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Senior Software Engineer Resume

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Mckinney, TX

BA Mathematics

Current Secret Clearance

Intellectual Property Experience:

10/2008 to present
Allen, TX 75013

Technical Advisor - Providing Intellectual Property consulting. Performing IP portfolio valuations, including calculating Relief from Royalty as well as Net Present Value (NPV) of assigned patent portfolios. Experience researching patents and determining the market the patents most directly relate to.

Extensive experience reading/analyzing patents and then finding a direct relationship from the patent technology to a specific technology market.

11/2009 to present
Allen, TX 75002

Technical Advisor - Providing Intellectual Property consulting. Performing IP portfolio valuationsin regards to providing recommendations for determining whether to pursue purchase of patent portfolios.
Experience researching evolving patent technologies/markets in relation to key growth areas of the latest technologies, such as cloud computing, virtualization, biometrics, wound management technologies, mobile security, touch screen technologies, upsell methodologies, computer data storage, location based services, streaming media, cable TV,Internet Protocol television(IPTV), Light Emitting Diode (LED),Data Mining, web 2.0and others.

Technical Summary:

Over 20 years of embedded systems software engineering experience in multiple fields, including defense, wireless devices, media gateways (Rapid5 Networks), SONET multiplexer, FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red) embedded software and commercial aviation in regards to flight simulators. Current Secret Clearance. CMMI Level 5 experience. Extensive test/integration/error fixing experience, as an engineer and in a lead role. Experienced in software languages C++ (7 years), C (8 years), Ada (4 years), Fortran (4 years). Experience developing software on real time operating systems Symbian, VxWorks, PSOS. Experience with TL1, OAM & P software, Element Management software. Experienced with UML using Rational Rose. Experience with LabWindows code/integration/test.LabWindows development

Technical Experience:

06/2007 - 11/2009
PlanoTX, 75023

Senior Software Engineer - Worked as a development/integration/test engineer for LRAS3. Performed software upgrades, integrated/fixed software tools and developed code fixes for any errors that arose. Developed code that was used to test/verify the functionality of the LRAS3 system. Worked on Future Combat Systems (FCS) where my responsibilities included software upgrades as well as performing most SW Metrics for the program (running the Metrics meetings, updating all metrics, analyzing and coming up with solutions for all metrics issues, delivering metrics to the customer). Assist withkeeping track of theweekly status of all software engineers. Assist with creating inchstonesand reporting the progress of all inchstones to program management. Create slides for PMR (Performance Management Review). Work with Systems to align all requirements to the SRS (Software Requirements Specification). Worked as well to support supplier management (attended all supplier meetings, made action plans to keep suppliers on track and report all issues to upper management). Updating various Work Instructions and SDRLs/CDRLs needed for the program. Worked very closely with CM and QE in order go generate releases of design docs/code/program docs.

04/2002 - 5/2007
Irving, TX75038

In a SW Lead role, gained extensive experience with customer interface, working with engineering, test teams and customers to resolve/prioritise/propogate errors.

Senior Software Engineer - responsible for software development on multiple Symbian 3G wireless platforms. My responsibilities include analysis, design, unit test, integration and error fixing for several audio software features using C++ on TI OMAP1510 and OMAP1710 chips. Worked in areas of DevSound, Plugins, Multi Media Framework and Audio Policy. Gained experience integrating multiple audio and video formats including aac, mp3, 3gp, midi, and wav. Extensive experience with customer interface, working with engineering, test teams and customers to resolve/prioritise/propogate errors.

05/2000 - 02/2002
Richardson, TX75080

Senior Software Engineer - For this start-up company, was responsible for the analysis, design, code, unit test and integration of the Hardware Redundancy Management software for the Rapid5 Media Gateway product. This portion of the embedded systems software handled the equipment protection (1+1 protection), operation states and posting of alarms. Also worked on other OAM & P areas including Performance Monitoring and Alarm Manager.

10/1996 - 05/2000
Richardson, TX75082

Software Engineer - Worked in several areas of the Element Management software for Fujitsu's SONET products. Worked in areas of Performance Monitoring, TL1 and Alarm Manager. Designed the software for various features including Forward Error Correction as well as the design, code, unit test and integration of the OAM & P software.

11/1994 - 10/1996
Lewisville, TX75067

Software Engineer - Responsible for the embedded systems code for a Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) project using T1 C40 DSP's. Another project I was assigned was a missile guidance system (Unitary Pathfinder) which had a platform of multiple T1 C80 DSP's. Also responsible for making formal presentations of the project design to the customer. SEI level III experience on both projects.

05/1990 - 11/1994
Broken Arrow, OK74012

Software Engineer - Worked as a Flight Dynamics software engineer for multiple real time simulation projects including jumbo jets, business jets and helicopters. Responsible for certifying the Flight Dynamics code passed FAA Level D certification (the highest level of certification allowed by the FAA).

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