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Sr. Application Developer Resume

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To obtain a responsible and challenging position as Sr. Technical Developer where my education, experience and analytical abilities will have valuable application.


Confidential, Long Beach, California
Sr. Application Developer - January 2005 to April 2009

Developed and maintained Shop Floor 2000 system by using Solumina Configuration tool as front end development tools and PL/SQL packages, store procedures, functions, SQL,Loader and database triggers as back end development tools on Oracle 9i/10g running on window 2000.

Work period : July 2007 to April 2009.
July 2000 to July 2006.

  • Developed and enhanced Solumina application based on user requirements.
  • Developed and maintained batch interfaces between Solumina, parts Costing and CMSTAT systems.
  • Developed on-line interfaces between Solumina and FTMS systems.
  • Converted/migrated shop floor 2000 into Solumina system from July, 2000 to June, 2001.
  • Documented technical requirements for all batch/on-line interfaces.
  • Prepare test plans for system interfaces.
  • Job training in Java, C#, and .Net.

Developed and maintained Supplier Non-Conformance Debiting (SND) Web application by using C#, ASP.Net 2005 running on SQL Server 2005 as database development tools in Confidential,

Work period : July 2006 to July 2007.

  • Developed and maintained SND Metric report.
  • Maintained SND application based on user requirements.
  • Documented technical and system process flow for SND Metric report.

Developed and maintained Parts Costing application running on PC window 98, Confidential, Unix and Oracle Web server using Oracle Designer/2000 and Developer/2000 as front end development tools and PL/SQL Store Procedure, Database trigger as back end tools on Oracle 8.0.5 server.

Work period : December 1997 to July 2000

  • Developed and implemented report database which extracts manufacture data from WDS system.
  • Developed and maintained the partscosting application using Form,4.5, Report,2.5 and
  • Graphic,2.5 running on PC client server.
  • Tested RTE interface programs running on HP/Unix which extracted data from Mainframe and interfaced to Oracle database.
  • Developed and implemented Web applications running on Oracle Web server using Oracle Web listener, Web Request Broker, DAD, PL/SQL store procedure, PL/SQL Cartridge and LiveHTML etc.

Confidential, California
Sr. System Application Professional - May 1996 to November 1997

Developed and maintained Marketing Contract Administration and Rent system on PC Window 95 and Sequent/Unix using Visual Basic 4.0 or Developer/2000 as front-end development tool and Oracle SQL, SQL,Loader, PL/SQL Store Procedure and Database trigger as back end development tools on Oracle 7.3 server running on Unix environment.

  • Designed and implemented Insurance, Contract and Lease reports using Oracle tools.
  • Designed and implemented CARS interfaces to the Oracle Financial system.
  • Converted all mainframe data such as Rents, Commercial and Sales into Oracle system.
  • Wrote front-end interface programs using Developer/2000 or Visual basic 4.0 to access the Oracle database.
  • Wrote functional specifications and design specifications documents.

Confidential, California
Sr. Technical Staff - December 1989 to May 1996

Developed and maintained network communication billing system on Univac/CSTS and Sequent/Unix through the PC Microsoft Window Using Microfocus Cobol and Oracle 6/7 database tools, such as Case Dictionary, Precompiler COBOL, SQL PLUS, PL/SQL, SQL,Forms 3.0, SQL,Menus 5.0 and SQL,Loader.

  • Designed and implemented a Global Connect database billing system by using Oracle tools.
  • Designed and implemented the Infolan Switch Access Service communication billing system using Oracle tools.
  • Converted the existing software from Univac/CSTS platform to Sequent/Unix platform using Oracle tools.
  • Wrote functional specifications and design specifications documents.

Confidential, Los Angeles, California
Programmer Analyst - August 1987 to December 1989

Developed and maintained A/R, A/P and O/E application software on IBM 4341 DOS/VSE using SAM, ISAM, VSAM, PLF, ASSEMBLER, COBOL, CONDOR (OLPS, RJE, JCL), DYL260, DYL280, CA-SORT/DOS AND IDCAMS.

  • Maintained existing financial system running on IBM 4341 using COBOL & Assembler.
  • Developed new reports on Order Entry and Purchase Order using COBOL.
  • Prepared production batch job streams using JCL.
  • Prepared documents for all new functional requirements and specifications.

Confidential, Buena Park, California
Programmer Analyst - June, 1985 to August , 1987

Developed and Maintained medical billing applications on Honey Well 62 Mainframe using COBOL.

  • Maintained and enhanced the existing financial system using COBOL.
  • Developed new reports on billing system.
  • Converted the existing old medical system into new billing system.


Masters of Science in Computer Science.


Sequent/Unix-Dynix/PTX, HP/Unix, IBM 4341, IBM 370, PC Window 95, 98 and 2000, Honeywell 62.


SQL Server 2005, Oracle 9i/10G RDBMS, SQL, SQL/ PLUS, PL/SQL, Designer/2000, Developer/2000, Form,4.5, Report, 2.5, Graphic,2.5, SQL,Loader, SQL,Menus, Paradox.

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