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Sr. Software Tools Engineer Resume

Summary of Qualifications

Multi-faceted Sr. Software Tools Engineer with several years of progressive experience in system analysis, design/modeling, development and implementation. As a Subject Area Expert in Database development and testing in the follow areas: Requirement Management, DOORs Administrator/Architect for various organizations, to include, but not limited to, Navarro/NSTec/DOE, Comcast, Medtronic, Dept. of Navy , L3 Communications, Bay state, EDS. Department of Defense (DoD), Federal Civilian Agencies, and Commercial clients, Testing Software: Rational 2000(Team Test Suite, Performance Studio, Test Factory, Test Manager ),Mercury(Winrunner, XRunner, and Test director), DOORS Test Director Connect, Hammer, Hammer interfaces(CallMaster & CoolEdit), SpeechWorks, Aspect 7.2, Cisco(Admin/Adv Script, Route IT, Snuffer, ACD/VRU.\\ . Specific Rational DOORS skills are as follows: Special tools used from DOORS:(on every Doors project below)

Standard Structures process from:

DOORS provides a library of templates(over 60), DoD-STD, IEE and MIL-STD templates, and other add –ins are templates, such as SAE, INCOSE (from Systems engineering Handbook), ISO(9000 series, and 15288), MIL-STD(499).
Process Methods as in Waterfall, Swim Lanes(27p), and Agile process(18), in support requirements gathering and data transfer, data management.
Work Experience

  • DOORS 5.0 thru 9.3, Traceline (1.0,1.1), RPE, Web access along with other Integration Software. Trained 65 to 185 general and advance users in DOORS 9.3. Also at SPAWAR AMFJTRS supporting DOORS database management for the West/East Coast with GUI development for Test plans, procedures and platforms, management of all data transfer between the Govt. and customer, JTEMP Management in DOORS, Prime System Contractor(PSC) database synchronization support .
  • WebSphere Business Integration Server(LDAP,WSAD,WSDL,XSD,JSP,Mapping,Collaboration development,Data Handler,Server Access Interface,System installation)InterChange Server,Connectors,Adapters.
  • Complete understanding and utilization of each phase of the System Design Life Cycle (SDLC) as an engineer and manager. Utilization of several tool sets in support of requirements analysis, modeling and testing i.e. Rational 2000, Mercury and Dynamic Object-Oriented Requirements System (DOORS).
  • Administrator for Test Director, Winrunner, & Xrunner,using Doors as requirements gathering tool.
  • Development and enhancement of an enterprise wide software development Capability Maturity Model (CMM), resulting in the maintenance of the Software Engineering Institutes CMM Level 3.
  • Several years of experience designing front-end graphic users interfaces (GUI) for various applications. Tools include, but are not limited to, Powerbuilder, Neuron, System Architect, ERWIN, S-Designer Oracle Designer 2000, FoxPro, Power Designer and Oracle Forms. Ability to quickly assess and master a variety of front-end tools based on the similarities in theory and design. Familiar with web-based front end tools such as Cold Fusion.
  • Progressive experience developing back-end applications utilizing various versions of Oracle, Sybase, Informix, MQ Series (SQL), and MS Access.
  • In depth experience in several third and fourth-generation programming languages such as C, C++, JAVA, Visual Basic, SAS, Cobol, Fortran, and ADA. Also familiar in scripting languages such Perl.
  • Experienced in the development of various rule and role base authorization and authentication methods for system access control.
Key Professional Accomplishments
  • Designed and implemented a customized software application capable of receiving responses from either touch-tone or voice command telephone calls in English as well as Spanish. Coded the program in MS Access, Sybase, & Oracle using TestCase & Scenario’s during the development process.
  • Lead a team to re-engineering a TPOCS (Third Party Outpatient Collection System) which is a resource information system that was designed as a DoD interim migration system used by the Army, Navy and Air Force to bill third party insurance agencies for services provide to beneficiaries on an outpatient basis.
  • Directed a team of IT professionals in developing an automated billing system overseeing the system specific architecture, methodologies, database design, requirements document and requirements determination (DOORs). System was developed using Erwin 3.5.2 as a modeling tool, and designed using Visio 2000 and Oracle Database 2000.
  • As a consultant for the IRS, I developed an ETDS (Electronic Transcript Delivery System) and Generic Billing System using Power Designer 6.1 and Erwin 3.5.2 and completed all testing using Rational and Mercury Tool set. RDMS used (Oracle, MS Access) with the ability to convert to Sybase.
  • Designed, tested and implement an information System used to establish a DNA Reference Specimen. Then set up a Repository and Database System of information from kindred family members of unaccounted linking to unidentified. This system was written in MS Access using Excel spreadsheets for online mail reporting and Lotus Screen Cam for the Tutorial
  • As per the request of the IRS Office of Chief Counsel, engineered and converted the existing Chief Counsels fifteen databases from Dbase V into MS Access. This effort insured that the databases were Year 2000 compliant and conformed to the Common Operating Environment (COE) established by the IRS. Also responsible to monitor status and progress of the most significant cases on appeal in Chief Counsel, to analyze data for cause and effect of new legislation.
  • Lead a development team for the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) to design a Foreign Patent Access System (FPAS)/ EMC Foreign Image Data Load System. Oversaw interfacing process with both the USPTO user community and the support and development teams. This information system was designed to process and load all foreign patent images, headers, bibliographic and classification data from 28 countries. The images were stored on EMC Symmetric 5700 device using a Client/Server HP-Unix.
  • Responsible for the development, design and coding of a Master Billing System for the Board of Education (Loan Division). Duties included database administration, database modular and creating the system to contain SAT testing and the Mater Billing System. Used ERWIN, IEF 3.1 and S-Designer along with coding in Microfocus COBOL, MS Access, and Powerbuilder.
  • Completed the development process for verification of NASA change request (NCR) system and performed testing to complete and close selected NCR’s by rewriting tickets mapped to selected test procedures.
  • Inventor and developer of an Account Tracking System, which is copy written by Mr. Davis/EDS.
Managerial Skills

