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Staff Sergeant Resume


  • Over 8 ½ years of faithful and successful military, management and leadership experience with a reputation for meeting the most challenging organizational goals and objectives. A pragmatic and focused individual recognized for “making seemingly impossible situations work.
  • Radio Chief solely responsible for providing comprehensive advance training of the entire Confidential
  • This included over 3,000 reserve personnel spread out across 241 plus stations throughout the United States.
  • Plan and supervise installation, operation, and maintenance of all tactical radio systems.
  • Monitor radio equipment and personnel.
  • Maintain accurate accountability of equipment and personnel.
  • Supervise maintenance of equipment.
  • Mentor radio operators and cross - trained acting operators helping them develop the desired skill sets.
  • Use operational risk management for all training events.
  • Ensure maintenance reports and records are accurate and submitted on a timely basis.
  • Maintained section readiness, personnel accountability, fitness, appearance, and administrative issues.
  • Supported numerous Marine Logistic Group, Regimental, and Battalion exercises and operations.
  • Supervised and stored $11+ million in communications equipment and vehicles while in combat theater operations.
  • Supervised radio communications planning for Confidential New Orleans during their annual mission readiness combat training exercises.



Staff Sergeant


  • Completed 8 ½ year career with the Confidential and has a broad experience in communications and leadership.
  • Expertise includes supervising the installation and operation of fixed and field radio stations, microwave stations, and visual signaling stations.
  • Develop and carry out radio communication plans necessary for successful operations.
  • Also develop a systems approach toward communications including the understanding of wire and data communication equipment capabilities and systems integration.
  • Manage and train personnel, prepare reports and presentations, and supervise operations.
  • Computer skills include Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Secret security clearance.
  • Directed subordinates and superiors by providing tactical and technical guidance.
  • Supervised over hundreds of operational missions throughout CONUS and OCONUS with radios, multichannel radio, and Confidential assets while deployed in Iraq.
  • Trained personnel to be technically and tactically competent operators.
  • Managed over 50 plus personnel in daily operations, training, welfare, and developing knowledge to enhance professional skills.
  • Supervised installation, operation and maintenance of communication links.
  • Oversaw logistical planning, embarkation, and movement of the company.
  • Coordinated interaction between battalion operations section, lateral units and subordinate platoons.
  • Accounted for proper maintenance of equipment. Supervised daily activities of the Platoon
  • Also was an assistant for the Confidential Intergraded Maintenance Management System (MIMMS) which processed and inducted equipment maintained and or the maintenance cycle which tracked the ordering and receiving of parts for our equipment.
  • Examined monthly reports to ensure budget conscious spending was being conducted and there for lowing operational cost from 97% to 49% within 12 months.
  • Throughout military career has personally provided training in Crypto graphics, communications and tactical materials to over 400 active, reservist, and civilian personal in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.
  • Also set up and executed advance skill enhanced training to over 3,000 Confidential necessary for more timely and efficient troubleshooting of communication equipment during a time of shrinking budgets.

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