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Director Of Embedded Systems Resume

Reston, VA

Capable, hands-on engineer/manager with twenty years of comprehensive experience in analog, digital, and RF hardware design and development, FPGA design, C/C++ programming, and systems engineering. Exceptional supervisory capabilities in growing, developing, and leading engineering teams to repeated on-time completion in fast-paced, cost-controlled environments. Seeking challenging contract, contract-to-hire, or full-time employment opportunities.
Technical Highlights

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the hardware fabrication process from defining requirements to volume production including component selection, circuit design, schematic entry/layout, PCB fabrication/assembly, verification, and system integration. Concentrating on high speed, critical layout, large layer count, and noise controlled hardware.
  • VHDL/Verilog experience in utilizing FPGA’s and PLD’s for communications, data and signal processing systems.
  • Proficient in C/C++ programming of highly complex object-oriented, cross platform, multi-threaded software.
  • Commendable RF engineering capability covering DC to 30 GHz. Skillful in applying this knowledge to all levels of development from custom RF PCB’s to large scale systems. Involved with RFI/EMI testing, site selection/qualification, ground station installations, and RF bus design for LEO and GEO satellites.

Leadership Highlights

  • Landed several new business opportunities through the proposal process and delivered on time and under cost.
  • Successfully managed the development of several new products and capabilities to increase division revenue.
  • Implemented engineering and manufacturing process changes to increase production efficiency and reduce cost.
  • Highly adaptable and resourceful to ever evolving challenges of multi-stage product development and delivery.

MS Electrical Engineering with concentration in antennas, electromagnetism, and communications theory.
BS in Math and Physics. Outstanding Senior Physics major award. Mathematics scholarship.

Professional Experience

2008 To 2011


Director of Embedded Systems/HW Engineering

Reston, VA

Responsibilities and Achievements:
  • Design and construction of electrically disadvantaged antennas under size and weight limits.
  • Design and prototype of a miniature software designed radio transceiver in the HF(2-20 MHz) band.
  • Antenna matching circuits modeling, design, and implementation in custom hardware for HF and GPS.
  • C++ algorithm development for communications systems modeling and design verification.
  • Embedded hardware and software development on ARM and AVR microcontrollers.
  • DSP algorithm development and processing of signals.

2007 To 2008

RF Scientist

Dulles, VA

Responsibilities and Achievements:
  • RF communication systems design utilizing detailed RF link budgets.
  • Specification, procurement management, and oversight of integration and test for all the RF hardware necessary to create a complete communications system.
  • C++ algorithm development for communications systems modeling and automation of testing.

1997 To 2007


Chantilly, VA

Director Of Engineering

Responsibilities and Achievements:
  • Delivered numerous custom FPGA-based high speed digital, analog, and RF boards for PCI- and cPCI- based systems, which utilized many modern design concepts, such as controlled impedance traces, matched trace lengths, proper decoupling, noise minimization, and low-loss dielectric materials.
  • Verification of RF communication systems utilizing detailed RF link budgets and EMI analysis; confirming the results of said systems and components with state-of-the-art test equipment and custom designed RF hardware. Systems included custom modulators, receivers, and a LEO tracking system.
  • C++ algorithm development for the simulation, modeling, and decoding of data communication channels, as well as object oriented cross platform, high performance, multi-threaded design for data processing and control of custom designed hardware.
  • Implemented engineering team and manufacturing process changes to streamline production efficiency and increase profit by creating uniform base components, standardizing/automating repetitive testing, and promoting common hardware/code reuse across systems where possible.
  • Managed and developed a Wideband Isochronous Network Gateway (WING) product for the bent pipe transportation of high rate serial data, up to OC-12, over low cost commercial ATM or IP links.
  • Managed the development of high rate CCSDS (Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems) data ingest systems which performed frame-syncing, forward error correction, and data processing.
  • Received two letters of accommodation from customers for outstanding support and five company cash awards for novel solutions to problems resulting in an increase in revenue.

1996 To 1997

ConfidentialWaynesboro, VA

Sr. RF Engineer

Responsibilities and Achievements:
  • Selected the best cell site for maximum RF coverage and penetration into the required area using RF propagation analysis over the topographical geography of the region.
  • Ascertained the optimum tower height, antenna type, and orientation to achieve maximum exposure.
  • Designed microwave links for the back-haul of customer cellular traffic.
  • Developed C++ software for the custom manipulation of data.

1991 To 1996

ConfidentialNRL, Wash. DC

Sr. RF Project Engineer

Responsibilities and Achievements:
  • Extensive C code development for the tracking and scheduling of LEO and GEO satellites, as well as the control and monitor of various pieces of communication and test equipment.
  • Designed several VME interface printed circuit boards and chassis.
  • Received three letters of accommodation and two cash awards for innovative solutions to complex problems

1989 To 1990


Graduate Teaching Assistant

Atlanta, GA

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