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Contractor Resume

Reston, VR

Possess more than 10 years of experience in computer operations and software engineering, using a variety of languages within several environments. Background includes more than 10 yrs of full lifecycle software development, software maintenance (find, analyze and resolve software defects) and working in a team software development (5 or more team members).Looking for a long term employment opportunity in a stable environment.


MS Management Information Systems

BS Business Administration (Major: Finance)

Work Experience

Confidential. – Reston, Virginia (01/09 to Present) – Contractor

  • Responsibilities include programming, testing and deployment of the Executive Office System (EOS –508 Compliance) for the State Department inPowerbuilder 11.5for the LAN portion andVisual Studio.Net (ASP.Net and C#) and Crystal Reports XIfor the WEB.Work also included writing and tuning complexSQL/Embedded SQL & PL/SQLscripts for stored procedures, packages and triggers using theTOADeditor as well as analyzing requirements and writing design documents for enhancements.
  • Also involved in the configuration management of this application usingClearCase/ClearQuestassignment involved the migration of this applicationfrom Powerbuilder 9toPowerbulder 11.5. The backend migration involved an upgrade fromOracle 9ito10gin aUnixenvironment.
  • Other duties involved assisting the database team in designing and normalizing the database usingErwinas well as maintaining security configurations.
  • Other tools used in support of this project includesRemedyandLotus Notes.
  • EOSis a system which provides Grant Management and Budget Management to four Department of State bureaus:(1) Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), (2) Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL), (3) Bureau of Oceans, Scientific and International Environmental Affairs (OES), (4) International Information Programs (IIP).The EOS system supports full Grants lifecycle inter-office workflow and reporting, budget tracking for all funding and commitments and reconciliation for DOS’ financial system. The system also supports two-way data integration with Grants.gov and GFMS.
  • This application facilitates the Pre-award, Award, Post-Award and Closeout phases of grants management.
  • The budget office module is built in Power Builder 9 and later migrated toPowerbuilder 11.5.
  • Proposals submitted for solicitation at Grants.GOV are received by EOSGGOV service (a windows service written in .NET) consuming a web service which downloads the proposals and their attachments and stores them in the Oracle database.
  • The EOSPM web application is used by program office to review proposal and award grants.
  • The web application has a reporting system usingCrystal Reportsfor.NETto produce on demand parameterized reports.
  • It uses infragistics web controls for UI elements.

Confidential. - Fairfax, Virginia (10/07 to 01/09) – Contractor

  • Worked as a contractor for the US Military’s Range Facility Management Support System (RFMSS -508 Compliance).
  • Responsibilities include: Release and Program Maintenance usingPowerBuilder 10.5andOracle 10g.Work with Team Lead in fixing defects from the field and in house testers for the Database Cleanup release effort. Assign tasks and assist junior developers. Supporting the mapping portion of the application usingArcGIS. SVNwas used as source control configuration tool.
  • Supporting all military sites across the nation and around the world usingRemote Desktopand/orCitrix Metaframe.
  • Assisted in migrating this application to aVisual Studio.NetusingASP.NetandC#.

Confidential. – Sterling, Virginia (11/06 – 09/07) – Contractor

  • Maintainence and enhancements of the Visual Claims product which was build inPowerbuilder 9.Some of the responsibilities include, migrating the current version toPowerbuilder 10.5,writing Stored Procedures inSybase ASEand developingASP.Netpages to support the web components of this project as well asGIStools likeArc View.Visual Claims is used in house to track patient visits, process insurance claims, provide information regarding in network and out of network providers as well as credentialing healthcare providers. Websites are maintained for providers who upload articles of information for patients and the user community. TheGIStool is used to provide the user community to track providers across the country. This information is then used by the Customer Service which is a type of an in house call center to communicate the information to patients calling in. UsedVisual SourceSafeas a configuration management tool.

Confidential– Sterling, Virginia (05/06 – 11/06) – Contractor (Production Support Analyst)

  • Provide technical support for a Labor Costing and Distribution application which was migrated fromPowerbuilder 5to a.NetenvironmentwithC#andASP.Netagainst anOracle 10gdatabase, including: - Installation and testing of the application - Monitoring performance. - Backups and recovery of archived data. - Monitor issues and provide problem resolution. - Writing Stored Procedures and Triggers. -Provide software enhancement for management and regulatory changes.

Confidential – Fairfax, Virginia (08/05 – 05/06) - Contractor

  • Worked on a project called Strata Enterprise which stands for loan tracking strategies infinancial institutions.Strata Enterprise is a rule-based decision system that facilitates customer management across organizations in order to support continuous strategy improvement. The decisions that Strata Enterprise makes are tracked for performance reporting purposes. This application is built usingPowerbuilder 10.5withPFCfor the user interface.OracleorSybaseruns on the backend depending on the various customers’ databases. Some of the complicated modules that use Active X controls are developed usingC++. A typical task for this position includes writing requirements, functional and technical design docs and test scripts for unit tests besides fixing defects as well as developing new enhancements for the improvement of the system. This task also involves configuring and deploying the application onWindows 2000andXPmachines. This deployment includes installing the executable, dlls and the client forOracleandSybasewhich connects to the various instances of these databases. An essential task in this project involves translating technical aspects for training purposes. This project isISO 9001certified.Rational ToolslikeClear CaseandClear Questwas used for configuration and document management.
  • Due 50% of the tasks involved upgrading databases from one version to another. These tasks involved upgrading fromOracle 9i toOracle 10gandSybase 11.5toSybase 12.0.The front end application was migrated fromPowerbuilder 9toPowerbuilder 10.5
  • Experience in this project included implementing real-time messaging and programming TCP/IP socket communications using C and C++.

