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Sr. Principal Software Engineer Resume

Redwood Shores, CA


A challenging position in Information Technology that will allow me to utilize my skills as an Confidential, technology expert in order to develop, implement, and manage innovative business solutions that meet the challenges of today\'s competitive marketplace.


Confidential, Redwood Shores, CA
2007 - Present

Sr. Customer Design Engineer, Confidential, Advanced Monitoring & Restoration Take an active role in the definition and evolution of standard practices and procedures to support a monitoring and management solutions integrated platform based on Confidential, Enterprise Manager. Define specifications for significant new projects and specify the design of, and development requirements for software based on those specifications. Provide leadership and expertise in the development of new products/services/processes, frequently operating at the leading edge of technology. Recommends and justifies major changes to existing products/services/processes. Sr. Principal Support Engineer, Confidential, Exadata Enterprise Support Team Provided support to Exadata and Confidential, Database Machine customers at the system level, by taking ownership of all Exadata related support issues to resolve software related issues, perform technical triage of hardware issues and engage the Sun or HP for resolution of identified and qualified problems. Served as focal point for all Exadata customers’ issues, to ensure remediation and complete resolution of issues according to the expectations of this demanding customer base. Sr. Principal Technologist, Confidential, Platform Technology Solutions Defined product needs, assisted with the development of implementation and upgrade strategy for Partner applications. Gathered and analyzed information to define product needs and reviewed design specifications. Communicated product strategy and functionality to enable alignment with strategic direction of Confidential, Partners. Initiated and fostered relationships with other groups with Confidential, ’s Support, Development and Consulting organizations. Reviewed product documentation and collateral to provide feedback and direction as needed. Ensured successful product releases based on corporate priorities. Sr. Principal Support Engineer, Confidential, Product Support / RAC Assurance

Provided strategic technical support for Confidential, customers to assure the highest level of customer satisfaction in support of Real Application Cluster deployment environments. As the Technical Team Leader, established direction for all RAC assessment activities (review, analysis, reporting). Created and utilized automated technology and instrumentation to diagnose, document, resolve and avoid customer issues. Demonstrated expert technical problem solving/problem avoidance, routinely sought after to address extremely complex, critical customer issues. Frequently provided services through on-site customer visits.

Key Accomplishments
  • Define and implement the technical integration requirements needed to provide monitoring solutions for Confidential, and 3rd party products worldwide with Confidential, Server products, including the Confidential, Database, Fusion Middleware, and Confidential, Enterprise Manager.
  • Focus on the technical enablement of Confidential, customers worldwide with Confidential, Server products, including the Confidential, Database, Real Application Clusters, Automated Storage Management, Confidential, Exadata, Fusion Middleware, and Confidential, Enterprise Manager.
  • Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of Confidential, RDBMS, Middle Tier, and RAC architectures (includes RDBMS releases 6.0 – 11gR2).
  • Work with Disaster Recovery, related technologies, and architecture for Confidential, Standby Database, Data Guard, Streams, Advanced Replication.
  • Work with various Clustering technologies for different vendors.
  • Possess and demonstrate a thorough understanding of Confidential, database features.
  • Demonstrate hands-on interaction with large Database management systems.
  • Possess a thorough understanding of Support tools and Confidential, diagnostics.
  • Expert knowledge on Linux, Unix and Windows operating systems.
  • Work with a variety of operating system platforms: Unix (AIX, Solaris, HP-UX), Linux (RHES 4/5, OEL 4/5), Windows, and networking environments. Coding: Java, various shell scripting (c, korn, bourn).

Professional Experience

Technical Director – DBA / Data Administration

Key Accomplishments
  • Established and managed the overall technical direction and requirements for Travelers IT enterprise and RAC Confidential, environments including, release management, product upgrades, patching, and overall product utilization best practice guidelines.
  • Provided hands-on technical support to implement, develop and document processes required to install, configure, and support Confidential, 10gR2 RAC environments consisting of two to six cluster servers utilizing products such as ASM, OCFS2, RMAN, EM Grid Control.
  • Demonstrated expert analytical and diagnostic skills when dealing with issues that were often novel and not readily defined, lacked known precedent or appeared contradictory.
  • Maintained effective partnerships across Travelers IT, and Business organizations with a demonstrated ability to work with management, peers, and other areas through an inclusive style and recognition of their abilities and knowledge.
  • Provided problem resolution, management, tracking and escalation services for Confidential, customers throughout Travelers IT organization.
  • Work with a variety of operating system platforms: Unix (AIX, Solaris, HP-UX), Linux (RHES 4/5, OEL 4/5), Windows, and networking environments. Coding: Java, various shell scripting (c, korn, bourn).

Confidential, Confidential, Redwood Shores, CA
1997 - 2006

Professional Experience Sr. Principal Software Engineer, Product Development / Technology Services Integration

Worked as a member of Confidential, ’s Product Development Integration team to certify various components of the Confidential, Applications technology stack, including its integration, through individual component testing, and analysis.

Sr. Principal Support Engineer, Advanced Product Support / Solution Support Delivery

Provided both remote and on-site support services, as a member of Confidential, Advanced Product Services, to various customers in order to resolve a variety of technical issues related to Confidential, Applications 11i, RDBMS, Confidential, Application Server, Systems Management, Networking and Tools products.

Sr. Principal Support Engineer, Confidential, Product Support / AOL BDE Performance

Acted as the primary Support interface to Confidential, Development to facilitate bug handling with a focus on managing Support’s bug backlog, and bug escalations through technical analysis, training, process improvement, and by sustaining a cooperative relationship with the product Development and Support teams.

