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It Consultant Resume

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Raleigh, NC

High impact technologist who can work across the spectrum of a development team. Practical hands-on technology leadership and management experience. Team player with a solid history of small and large team activities. Diverse architectural experiences on both the solutions and systems levels.

Capability Highlights

  • Hands-on development and architecture cross technology skills.
  • Diverse development skills including C, C#, Java, and Web.
  • Agile before Agile was around.
  • Delivered solutions in: Telecommunications, Digital Property Rights Management, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Legal/Litigation, Electronic Discovery, Subscription Management, Order Management, Network Operations and Testing, Physical Security and Intelligence, Call Center, Public Utilities.
  • Self starter with technology.
  • Forged solid cross technology and cross organizational partnerships to create better solutions for customers.
  • Effective business communicator having written white papers, statements of work, contracts, and requirements documents.

Education & Certifications

  • BS Computer Engineering
  • Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • (Former) Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • Honor Graduate Raleigh Police Academy BLET
  • Honor Graduate Special Forces Medical NCO course and Q course

Technical Competencies

  • Metasploit, Google Hacking, Nmap, SOA Pen Testing, Web Pen Testing, Wireless Pen Testing, Firewalls, AV, e-discovery, encryption, TrueCrypt, PKI, Privacy, Anonmity, Proxy servers, Intelligence, Counter intelligence, Encase, FTK, PGP, GPGP, SNORT,Java, J2EE ( & EE5), EJB, , C++, Python, HTML, XML, XSL, Unix Administration (Sun Solaris & Linux), Windows Administration (9x, NT, W2K, XP), Networking., JSP, Servlets, JFC/Swing, JNI, RMI, OOA & D, UML, HTML, XML, XSL, Unix Administration (Sun Solaris & Linux), Windows Administration (9x, NT, W2K, XP), Networking, Information Technology Security, Application Servers (Weblogic & WebSphere), Project Mgmt, Software Methods (RDD, RUP, XP, Staged Prototype…), GUI Design and Layout (Web and Client), SQL, Verity, Hibernate, Eclipse, Lotus Notes, Eclipse, Eclipse Rich Client Platform, Linux, Fedora Core, Struts, Netbeans (5 & 6), C#, .Net (2.0, 3.0, 3.5), Visual Studio, WPF, Websphere MQ, Glassfish, VMWare, Subversion, CVS, MSBuild. Perl, Python, Visual Basic, Win32 Programming, MFC, .Net, Spring, Perforce, OSGi.

Work Summary
IT Consultant - Present - Confidential
Security Consultant - Present - Confidential
Director, Federal Division - Present Confidential
Lead Architect & Developer, SAM Project - Sep 2009 -Oct 2010 Confidential
Solutions Architect - Sep 2008 -Oct 2009 - Confidential
GUI Architect - Sep 2007 -Sep 2008 - Confidential
Senior Developer - Jul 2006 -Sept 2007 - Confidential
Senior Developer - Sept 2005 -Jun 2006 - Confidential Hat
Senior Legal IT Consultant - Jan 2003 -Sept 2005 - Confidential
Senior Architect & Developer - Nov 2001-Jan 2003 - Confidential
eCommerce Practice Mgr - Oct 1999 -Oct 2001 - Confidential
Telecom & Application Eng - May 1991 - Oct 1999 - Confidential
Ind Security Consultant - Jan 1996 -Present - Confidential
Raleigh Police Officer
US Army Special Forces

Papers, Books, Articles
Assymetrical Threats in a Non-Metropolitan Locale - 2009
Covert Communications Infrastructure - 2010
Obfuscation Intrusion Prevention - 2010
Malware Resistant Operating Mode - 2010
Top Secret Security Clearance


2008 - Present
Raleigh, NC
IT Consultant

  • Delivered small business customer needs that included: network, systems, and applications.
  • Enabled law firms to effectively reduce the workload and paper work costs.
  • Developed innovative solutions for customers using information technology.

2008 - Present
Raleigh, NC
President/Chief Consultant

  • Develop business partners and relationships
  • Lead the business
  • Deliver security consulting including: penetration assessments, security hardening, security consulting, forensics…
  • Contributing/Founding author of the blog Security Babble
  • Privacy expert
  • Author/propose security solutions to DoD and government

2010 - Present
Tampa, Fl
Director, Federal Division

  • Develop business partners and relationships
  • Solution Architect and section leader on $500 million tactical government proposal
  • Identified and fostered law enforcement relationships to develop CopCase/CMS based business solutions
  • Proposed white papers for the purpose of developing SOCOM based business.
  • Provided architectural and technology leadership to the tactical solutions business strategy.

