunings
  • Over 5 years' experience in both Oracle and Unix
  • 2 years' experience developing web-based applications leveraging .NET technologies such as with C#.NET, VB.NET

Confidential, Short-Term Position - DB Projects (Washington, DC, Mar. '11 - July '11)

  • Performed database analysis and reconciliation.
  • Prepared various financial annual reports in Microsoft Access for past 3 years

Confidential, Software Developer in Software Development Dept. (Istanbul, Turkey, Sep. '07 - May '09)

  • Responsible for establishing a new in-house IT system with Oracle and .NET
  • Study, analysis, design, development, unit testing, integration testing and debugging
  • PL/SQL programming (Created tables, synonyms, sequences, views, stored procedures, triggers, users, profiles and roles)
  • User requirement study system analysis and design; application development testing and implementation
  • Developing web-based applications using Hibernate.

Confidential, Programmer Analyst in Software Development Dept. (Istanbul, Turkey, Jan. '03 - Aug. '07)

  • Responsible for online applications on the Interface, Developing, Debugging, Designing User Interface (Oracle Forms/Reports with Oracle 10g Database )
  • Developed PL/SQL Procedures, Packages, Triggers, and Functions for the back-end processing of the proposed database design; wrote scripts to create tables and views
  • Developed Oracle Crystal Reports for users and employees (bills, account activity, balance sheets, trial balances, annual reports, etc.)
  • Responsible for developing Unix shell scripts with embedded SQL*Loader calls and PL/SQL statements to extract data from the legacy application in the form of flat files and load the extracted data into the new application
  • Developed Korn Shell UNIX scripts to import/export data operations (daily/weekly/monthly); monitored query performance using explain plans; application development testing and implementation
  • Optimization and performance improvement of existing database design
  • Experience with database upgrades (Participated in .NET upgrades and 10g database upgrades)
  • Experience with Toad and SQL Navigator

Confidential, Information Technology - Computer Programmer - Intern (Istanbul, Turkey, Jan. '03 - Aug. '07)

  • Delphi programming, SQL Server Integration; individually worked on Visual Basic
  • Part-time student; enrolled in Computer Science
  • Attended UNIX/Linux Operating Systems, Computer Security, Java, Visual Basic, Oracle Classes at Montgomery College
  • Attended Oracle Database 11g; SQL Fundamentals & Oracle Database 11g; Administration Education Programs from Oracle Corp.
  • Intensive English language instruction for one year
  • Computer Science Technology and Programming
  • .NET Seminars - MICROSOFT 2003;
  • SQL Server Education, VB .NET Education - NETRON 2003
  • Programming with the Microsoft.NET Framework - NETRON 2006
  • Programming with C#, Developing Microsoft .NET Applications for Windows - NETRON 2006
  • SQL Performance Tuning seminars 2007 - Oracle Corp.
  • BIZTALK seminars - MICROSOFT 2007
  • Native Turkish speaker, Advanced English, Green Card holder
  • Capable of operating both Windows and Mac operating systems; proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access

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