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It Specialist Resume

Fort Lee, NJ

Looking for a position as an IT Specialist: Software Engineer, Data Analyst, Application Developer, Data Solutions Specialist, or Support/Business/Technical/Reporting Designer/Analyst, allowing me to use my Sybase/Oracle/MS SQL Server/Access/Teradata data base skills to model, analyze, process, and develop financial applications and reports based on users' requests. Use Crystal Reports, Business Objects, Tableau or Actuate as a Reporting Tool. Work with business users to understand, document and implement their business requirements in adequate software mid-tier/back-end/reporting environments.

Hardware: IBM PC and compatible.
Programming Languages: Visual Basic 6.0/5.0, SQL, Transact-SQL, PL/SQL, PowerBuilder 4.0, UNIX Shell, C, Turbo C++, Actuate Basic.
Operating Systems: Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP 5.1, Windows 95/98, UNIX, DOS.
Databases: SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000, ORACLE 7.1/7.3/8.01/9i/10g, Sybase 10.0/11.08, Teradata 13.10, Access 2.0/7.0/97/2003, MySQL, SQL Anywhere 9.0.1108, Watcom 4.0.
Software: Business Objects XI R1/R2/R3, Tableau 6, Actuate 6.0/7.0, Crystal Reports 6.0/8.0/XI/2008, ORACLE 9i/10g, SQL+, SQL Loader, SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000, Excel 7.0, SCO UNIX, MS-DOS, MS Visual SourceSafe, WinCVS, PVCS, TOAD 9.0, Embarcadero Rapid SQL 5.7, REUTERS, CQG, Knight-Ridder, Bloomberg, Express Options (v 3.7/4.0), Mercury Quality Center.

04/2010 -- 01/2012 Confidential, Teaneck, NJ
Lead Data Warehouse/Reporting Analyst/Developer

  • Data Navigation and Analysis of data feeds from various source traffic systems for Television, Radio, and Internet. Built validation PL/SQL script to clean and format source data prior to ETL in Oracle 10g data warehouse.
  • Developed Oracle 10g process for Business on the Books (BOB) project that runs on weekly basis and generates multiple financial reports for all attributes of all business dimensions in data warehouse.
  • Designed and developed 30+ Crystal Reports (front-end and back-end logic) to provide users with BOB data drilled down by all business elements: year, quarter, month, line of business, revenue type, industry, sales channel, market, agency, etc.
  • Using BO XIR3 server as a repository for all business objects and all published reports that use dynamic prompts. Optimization of stored procedures to boost BOB process performance.
  • Created an automatic process to validate final BOB results and send Oracle e-mail auto-notification to all users involved.
  • Using Tableau tool to present BOB data in user friendly dashboard, drill-down format to get transaction details driven by user ad-hoc request.

09/2008 -- 04/2010 Confidential, Oradell, NJ
Senior Data Base/Reporting Analyst

  • Logical and physical design of MS SQL Server and/or Sybase DB based on new business rules for Corporate and/or Franchisees Centers. Data mapping for new data feeds.
  • Building back-end architecture for standard relational DBs as well as Data Marts to be eventually converted into Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) with conformed dimensions and multiple fact tables.
  • Logical and physical design of back-end objects to aggregate corporate business data in predefined date range: Year-to-Date, Quarter-To-Date, Month-To-Date, etc. to boost reports performance.
  • Working with Windows XP system administrators to automate ETL process for data synchronization between different DBs.
  • Development of multiple WEB based Crystal Reports XI R02 to satisfy ad-hoc and 'slice-and-dice' drill down business requests using dynamic cascading prompts.
  • Creation of test cases for QA team to verify report outputs against business requirements and reconcile EDW reports with old reporting system.

03/2007 -- 08/2008 Confidential, New York, NY
Senior Data Base Designer/Developer

  • Logical and physical database design and development of Sales Reporting (SR) Oracle 10g Data Warehouse (DW) for Finance Division: snow-flake and star schemas.
  • Data feeds analysis, collecting statistics, metrics, and domain values. Data mapping and data profiling.
  • Building multi tier ETL process to load dimension and fact tables based on existing business entity relations. SR DW performance tuning and automation.
  • Creation of WEB based Crystal Reports XI and Business Objects XI R1 Reports to generate CUBE/ROLLUP/DRILLDOWN data outputs from SR DW and Data Marts.

