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Sr. Software Engineer Resume

Modesto, CA

22 years professional experience in Information Technology, and with extensive qualifications in all aspects of IBM AS/400 and using RPG/400, RPGILE free format, CLP, and SQL programming. Programming and analysis, application development both interactive and batch process, sub-file creation, Data conversions, and Report writing.
12 years experienced in JD Edward World Application, using PDM Manufacturing, Distribution & Logistics, and Financials A/P & A/R with formal training of application development in JD Edwards Architecture.
Training - Application development in JD Edwards Architecture and Microstrategy reporting tools and NuLogx TM..
Change Management Tools - Turnover Change Management and Aldon Change Management.

Areas of Expertise

Manufacturing and Sales Distribution
Customer Sales Order Management
Finance A/P and A/R

Data Distributed Management
Front-End Supervision
Programming in RPG IV, ILE and SQL

Development and Analysis
Functional and Technical writing
Q/A and SOX compliances

Professional Experience

Confidential, Modesto, CA

Jan 2012 to Aug 31, 2012

JD Edwards Sr. Software Engineer
I was involved in supporting the compliance group team in developing new programs thru their business requirements and the other project was to consolidation two of their distributions centers.

  • Automation of sending compliance reports to different state compliance department.
  • Automate the processing of Item dimension upload to JDE files.
  • Automate the creation of new item branch plant, item cost and item Eligibility files.
  • And other user support and maintenance of their JDE applications.
  • Consolidate the two (2) separate AS/400 one in Hayward Distribution Center and the other in LA Distribution Center into one AS/400 in Modesto head office.
  • Make changes for most of the programs to point to the new system.
  • System integration test and implementation and configuration setup of Zebra printers and handheld scanners.
  • Maintain EDI data mapping and setting up trading account partner for X12 (810, 820, 850, 855, 856 & 997) documents using Trusted Link EDI software.

Confidential, Melville, NY

Sep 2006 to Dec 2011

JD Edwards Sr. Software Engineer

  • Application development, maintenance and support for Accounts Payable in-house application and JDE Accounts Receivable module.
  • Development of new programs from in-house A/P reports to JDE architecture using dreamwriter and worldwriter.
  • Enhancement of in-house A/P invoice programs to integrate with JDE applications.
  • Development of new application system for Special Price Adjustment to handle supplier special prices and discount.
  • Development of new Price Pend applications thru JDE architecture which integrate the processing of information to A/P in-house application.
  • Modification of return to vendor (RTV) applications for domestic and foreign exchange rate vendor and generate new reports for RTV applications in A/P.
  • Modification of pend release programs in A/R modules, and enhancement of Receipt Entry screen, Customer Information screen in A/R.
  • Modification of 146 programs, 14 Physical Files, 22 display files and reports for Cost Expansion projects and create conversion programs.
  • Data Integration and Conversion for newly acquired companies to JDE application system.

Confidential, Madison, NJ

Aug 2000 to Aug 2006

JD Edwards, Sr. Software Engineer
I was former employee of Wyeth Consumer Heathcare and assign to support of their vitamin division (Solgar Vitamins) to their Manufacturing, Distribution & Logistics, and Warehouse system.
Solgar Vitamins as acquired by NBTY from Wyeth and I was part of the team for data conversion of Solgar JDE Manufacturing, Warehouse Distribution and Pharmacy system for NBTY system.

  • Pharmacy System Data file conversion to NBTY application system.
  • JDE Manufacturing Data file conversion to NBTY application system.
  • Preparation of FTP setup to NBTY AS/400 system.
  • International data conversion of JDE system to NBTY system (e.g. UK system, South Africa, Canada, Australia & other Asian countries).
  • Program analysis and maintenance most of JDE programs based on user request in the following modules: Shop Floor Control, Forecasting, PDM, Purchasing, and Sales Order Processing, Bill of Materials, and EDI Order Replenishment.
  • Formweigh Pharmacy System - an application programming interface on AS/400 as a backend and Oracle as the front end. I designed a system using DATAQ to received Material Work order, Part list, Lot#, and process the inventory quantity pass from the Oracle Formweighing System and process that information to JDE Shop floor modules. This process automates the issuing of materials from JDE interactive screen into batch process.
  • JDE Ship Confirmation - Automate the process of JDE Ship Confirm interactive into batch process.
  • Orderdog Supply Chain & Inventory Management - EDI process which involve system design and analysis for Orderdog web ordering system and process to JDE Sales Order modules.
  • Lot Control project - implement auto checking of lot and inventory quantity during scanning of order. And configuring the emulator for Motorola Mobile Scanner to have interface with AS/400 application system.
  • Sales Order Invoice & Purchase Order - Developed the new designed of Invoice form and Purchase order form using AS/400 Advance Printing Function Utility to create an overlay form.
  • Create a custom Customer Packing Slip and Customer Picking ticket using AS/400 APFU - Advance Printing Function Utility
  • Order Replenishment system - EDI process of order replenishment thru XML files coming from Wholefoods Corporation and Drugfair Company. It FTP ( File Transfer Protocol ) the files to IFS (Integrated File System) and transform the order into AS/400 files and process into JDE sales order processing.
  • UPS & FEDEX Manifest system - Add the FEDEX to the Manifest system for additional shipping carrier and maintain existing UPS Manifest system and develop shipping Barcode label.
  • Design new approached of manifest system for Multi-carrier and multiple processing to different Warehouse.
  • Create a Barcode Label for the Manifest system, Lot receiving department, Label Department and Distribution.
  • On call and Customer Support for JDE Manufacturing Application and In-house Distribution system.
Confidential, Orlando, FL