Sr. Technical Specialist, Confidential, Product Support / Center of Expertise

Worked as a member of Confidential, ’s Center of Expertise, a specialized technical team, that provided training, educational services, technical architecture, and operational reviews for various Confidential, Support Services (OSS) Premium Support customers, and internal Confidential, Support Services technical support personnel.

Senior Manager, Confidential, Premium Support

Acted as the primary relationship manager for all matters involving the delivery of all Confidential, Support Services (OSS), product support services (product support and premium services) to clients in the Northeast, New England territory.

Senior Systems Engineering Specialist, Confidential, Premium Support

Provided customers with hands-on assistance, and consultation as a member of Confidential, ’s Premium Support Services organization, based on in-depth technical knowledge of Confidential, products and platforms, while completing assigned duties with minimal supervision.

Key Accomplishments
  • Established and managed project requirements, guidelines, define success/failure criteria for project milestones and deliverables.
  • Provided hands-on technical support, and problem resolution for Confidential, customers who have large, complex Confidential, environments, including 3rd party integration requirements; Applications 11i, Real Application Clusters, RDBMS, Networking, Systems Management, Application Server, and Developer products.
  • Applied proven diagnostic and debugging skills in areas ofdatabase administration, database internals, application server administration, application server internals, and client platform components,including Java, for the identification, analysis, documentation, and timely resolution of problems.
  • Partnered with Confidential, Development teams to provide feedback, and direction for beta product testing, documentation reviews, problem analysis and avoidance. Participate in a number of Development initiatives for Rapid Accelerator Programs, and Strategic Initiatives Programs (i.e. Beta Programs).
  • Developed and deliver technical training in various Confidential, internal technology areas, to Confidential, employees, and external customer environments for RAC, RDBMS internals, Database Administration, and Applications 11i administration and architecture.
  • Researched technical and industry related issues to perform root cause analysis of difficult problems and their solutions.
  • Managed a team of 8-12 premium support services delivery consultants as direct reports. Responsible for the actual delivery and all related profit/loss issues associated with the delivery of Confidential, Support Services premium services to OSS clients in the Northeast New England territory (ME, VT, NH, MA, RI, CT).
  • Responsible for client satisfaction, staffing and human resource matters related to the Northeast New England Delivery Team, which included active participation in the business development process, through interactions with clients and the Field Sales organization.
  • Worked with a variety of operating system platforms: Unix (Sun, AIX/SP2, Solaris, Compaq Tru64, HP-UX), Linux, Windows, Netware, OS2, VM/CMS, and networking environments. Coding: Java, various shell scripting (c, korn, bourn).

EXPERIENCE: Confidential, Hartford, CT
1984 - 1997

Professional Experience Consultant, Relational Platform Support

Provided database and platform administration, support and consulting services, as a member of the Relational Platform Support team, for a variety of Confidential, client/server application platforms throughout the ITT Hartford, IT enterprise.

Engineer, Network Management

Provided application and administrative platform support, as a member of ITT Hartford’s Network Management group, for various Network Management system platforms used in support of the ITT Hartford communication networks.

Support Analyst, Network Certification

Provided evaluation service for network monitoring and test equipment (data scopes, network sniffers, BERT testers, cable testers) as a member of ITT Hartford’s Network Certification group.

System Network Technician, Hardware Software Network Support

Performed initiation of and maintain the proper configuration for all host systems hardware, network hardware, and software products within the ITT Hartford\'s data centers as a member of ITT Hartford’s Hardware/Software Network Support unit.

Master Terminal Operator, Network Control Center

Performed the initialization, termination, configuration management, and monitoring for all on-line communication networks, as a member of ITT Hartford’s Network Control Center team (IMS, CICS, TIS, VTAM, TSO & VM/CMS).

Senior Computer Operator, Data Center Operations
Initiated and monitored main frame batch processing in an OS/MVS/JES3 environment in support of various ITT Hartford application requirements.

Key Accomplishments
  • Administered, and managed operations and maintenance for Confidential, RDBMS’ throughout ITT Hartford’s enterprise; performance tuning, backup and recovery, capacity planning and storage management, systems management, and disaster recovery operations.
  • Performed Confidential, product installations, maintenance, evaluations and testing for existing and newly released database and associated client/server products in order to meet customer requirements.
  • Worked with a team developing and deploying new client/server network management applications in both platform DBA and application development roles.
  • Performed installations, evaluations and testing for existing and new SNMP network management products in order to meet customer support requirements. Specialized in Sun Unix/SunNet Manager workstation platform customization, configuration and operation technical support.
  • Performed product setup, testing, evaluation and implementation planning for network hardware products and associated software requested for deployment on the ITT Hartford communications networks (SNA and TCP/IP).
  • Developed and maintain operation and recovery procedures where required for supported products and applications in ITT Hartford’s data center, and networking environment.
  • Identified operational failures, and provided problem resolution and escalation for all on-line system failures.
  • Provided input and output media as required during batch processing cycles.
  • Set up and operate card readers, punches and printers.
  • Worked with a variety of operating system platforms: Unix (AIX, Sun, DEC, SCO, HP, Ultrix), Netware, OS2, VM/CMS, MVS/XA, JES3.
  • Worked with a variety of operating system hardware: IBM and Amdhal mainframes, DASD Control Units, Multiplexers, Modems, FEP’s, Terminal Server Control Units. Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 3.1 and DOS.
  • Coding: various shell scripting (c, korn, bourn), C, SQL, PL/SQL, Developer Forms 3.0/4.5. Working knowledge of TSO/SPF and OS/JCL and CMS/X-Edit environments.

EDUCATION: Confidential

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