Several years experience in managing Information Technology (IT) projects as Principle and Lead Engineer i.e. schedule, scope, quality, configuration management, cost and personnel.

Employment History

Confidential, Sr Rational Doors Architect/Developer/Administrator 11/15/10 – Pres

Confidential, Sr. Doors Administrator 11/10/09 – 03/11/10

Confidential, Sr. Network Eng. 1 05/04/09 - 09/24/09

Medtronic Configuration Management Engineer 10/28/08 – 3/26/2009

Confidential, Architecture Developer/
Senior Administrator/
Test and Evaluation Coordinator 4/19/2007 – 09/30/2008

Confidential, Requirements Management 6/15/2006 – 3/28/2007
Confidential, Senior Test Lead and CM 6/18/2002 - 10/2005
Confidential, Senior System Tester 5/ 2000 - 4/18/2002
Confidential, Consultant – Test Lead 6/2000 – 12/2000
Confidential, Senior Consultant- Test /Dev Lead 10/99 – 02/2000)
Confidential, Senior System Engineer / Configuration Management 07/80 – 10/99
Confidential, Billing Analyst 01/75 – 07/80
Confidential, QA/CM 01/74 – 01/75

Confidential, System Programmer/CM 01/68 – 1974

Training & Educational :

Certification Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition management Commercial Trades Institute Computer Programming Certification EDS Technical Consulting Program (TCP McCabe & Associates QAC Program

Technical Consulting Certification Software Quality Assurance Certification

Microsoft certification professional (mcp) WBI WebSphere Business Integration

BI Server – Implementing ICS & Toolset Software Skills Collaboration TOOLS (SharePoint Tools Set , 2007,2010) System Warehousing & Repository

LAN , Unix , Rochande Repository , Windows 3.1 , Windows For Workgroups
Warehouse Architect (Powerbuilder 6.1) , Windows (NT, 95,98 2000 XP)

Requirement Tools

DOORS 5.1 , Rational 2000 (Team Test Suite, Performance Studio, TestFactory, TestManager)

Performance & Capacity Planning

Best/1 Performance Assurance for Distributed Systems Tools (6.0) , Tivoli (framework, inventory, software distribution and distributed monitoring)

Testing Tools

Mercury’s, Win runner , Xrunner , Load Runner , Load Runner web6.5 , Test Director
Hammer , SpeechWorks , Aspect 7.2 , Cisco Rout IT , SnifferPro , ACD/VRU

Modeling Tools

Rational (ROSE) , IEF 2.0 & 3.0 , IEF COOL-GEN , S-Designer , Oracle Designer 2000 System Architect 3.1A , ERWIN/ERX/RRTWIN for PowerBuilber , ERWIN 3.5.2 Select OMT 4.0.1 , FoxPro (Windows) , ADW (Planning, Analysis, Design) ADW (GUI) OBJECTVIEW Visio 2000 , Power Designer 6.1 (Process Analyst, Data Architect, AppModeler)

Computer Languages and GUI

Visual Basic , MS Access , Powerbuilder , Neuron , Dbase , C
Visual C++ , SQL , Cobol , Fortran , JCL , SAS


MS Access , Oracle , Sybase , Informix , Watcom , SQL Anywhere

Configuration Management

Clearcase V3.2 , Harvest CM Software , CA UniCenter , Job Scheduler , Endeavor , Greenleaf

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