May 1994 to July 2000

Sr. Lead Programmer/Analyst

Client :Confidential, Tampa, FL
Sr. Lead Programmer/Analyst - May 1999 to July 2000
Position involves enhancement & development of Global Relationship Banking System (GRB) for Mexico in the IBM AS/400 environment.

  • Create a new batch & interactive programs with extensive use of sub-files in the new project.
  • Developed a technical specification from the functional specification given, for major modifications of Citibank part of their transaction system.
  • Creating new interface programs from and to data retrieval.
  • Client support and enhancement.

Client :Confidential, Lake Mary, FL
Sr. Lead Programmer/Analyst - Jan 1998 to Apr 1999
Confidential, developed a system mostly for the government agencies, and I work in two (2) projects.

  • Conversion analysis and programming to help HTE's new clients move from their current Utility system to HTE CX 5.0 Utility system.
  • Conversion of new release of Utility environment to CX environment.
  • Customer Support to their government agency clients in Utility system.
  • Involved in System Change Request coding for various clients using CIS software and the fixes of various bugs that were there in the base level programs which came about during testing phase.
  • Did custom and retrofit programming for clients
  • Work included discussing specifications with client, writing a requirement document, modifying existing programs, and installing the new code on client's machine.
  • Customer support to move to the new CX 5.0 system version of HTE utility software to a Y2K ready.
  • Conversion - assigned in another project in Montana Power Co. in Butte, Montana for system conversion of their Utility system to HTE utility system from COBOL to RPG ILE.
  • Convert functional specification into technical specifications, and then coding the actual programs based on the specification given.
  • Creation of numerous interface programs needed in building/converting several extract data files on the AS/400.
  • Involved in developing Communication Programming Interface between the RISC6000 to the AS/400 machine using the CPI communication programming.
  • System enhancement based on the user's request of Montana Power Corporation.

Client :Confidential, Orlando, FL
Sr. Lead Programmer/Analyst - Mar 1997 to Jan 1998
I was assigned in Universal Studio Florida Theme Park and involved in Ticketing & Reservation system. Here is the accomplishment of the full project that I handled:

  • Developed a hotel ticketing and reservation system that been used by their affiliates hotel to sell Universal Studios Them Park ticket.
  • Based on functional specifications provided by their System Engineer in batch and interactive, I developed a technical specification and programming to their VGS System.
  • Perform unit testing, user acceptance and production support.

Client :Confidential, Orlando, FL
Project Leader - Nov1996 to Mar 1997
Confidential, Florida has a vast of major project running on different systems, and I was assigned on two (2) of their different projects that develop in AS/400.

  • Assigned to design and developed a full life cycle project, the Group Reservation System for cruises under the division of Disney Cruise Line. And lead a group of four(4) program/analyst for the development of the applications.
  • Preparation of functional specification, technical specification, test scripts, user acceptance and system integration.
  • Monitor project time frame schedule and issues.
  • Conduct team meeting, business analyst meeting, user testing, and individual user training, and monitor project time frame schedule and issues.
  • Assigned to another project for the enhancement of Hotel Reservation system. And customer support for most of the hotel reservation.

Client :Confidential, Argentina
Sr. Programmer/Analyst - Jun 1995 to Nov 1996
Assigned in Buenos Aires, Argentina under the supervision of Citibank, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, to designed and implement the Global Relationship Banking system (GRB) system in CITIBANK, Argentina.

  • Tasks ranged from creation of detailed test scripts, QA testing, implementation, and production support for the GRB
  • The GRB system was a Client-Server set-up with comprehensive use of data queues & APPC message handling. Programming in RPG 3 & 4 was use to developed all the reports needed.
  • Extensive batch processing was used for all jobs submitted and retrieving of data from other systems.

Client :Confidential, Orlando, FL
Sr. Programmer/Analyst - Mar 1994 to Jun 1995
Application support and development to the Banking System software.

  • Develops a conversion programs for flat data files to a new version of CBS (Comprehensive Banking System) existing files.
  • Maintenance and modification of Reports programs based on client specification in TA (Transaction Account) system, LN (Loan System).
  • Maintains the old version and upgrade into new version of the CBS system using utilities like Scompare and Harmonizer.
  • Checking and modifying of programs, testing procedures in delivering the final software package to the client.

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