2009 - 2010
Raleigh, NC
SAM Project Lead/Program Mgr Cyber Security

  • Senior technical lead on a high-altitude nuclear simulation program that was Java/J2EE based.
  • Provided architectural leadership and guidance on the finalization of the Java/Web client version 1.0 of CCSAR, and established a product roadmap for version 2.0 and future that involved Java, SWT, RCP, Web (Flex or Ajax), and JPA.
  • Developed cyber security business strategy.
  • Authored/submitted white papers to government
  • Conducted CDC oriented incident response and management of "Aurora" style intrusions.
  • Developed internal desktop and server security hardened strategy

2008 - 2009
Cary NC
Solutions Architect

  • Revised CEP based architecture into an SIEM platform.
  • Developed code and components to support physical/technology security integration.
  • Evaluated and established architecture for the I3 product line based on the existing KSX. Architecture based on OSGi SOA architecture and Eclipse RCP application infrastructure.
  • Developed RCP application framework and initial client products.
  • Investigated new technologies for licensing into our product stack or suite. This include GIS based mobile (PDA) technologies; wireless sensor integration technologies and several others.
  • Worked with Marketing and Sales on the business development and client opportunities.
  • Developed product release plans and roadmap.

2007 - 2008
Raleigh NC
GUI Architect

  • Evaluated and analyzed the 802.1x protocol specification for the 2.30 product release.
  • Developed an application and user interface architecture based on the C#/.Net technologies in place, utilizing the Java UI skills and experiences I have.
  • Proposed several key UI architectures to include "Workspaces and Perspectives" (based on Eclipse model) to effectively improve user's experience with product. Developed working prototypes of the metaphors in C#/.Net to show how they would work in the application.
  • Developed prototypes of application framework in C#/WPF/.Net (3 & 3.5) to provide examples of where the product needs to be headed.
  • Instituted and mentored organization on a User Case/Storyboard approach to analysis to improve development efforts and decrease SWAGs in project plans.
  • Conducted root-cause analysis on build processes and issues to improve the build environment and build times. Developed an overall software architecture for the various layers and technologies (C++, Java, C#).

2006 - 2007
Senior Developer

  • Principal engineer for the Cru Order Tool stabilization and turn over. Administered servers, Websphere, DB2, MQ. Fixed existing code based in Java/J2EE, DB2 stored procs, Open Laszlo and XML.
  • Developed an automated order entry tool using Web services to support the Lenovo Battery recall. Enabled the automated order entry of 10's of thousands of orders, thus eliminating the need to hire temp staff. Built the system in 4 weeks using Java, Web services, XML, and the existing systems (Websphere, DB2, MQ).
  • Provided principal architectural and developer expertise for the "Monitoring and Notification", and "CRU Order" components of the new call center support system. Systems consisted of J2EE (5)/Cache/Glassfish backend with a Flex web front-end.

2005 - 2006
Raleigh, NC
Senior Developer

  • Developed J2EE/Struts based Terms and Conditions RHN Feature requiring knowledge of RHN framework and code base.
  • Developed Terms and Conditions services components both web presence (struts/jsp) and back office servlet logic (struts, hibernate, j2ee).
  • Took critical "user" domain components and migrated them to a web service based, ldap-backed enterprise user data store. Had to develop a virtual proxy mechanism to migrate from legacy user domain to full new web service.

2003 - 2005
Senior Legal IT Consultant

  • Worked with GSK legal team to develop phase 1 functional specification.
  • Designed and developed entire system web client, server, and support (Swing) client.
  • Wrote low-level file API using Java JNI and C++ to support the transfer of file descriptor data with copy of searched documents.
  • Used Java servlets to develop the web client. Deployed servlets to both Tomcat and IPlanet environments.
  • Built a RMI Activation Framework based high-throughput content copy framework for copying documents that resulted from search hits.
  • Configured and ran indexes and searches using the Verity K2 Enterprise suite of search tools.
  • Developed custom Lotus Notes applications that provided search manipulation capabilities.
  • Utilized the Hibernate persistence framework.
  • Wrote process components that integrate Lotus Notes APIs.

2001 - 2003
Charlotte, NC
Senior Architect/Developer

  • Captured and clarified the Vessel-Yard business requirements and develop a UML-based use case and Object model.
  • Identified the need for the "adaptive client architecture", and xml-based mechanism for expressing entire application visual perspectives and functionality. Authored the specification for this architecture.
  • Developed critical pieces of the "adaptive client architecture" as well as business logic using Java, Swing, XML, HTML, EJB, JSPs, Servlets, XSchema, XForms, XSL(Ts), RMI, HTTP.
  • Developed and delivered both EJB (2.0) and client side iteration artifacts (models, code…).
  • Worked with other technical leads on the evolution of the project technology and architectural basis.
  • Lead a team of 4 developers in the delivery of project iterations.

1999 - 2001
Cary, NC
eCommerce Practice Mgr

  • Developed US based security practice
  • Developed large telecom HR Compensation planning system using Java/J2EE, and servlets.
  • Refined the focus of the US based office to service US based needs in the eCommerce space.
  • Explored B2B integration services via early web-service models.

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