Confidential– Suitland, Maryland (05/05 – 08/05) -Contractor

  • Worked on a three month project for the Census Bureau in Suitland, Maryland. This project involved surveys for field representatives built usingPowerbuilder8connecting toOracle Litein aWindows XP/Novelenvironment andALMI’s GPSmapping software. Migrated these surveys toPowerbuilder 9and also introducedPVCSas a version control software andPowerGento build the application.

Confidential- Washington DC (10/04 – 05/05) - Contractor

  • Worked on a project with the Department of Education’s Grant Administration & Payment System. It involves accounting transactions using General and Sub Ledger accounts based on the First In First Out (FIFO) and Last In Last Out (LIFO) payment methods and awards to institutions around the country.
  • Powerbuilder 9is used as a front-end client server tool to assist users of the department to respond to the requests from these institutions. The requests are all made through the web via the E-Payment module running on anASPbased web solutions. Both the front end and the web page connect to anOracle 9idatabase where all the information is currently stored. It’s a huge system that has about 500 tables, 100 stored procedures and triggers, more than 100 pbls consisting of windows, datawindows and user objects.
  • This application consist of complicated business rules that are often changing and its written and maintained both inPowerbuilder’s non visual user object using embeddedSQLas well as Stored Procedures written inOracleusingPL/SQLin aTOADeditor.
  • The deployment aspect of this application is so well fine tuned due to its large nature of the application. Therefore, tools likeComputer Associates’s Harvest CCfor check in and check out as well as version control is used along withPowerGenfor the creation of the executable and the synchronization application used inPowerbuilder 6.5is carried over toPowerbuilder 9to make sure that all objects are well synchronized before the application is deployed for testing.
  • Team Trackis used to track bug fixes and enhancements keeping logs of the objects that were modified, unit testing steps and the solutions provided for each fix or enhancement. Before each enhancement is done, a peer review meeting is done which involves members of the client as well as other team members so that the enhancements are thoroughly reviewed before being implemented.
  • Modify report content and export reports in multiple formats based on user input
  • ModifiedPearlscripts written inMySQLduring frequent client request changes. These scripts are then run against an Oracle database running in a Unix platform.
  • Monitor and upload daily ‘Lockbox’ files using theFTPserver.

Confidential– Washington DC (12/03 – 04/04) – Contractor

  • Supported the Northrop Grumman group on a DoD Health Information Systems web support usingMicrosoft’s Visual InterDev, HTML, andJavascriptagainst aSQL Server 2000backend.Primavera Project Planner P3is being used to track the different projects for this effort.
  • Worked on a bid doing a prototype system for a security card locking system for Northrop Grumman using theC#framework andASP.Netfor the web presentation against anOracle 9ibackend with the reports created usingCA’s CleverPath Forest & Treesproduct.
  • Maintained and enhancedThe Commodities Futures Trading Commission’s flat file loading process of exchange data into transaction tables in theIntegrated Surveillance Systemsdatabase.
  • This application runs on a 24 hour basis as flat files are read, converted and loaded into aMicrosoft SQL Server 2000database. The application’s GUI comprises of aPowerbuilderwindow that shows the progress of the files being converted.
  • The application usesPowerbuilder’s Foundation Class Libraryand has been migrated from version6.5 to 8.0. TheData Modelingportion of this application was done using Sybase’sPowerDesigner.
  • Present enhancement of the application is to tune and improve the queries so that the files loaded are optimized as well as the code being written efficiently inPowerbuilder 9.0
  • Decision Support Systemreports were developed and deployed inCrystalReports 9usingSeagate’s Crystal Infoand these reports was invoked fromthe Powerbuilder’suser interface screens.

Confidential – Reston, Virginia (05/02 – 04/03) – Contractor

  • Designed and developed a three tier application in a distributed environment for thePennsylvania State Police Criminal Justice SystemusingPowerbuilder 7.0PFCArchitecture as theGUI, installed and configuredJaguar’s EA Server 4.0as the middle tier for the storage on business validations created inC++andOracle 9ias the backend feeding information intoJNET(Justice Department’s Network) where data from this system would be available to all other external agencies.
  • Designed and created tables, triggers, views, and stored procedures in Oracle 9I
  • Reports were created inCrystalReports 8.5and called from the Powerbuilder’s user interface screens throughNon Visual User Objects.
  • Business rules in stored procedures/packages usingPL/SQLwere written usingQuest’s TOADeditor
  • Cynergy’s Enterprise Application Framework 3.0was used to support the distributed environment.
  • Version control was maintained usingPVCS