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Software Developer Resume

Los Angeles, CA

Specific Expertise

  • Very good knowledge of software design & development methodologies, experience in all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Strong implementation skills using Java and Objective-C
  • Experienced at object oriented analysis and design techniques using Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • Good programming practices keeping reusability and refactoring in mind
  • Ability to understand existing code quickly and extend functionality further
  • Specialization in developing universal and flexible User Interface for wide range of Android phones and tablets
  • Good understanding of programming the proposed design in documents
  • Performed several levels of testing which included syntax verification, situational cases and verification of the loops as per the guidelines of the implementation guides and companion guides.
  • Performing User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Proficient in creating UML Diagrams, DFDs, including Use Case Diagrams, Activity Diagrams, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams using various tools such as Microsoft Visio, IBM Rational Rose
  • Use of SOAP Objects to access web services created in JSON
  • Understanding of designing cohesive objects, incorporating abstractions, and encapsulation to isolate and guard against change yet open for extension
  • Good exposure in developing Graphical User Interface using Interface Design Principles especially for iOS and Android apps for phones and tablets of different screen sizes and densities
  • Attractive user experience for iOS apps using animation block and UIAnimation
  • Comprehension ofmemory managementin Objective-C
  • Good knowledge ofCand lower-level programming aspects
  • Ability to pay attention to details and the desire to create rich user experiences for apps of all kinds
  • An eagerness and curiosity to learn new skills and derive simplicity from complex problems

Skills Summary

Language C, C++, C#, Objective-C, JAVA, ASP.NET, VB, UNIX shell programming

Tools Eclipse, NetBeans, Xcode, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Apache Subversion, SoapUI

Databases Oracle 9i, SQLplus, Oracle 11g, Microsoft Access, LINQ
Processes/TechnologiesSDLC, Waterfall,Agile, Clear Case, Use Cases Workflow, Scrum Development, Product Metrics
Web Technologies AJAX, Java Script, jQuery, PHP, HTML, CSS, XML
Modeling / Prototyping Microsoft Visio, IBM Rational Rose
Other OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Cocoa Touch, DirectX, Adobe Photoshop, ArcGIS and others


Masters of Science in Computer Science
Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology

Related Experience

Confidential, CA

Mobile Application Developer March 2012 December 2012

  • Designed simple theme based User Interface
  • Created forms for user sign up and property and address registration
  • Used TabBar, UINavigationController and UITableViewController
  • Used USPS web service to validate address
  • Used SOAP Objects to access web services created in JSON
  • Used NSXMLParser to parse SOAP response
  • Used TelephonyManager for IMEI in Android and UIDevice for UDID in iPhone
  • Used CoreDate and NSUserDefaults to store data
  • Used Google Zxing in Android and ZbarSDK in iPhone for bar code scanning
  • Used ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE and UIImagePickerController to click and update image of the property
  • Used location services to record latitude and longitude values of the location at which the image was clicked
  • Used ksoap2 serialization to send over and receive image of the property
  • Included emailing of detailed report of all the properties to users
  • Included users to access help from latest updated FAQs by LBPD
  • Performed network connectivity check
  • Performed UAT
  • Made both apps ready for deployment
  • Environment: Eclipse IDE, Xcode, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe in Eclipse, Apache Subversion in Xcode, UML,MS Visio, MS Office Suite, soapUI 4.5.1, Windows XP/ Vista/ 7, Mac OS, IBM Lotus Notes.

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Application Developer and User Experience designer June 2011 May 2012

  • Analysis of the specifications provided by the clients
  • Designing User Interface
  • Performed Unit testing and User Acceptance Testing
  • Used PayPal API and in-app billing for online transactions
  • Used YouTube API to retrieved videos from a channel
  • Handled various sensor operations like motion, location etc. in various apps
  • Used SQLite and CoreData for database operations
  • Environment: Eclipse IDE, Xcode,Microsoft Visio, IBM Ratinal Rose, Microsoft Office Suite, Windows XP/ Vista/ 7, Mac OS.

Confidential, India Nagpur, India

User Experience Designer Intern August 2008 May 2010

  • Designed User Experience for multiple product lines including the various lab trainers and website.
  • Designed highly scalable systems to navigate, and manage huge amount of data.
  • Specialized in information visualization to design dashboards.
  • Was responsible for teaching sessions for end user to tell how to use tools using training sessions, designing user manuals
  • Was responsible for creating work flows and processes and creating management reports based on the analysis.
  • Created training manuals and FAQ’s for hands-on-training sessions

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