03/2000 -- 03/2007 Confidential, Secaucus, NJ
Lead/Senior Associate

  • Defined and developed new front-end interfaces for Customer Service Representative (CSR) of UBS Corporate Employee Financial Services (CEFS) department to handle new type of Stock Option Finance (SOF) transaction -- Cash Exercise. Application uses VB 6.0 as a front-end tool and SYBASE 11.0 under Unix OS as a back-end, and Crystal Report 6.5 as a report tool.
  • Primary responsibility for design, development and implementation of CEFS VB 6.0 Applications: CSR Admin Works that used by CEFS CSRs for CEFS daily Sybase transaction needs, and Payroll Feeds (Bicycle) that splits UBS master payroll file into client subsidiary's ones.
  • Developed logic for 65 Sybase Crystal Reports (against Sybase 10.03/11.08 and Oracle 8i/9i RDBMS) to maintain CEFS needs and converted them to Actuate 6.0/7.0 WEB reports.
  • Built and implemented business logic for UBS Net New Assets project to calculate SOF profitability based on UBS daily transactions. MS SQL Server 7.0 is used as central repository with VB-front-end.
  • Created FRD for UBS CEFS FASB Online system, which provides a one-stop area for financial reporting on equity compensation. Developed Oracle 9i back-end logic for all financial set-up screens and several WEB reports for WEB FASB On-Line Project.
  • Developed WEB Actuate 7.0 Reports that are used as a report tool in the project.
  • Created data feeds \'generator\' based on SYBASE DB stored procedures wrapped in PERL script, which is included in crontab schedule of UNIX server.
  • Developed troubleshooting and trade-correction SOF back-end packages, which synchronizes data in CSR source tables and final SOF system data in the end of CEFS business life cycle.

01/1998 -- 03/2000 Confidential, New York, NY

  • Primary responsibility for design and development of client-server projects for the research of TV programs profitability and data mining. The projects use VB 5.0 and SQL Server 6.5 as software base and include advance OOP programming technique: classes, collections, ActiveX controls, DLLs, OLE automation, RDO, designers, MS Visual Data Base Tools 1.0, third-party controls, etc.
  • Created financial reports using Crystal Reports 5.0/6.0. Reports are based on stored procedures saved on SQL Server 6.5 and activated on-the-fly depending on user choice.
  • Tuned SQL statements for performance purposes.
  • File processing and data down/up loads to SQL Server 6.5 from/to Mainframe systems.
  • Scheduled tasks with SQL Executive service.
  • Team development within VSS environment and creating setup packages for user installations.

05/1997 -- 12/1997 Confidential, New York, NY

  • Responsible for logical /physical design and maintenance of SQL Server 6.5 database for WEB financial (Profit & Losses) project. Using stored procedures, cursors, triggers, cross-tab queries for data processing, as well as various SQL Server utilities.
  • Massive data load with BCP utility. Using MKS UNIX tools and EXCEL macros for quantitative verification of source text files.
  • Developed VB 5.0 application for generation of specific user reports based on the Crystal Report templates requested by users (client-server and WEB applet versions).
  • Created and installed VB 5.0 applet intended for SA to maintain disk spaces on UNIX servers.
  • Project installation in Windows 95 environment. Registering Crystal Report ActiveX Control on users' PC.
  • Implemented Crystal Report Professional 5.0 software as a print tool for the WEB project.
  • Using of MS Visual SourceSafe tool for back-end and front-end team development.

09/1996 -- 05/1997 Confidential, New York, NY

  • Responsible for the software development life cycle of the Electronic Balanced Scorecard (EBSC) - software client-server system for the collection, display, OLAP processing of the financial/business data comprised the 24 performance measurements of the Retail Bank.
  • The EBSC created on Windows NT platform uses SQL Server 6.5/ORACLE 7.3 as a back-end and integrates data from different sources into seamless warehouse.
  • Implemented VB-4 third-party controls (Formula One, First Impression, Visual Writer, Crystal Reports, Apex Grid, Crescent Visual controls, etc.) as front-end tools.
  • Developed program for the automation of data loading in DB using Import/ Export tools for Access DB, Bulk Copy facility for SQL Server DB and ORACLE Data Manager.
  • SourceSafe tool for team project development and the Setup Wizard utility for the application distribution.

03/1994 -- 09/1996 Confidential, New York, NY
Market Analyst/Programmer

  • Computer analysis of currency market for managing investors' currency trading.
  • VB front-end on-line data processing of the information received through inter-bank computer network to make profit for investors' portfolios.
  • Data processing of the macroeconomic parameters of currency market for creating adequate mathematical model to be computer simulated.

09/1985 --11/1993 Confidential
Kharkov, Ukraine
Senior Analyst/Programmer

  • Personal responsibility for theoretical and numerical analysis of diverse physical phenomena.
  • Mathematical simulation of radiowave propagation through layered media.
  • Developed qualitative method of the solution of nonlinear second-order differential equations.
  • Supervised a team of junior analysts/programmers. Provided scientific and data processing support and expertise to all Institute departments.


Actuate e.Reporting 6 Designer Professional.
SQL Server 7.0 Advanced Features.
Courses in PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, C, C++, ORACLE Advance Tools.
An intensive course in currency market analysis with emphasis on training in on-line computer market monitoring.
Ph.D. in Mathematics/Physics.
Senior Researcher in Mathematics/Physics.

Available upon request.