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Sr. Software Engineer Resume

Belle Isle, FL

Senior Software Engineer

  • Oklahoma Native, Highly Skilled Engineer with 26 years of computing experience.
  • Inventor of Anti-Spyware, Creator of AOL Spyware Protection, Previous Software company owner.
  • Beyond current in today\'s technology, I learn languages and systems before they are released by having my own personal MSDN subscription and studying opensource sources. Trained in Electronic Engineering, Programming, Network and Database Administration, Server Management, Firewall and Router configuration and management, Network Cabling, Computing Hardware Maintenance, Microchip Fabrication, and IT Systems Customer Support.
  • My career goal is to work for a progressive company looking to grow with forward thinking, while staying at the leading edge of technology. I wish to be a part of or lead a team of capable people creating useful systems to help companies grow by creating efficient and user friendly systems.

Electronic Engineering

Technology Summary


C#.net 4.5, VB.net 4.5, Xaml, PHP 5, HTML 5, Javascript (jQuery), Objective C

Database programming:

Sql 2008 r2, MySql


(MS) MVC 4.0, Zend, Silverlight, Flash


Word Press, DNN, Vignette, Several Proprietorial CMS\'s

Software Development:

Web Applications (Lamp and .net), Phone Applications, Bash Scripting, SIS, Standalone .net.


Linux, Unix, AIX, OSX, Windows (all versions MS-DOS to present Windows 8, including Server Versions.)

IT Experience
Confidential, Celebration, FL

Sr. Software Engineer(2012) Create repair and maintain Software systems for Disney\'s Travel Industry. Worked under Confidential

Job Responsibilities:

  • Manage Hong Kong's Travel Agency website. This was a Vignette system in PHP lamp environment. Repaired the data structure of the Vignette system and made changes to the website as they came along.
  • Disney Wholesale Booking Request Tool. This was a Zend MVC Website for booking travel packages for wholesalers and for production tracking of employees using thei system. This system was in production with an awful lot of errors. I fixed the errors, and added on functionality and corrected the programming errors within. I took it from straight MVC to MVC with a jQuery front end using Ajax to give the application Real Time usage and reduced the application size by 75%
  • DRC Forms website. Maintained and added features. This was a php/lamp application with a jQuery front end.
  • Authorized Disney Vacation Planners website. This is a simple website to find authorized travel agencies by zip code or by online. This was done PHP/Lamp. The tricky part however was having to bash script a program to auto run weekly to get the data from two different database servers and combine them into one table on the local host.
  • Programmed and maintained two data Feeds from a MS CRM server to query, format create an excel or pipe delimited text file, encode it and sftp to third party vendors. This was done using SIS and C#
  • Repaired, backed up and administered Mac OSX 10.3 Server running a virtual MS 2008 Server. Both the operating systems were used for different functions.
  • Caught sql injection attacks on systems that were not under my jurisdiction and created a plan and system to correct and prevent these holes in security.
  • Helped co-workers with their projects when needed, in and out of department.

Confidential, Norman, OK

Business System Consultant(2005 to 2012) Software and web application development, business strategy planning, and marketing for small and big businesses

Job Responsibilities:

  • Identify client\'s objectives, and create a plan to achieve those goals.
  • Design and program applications on platforms best suited for clients' needs and budget. These could use Lamp or .net environments, and different CMS platforms. They can vary from straight CSS websites, to custom silverlight or flash applications, to jQuery plugins of varying functionality.
  • SEO web applications, and create tracking systems typically using Google.
  • Identify optimal demographics, create and implement marketing plans based on budget with as precise target marketing as possible to keep ROI rates higher.
  • Create ROI tracking systems.
  • Create customer service systems.
  • Create Marketing material n multiple media types such as email, print, web, video, and signage.
  • Create add on systems to optimize current business systems in larger corporations, typically to give vision to data.
  • Step in to finish projects for companies dead lining or to complete or repair discharged employees work.

Recent examples:

Created front end and back end functionality in a proprietorial CMS using a LAMP Environment. Plugins were created for most functionality using PHP Jquery with ajax communication/ CSS3 HTML 5. Heavy video encoding and graphics manipulation, and E-commerce capabilities using the Paypal API. Other APIs include twitter. Facebook, Linkedin, Google (maps, QR code, tracking)
Created event manager re-using the event manager in the above referenced website. Has e-commerce capabilities, and tied in all the social media functionality.
Example of a Wordpress website. Took half a day to develop and deploy.

Confidential, Orlando, FL

Founder, COO (1999 to 2005) Founder of software company of 50+ employees. Acquired by Earthlink in 2006

Job Responsibilities:

  • Created and sold several pieces of software. The most notable being Aluria Spyware Protection, that was co-branded as AOL spyware protection.
  • Created, and marketed AluriaSoftware.com. Originally this was a Perl application in a lamp environment later to be ported to PHP 1 This website contained an in house affilite tracking system, and support system for multiple support staff using cerberus, in house tracking for marketing buys to monitor conversion and ROI rates.
  • Marketing responsibilities were to work with graphics designers to create marketing materials on all forms of media, create and develop affiliate marketing partners such as McAffee.com and smaller website owners, and make media buys
  • Train and manage support, programming, sales and artistic staff.
  • Implemented source safe and trained staff. Set programming standards and held bi-weekly code reviews.
  • Called on by a Congressional hearing to help form Malware and Spam Legislation.
  • Called on by the DOD for Malware protection. We gave consultation and declined to be a provider.
  • Founding member of C.O.A.S.T. (consortium of anti-spyware technologies)

Confidential, Deland, FL
Network Engineer/Programmer (1998 to 2000) Support and maintain the company's computer systems. Later added Web Programming and Application Programming duties, and finally added Marketing Duties through an affiliate program.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintain all IT system Hardware and software systems.
  • Maintain and administer web deployment and database systems.
  • Program web based software sales systems, delivery systems, and marketing systems (Perl, PHP, MySQL, (D)Html and JavaScript on co-located Linux servers.
  • New Application Design and Programming using VB and Third party APIs.
  • Manage marketing of newly developed software through search engine placement and affiliate program relationships.
  • Attend Marketing events for promotion of company software and affiliate programs.

Confidential, Orlando, FL

IT Technician (1996 to 1998) Support and maintain the company's computer and software systems, networking systems, and networking hardware

Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintain all IT system hardware and software systems.
  • Maintain and administer web, mail, firewall and database servers.
  • Maintain, install and repair inventory and shipping systems and hardware.
  • Maintain, install and repair network wiring and wiring hardware.
  • Maintain install and repair internet and intranet wan/lan router equipment.
  • Support these systems nationwide over the phone. 1 of two techs that were responsible for over 1500 user systems in 4 offices nationwide.

Confidential, Orlando, FL

IT Field Technician (1996 to 1998) Support and maintain computer and software systems, networking systems, and networking hardware

Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintain IT system hardware in a variety of different environments.
  • Repair many different business system hardware.
  • Light networking.
  • Light software support

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