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Db2 Database Administrator Resume

College Park, MD



  • Operating Systems: IBM mainframe z/OS, OS/390, Windows (95/98/2000/XP, NT)
  • Software: TSO/ISPF, SUPUFI, DB2 v7, 8, DB2 Admin Tool, IBM High Performance Unload, QMF, JCL, OMEGAMON, IBM Utilities, File-AID for DB2, CA Uni-center tools, Oracle 7, 8, 9i, 10g, OEM, SQL, SQL*PLUS, Erwin, MS office, MS Outlook, GroupWise

2/07 - Present Confidential, Annapolis, MD
DB2 Database Administrator

  • Backup and Recovery: Recovered and restored MD tax databases (SMART) for Disaster Recover purposes. Created and modified back up jobs for production and test databases.
  • Database Administration: Created databases, tables along with DCLGENs and indexes and modified them.
  • Granted and Revoked DB2 privileges from and to users using IBM Admin Tool.
  • Performed DB2 migration from version 7 to 8 on test lpar.
  • Software upgrade: Upgraded IBM DB2 Admin Tool from 7.1 to 7.2 and assisted customers to use the tool. Contacted IBM to find solutions to the software problems.
  • On Call: Provided 24 * 7 trouble shooting with the supports of senior DBAs in 3 DBA on call rotation.
  • Performance Tuning: Supported application programmers in slow running SQLs using File Aid for DB2 and Omegamon.
  • Increased tablespace and index sizes to remove extents and releveled shared stogroups to prepare a new tax season. Modified production and test back up and reorg jobs to incorporate new allocations of the backup copy increases.
  • Disaster Recovery: Recovered both production and test subsystems and recovered and restored all databases.
  • Capacity Planning: Updated all volumes and elapsed times of all imagecopy and reorg jobs on the spread sheets every other week. Requested packs to prepare IC copy increases and stogroups.
  • Supported COBOL programmers by trouble shooting their failed jobs.

2/05 - 1/07 Confidential, Baltimore, MD

DB2 Database Administrator

  • DB2 DBA providing database support for US Social Security Administration HQ in Baltimore. DBA for production databases administering government client's databases in a team of 5 DBAs.
  • Database Maintenance: Performed database maintenance through imagecopy, reorgs, runstats and other utilities. Altered and reorged tablespaces, index sizes and storgroups. Diagnosed error messages in running DB2 utility jobs and found solutions through different resources. Prepared and executed utility JCLs for database maintenance. Provided database support for application developers with database issues. Interpreted error codes and found solutions.
  • Backup and Recovery: Created automatic backup jobs for databases using scheduler CONTROL-M. Performed database backup and recovery in table space and database level. Gathered requirements on Full Volume Backup for disaster recovery purpose. Researched and ran FDRABR utility to find out Full Volume backup information. Worked with project lead to collect the agency's databases that do not have offsite copies and coordinated the creation of the copies. Collected all load file names to document for disaster recovery plan. Gathered information on all existing production databases in order to create a repository of recovery information on all backup and recovery type jobs.
  • Storage Management: Developed a SQL to extract space allocated and space used information for tablespaces and indexes of all production databases. Assisted senior DBAs by calculating right increases of tablespaces and indexes for maintenance work. Created and altered storgroups and volumes to support maintenance.
  • Created migration and alter strategies to move data from test to validation and modified columns in tables. Created a plan_table and tested different access paths in SQL statements.
  • Created and maintained database objects such as databases, tablespaces, indexes, triggers, synonyms and aliases. Gathered and analyzed data to make reports for the project lead. Wrote SQLs to extract database information from DB2 catalogs and Platinum tables.
  • Participated in a project that moves data from a SQL server to DB2 by attending database design meetings. Researched on various database related topics. Interacted with government clients for database design and attended monthly DBA tech meetings.
  • Provided database support by pulling out Imagecopy jobs from Validation to Development using Endeavor and fixed the JCLs and put them back to validation.

2002 - 2004 Confidential, Laurel, MD

Database Associate
  • Wrote SQL scripts to query the database and extracted and uploaded using, \'Data Loader\' utility.
  • Converted files and merged and purged duplicate mailing lists.
  • Data inputting of school orders, updating customers, transaction changes into a Distribution database system called \'NDS\'.
  • Generated ad-hoc reports and cross-referenced data to ensure accuracy and completeness of the data entered.
  • Customer Service: Interacted with school cafeteria managers for any order change.
6/01 - 5/02 Confidential, Administration Database Assistant, College Park, MD
  • Installed, configured, trouble shot and operated Oracle 8i. Created and administered a new database in Oracle 8i: created users and added security to protect the database and data systems from unauthorized users.
  • Wrote SQL * PLUS scripts that generated the data schemas reports.
  • Discussed the reporting and data requirements with a senior DBA; developed SQL scripts and generated/presented the various reports.
  • Compared the Archival Research Catalog (ARC) database schema document with its ERWin ER diagram for the project office by analyzing their discrepancies.
  • Reviewed the Rediscovery database schema written in FoxPro to check if it is implemented properly in the SQL server.
  • Tested the conversion of the ERWin ER diagram into the Oracle database schema, and reverse-engineered the physical database into the ERWin ER diagram format for the ARC application.
  • Tested ECORA software to assist the DBA by reviewing the product to see if it satisfied the agency\'s database reporting requirements about the Oracle database schema and configuration. Assisted the DBA in collecting the vendor information for CM tools. Tested the PVCS functions and features to see whether it met the agency\'s CM requirements.
  • Graduated with CMIS (Computer Information System) bachelor degree.


  • DB2 UDB for z/OS Database Administration
  • DB2 Z/OS High Performance
  • DB2 SQL Coding and Performance
  • DB2 UDB for z/OS System Administration
  • MVS JCL Workshop
  • DB2 V8 Transition by IBM
  • DB2 Universal Database For z/OS Fundamentals
  • DB2 UDB for Z/OS Database Administration
  • DB2 UDB for Z/OS Advanced Database Administration
  • QMF Workshop
  • Information On Demand 2008 in Las Vegas in October, 2008
  • Relational Database Design Tools and Techniques
  • z/O/S and OS/390 JCL Workshop
  • Oracle 9i Database Administration Fundamentals I


2006 IBM Certified Database Associate on z/OS & OS/390
2004 Oracle Certified Associate

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