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Senior Developer Resume


Russia, Tomsk state university of control systems and radioelectronics (TUSUR), Engineer's degree of computer science (5 years - equivalent of Master\'s degree)
About me: citizenship - Russia, current location - Russia / Novosibirsk


An IT professional with over 9 years of experience in building robust, reliable, scalable and intelligent software solutions for IT service and finance industries.

  • Strong team-oriented and hands-on skills in design and implementation of distributed mission-critical systems
  • Practical knowledge of full life cycle system design and development using agile project management principles
  • Expert knowledge of relational database management systems
  • Proven achievements in on-time and on-budget delivery of system solutions to complex business requirements


good/proficiency in English


Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Windows Server System - SQL Server
Brainbench ADO.Net, Brainbench SQL(ANSI), Brainbench RDBMS Concepts

Technical skills

Base technologies & algorithms: strong OO design patterns, multithreading and lock-free algorithms, async I/O, support vector machines (SVM light)

OS: Windows, Linux (RHEL, CentOS)

Databases: MS SQL 2k/2k5/2k8, Oracle 10g/11g, Sybase ASE, Berkley DB, IBM solidDB, SQLite
SQL: SQL 2/3,Transact SQL, PL/SQL
Summary: database design, query/sp optimization, index design & optimization, SQL development & refactoring / crossplatform SQL, VLDB support, IMDB

Languages: C#, C++, VB6/VB.Net, JavaScript, HTML/5, CSS, VbScript, Installshield script language
Web frameworks & tools: ASP.Net [MVC 3/4, WebForms], classic ASP, jQuery/UI, AjaxControlToolkit, Knockoutjs, TIBCO PageBus 2, Yahoo YSlow, Quantumart QP7 CMS
Frameworks & applications (abridged): .Net 1.1/2/3.5/4, win32 API basis, WCF/.Net Remoting/webservices, Thrift, WinForms/WPF, SharePoint 2k10/Nintex WF 2k10 / Infopath 2k10, IIS 6/7/7.5, Amazon AWS, Devexpress, Telerik, RabbitMQ, InstallShield
Summary: 100k SLOC applications, network services & API, rich UI applications, web services, integration with SOA, highload web cores/portals, CMS design, enterprise development


General skills

Process: development in distributed teams, Agile methodology, Scrum
Systems of source control: TFS, MS Visual SourceSafe, WinCVS, SVN, github
Project tracking systems: MS Project, TestTrack, Bugzilla, JIRA, Mantis, IBM Rational ClearQuest
Dev tools: [MS Visual Studio, NetBeans], [SQLPlus, Query Analyzer, SSMS, Query Profiler, ASE Isql], [Chrome Web Inspector]


Senior Developer


2011 - present

  • Development product components for Sharepoint2k10 web portals (web parts, sandboxed solutions)
  • Support web portals

Responsibility: database design, component design, implementation of requested tasks

Senior Developer



  • Development & support standalone desktop application Amazon Seller Desktop for Amazon Inc.
  • Development & support QPublishing content management system
  • Development & support web portals - FW Media portals, authorize.net, Bernalillo Country, Guideposts community portal, Honolulu police department

Responsibility: preparing optimization strategy, architectural and database design, implementing requested tasks, project tracking, integration with internal services of Amazon, project building

Senior Developer


2006-2007, 2010-2011

  • Design & development news portal (web)
  • Web layer and subservers for high frequency trading system
  • Design & development system of management e-documents

Responsibility: architectural and database design, project planning and tracking, implementation of requested tasks

Developer / Team Lead



  • Design & development software of trading arbitrage for Amazon sites
  • Design & development high frequency robots for Amazon sites

Responsibility: database design, project tracking, implementation of requested tasks, testing

Open projects

Apache Thrift - active member and patcher of C# branche

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