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Sr. Penetration Tester,resume Profile

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Owings, MillS

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS IT Security and Networking Professional with excellent written and oral communication skills. Thorough understanding of Networking Information Assurance and Cybersecurity disciplines to include open-source information gathering threat and vulnerability assessments penetration testing and techniques and network defense. I have over twelve year of hands on experience in IT Security specializing in penetration testing. I am an accomplished security engineer malware analyst and incident responder. I recently attained certification as an Offensive Security Certified Professional OSCP .

AREAS OF EXPERTISE Network Analysis Physical Security Threat and Vulnerability Research Analysis Incident Handling and Response speaking two languages English and Russian. CERTIFICATIONS



Sr. Penetration Tester

  • Lead Security Engineer of an Assessment Team doing full vulnerability assessments of the US Courts national systems
  • Conduct network/host penetration tests and web application penetration tests using
  • Assist the information security risk assessment program by identifying risks in the current security posture. Conduct risk assessment using NIST SP 800-53 v4 Operational Management and Technical controls
  • Perform network security analysis and risk management for designated systems
  • Develop test cases to test web application according to OWASP and mapped every test case to NIST controls
  • Assess and evaluated risk based on threats vulnerabilities and shortfalls uncovered in testing
  • Develop CVSS calculator to rate risks for vulnerabilities found in assessments
  • Examine assets to determine if vulnerabilities exist and if vulnerabilities are found proposes remediation strategies that can be applied to mitigate them
  • Assist in vulnerability remediation efforts across various projects by proposing remediation strategies and engaging key stakeholders utilizing Plan of Actions and Milestones PO AM risk management process
  • Key contributor for developing templates such as Security Assessment Plan Security Assessment Report Rules of Engagement Security Assessment Questionnaire Kick-Off and Exit Brief


  • Member of the Computer Security Information Response Center CSIRC participating in incident analysis response and threat assessment on a daily basis.
  • Deployed Fire Eye Symantec DLP Symantec Web Gateway and Splunk
  • Performed firewall reviews and tuning
  • Conducted Penetration Test of the United States Mint s non-Commerce web site and related infrastructure including web servers application and database servers. Weaknesses discovered resulted in a multi-phase remediation and upgrade effort to resolve flaws.
  • Conducted PCI required Penetration Test of the eCommerce System which resulted in minor findings requiring remediation and furthered the PCI compliance effort for the system.
  • Conducted PCI required Penetration Test of the outsourced call center and fulfillment operation serving the ecommerce line of business. Findings resulted in a multi-phase remediation effort.
  • Performed wireless scans using Kismet KisMac and the Aircrack-ng suite
  • Participated in the development of the tailored security baselines for servers and networking equipment
  • Built configured and deployed Snort IDS appliances to monitor Manufacturing department SCADA and industrial control assets.
  • Developed custom written malware to evade anti-virus systems as a demonstration for non-Commerce website stakeholders and United States Mint management. This resulted in the cancellation of a project to receive file submissions from the public on non-hardened infrastructure.
  • Performed evasions of Symantec and Sophos antivirus suites using various techniques to deliver payloads in PDF and executable files
  • Conducted social engineering test exercises coordinated with Treasury GSOC to determine level of infiltration possible using remote command and control frameworks.
  • Developed custom written Python scripts to generate weekly vulnerability dashboards used by technical and management staff.
  • PHP and Cold Fusion source code analysis to reveal vulnerabilities


Penetration Tester/Courseware writer

  • Performed open-source intelligence OSINT gathering for target customers in preparation for security assessments
  • Performed Network and Web Application Penetration tests within the parameters defined by rules of engagement coordinated with the client.
  • Provided detailed reports on the findings of network and application penetration tests including mitigation and remediation activities.
  • Developed training materials for Strategic Security Online courses on the following subjects
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Network/Host Forensics
  • Maintained the Strategic Security Online target lab network comprised of the following Operating Systems
  • o Red Hat/Ubuntu
  • o Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • Vulnerable Web Applications on the following platforms
  • o ASP/MSSQL2000
  • o ASP.NET/MSSQL2005
  • o PHP/MySQL
  • C PHP and Cold Fusion source code analysis to reveal vulnerabilities


Project Dulles International Airport IAD

Network Administrator Assistant/Security Analyst

  • Developed and maintained installation and configuration procedures for a project at Dulles International Airport. Performed system monitoring to verify the integrity and availability of hardware server resources and systems security on a proactive basis
  • Assisted in creation of a Network Security website for both administrators and end users to access proper configuration templates safe internet surfing
  • Monitored network intrusion attempts using Snort IDS
  • Installed upgraded and diagnosed software issues
  • Performed network scanning using Nessus to identify weaknesses
  • Demonstrated exploits on vulnerable assets to prove weakness by using Metasploit and Nmap
  • Conducted remediation activities to close vulnerabilities

TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE General Technical Skills

Scripting Languages Shell scripting Python Java C

Operating Systems Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/2003/2008 Mac OS X Linux/Unix Red Hat Enterprise Linux Debian Ubuntu Fedora Backtrack 2/3/4/5

Software Applications Symantec/Norton/McAfee Antivirus/AntiSpyWare/Antispam products Microsoft Office 2003/2007 Microsoft Office Mac 2008 Apache Microsoft IIS Virtual Box VMware Fusion/Workstation/Server Tenable Security Center FireEye Symantec Web Gateway.

Security Skills/Tools

Network Enumeration Maltego Google Hacking DNS SMB LDAP SNMP

Port/Vulnerability Scanning Nmap/Nmap Scripting Engine NSE Hping 2/3 Netcat Nessus

Sniffing/Man-in-the-Middle Wireshark Ettercap Cain

Web Application Vulnerability Scanning Acunetix tool similar to WebInspect/AppScan NTOSPider


o Reversing Malware analysis and source code analysis to find vulnerabilities in software

o Exploit development Windows based exploits such as Stack/Buffer overflows and Linux/Unix based exploits such as Stack/Buffer overflows.

o Server/Client-Side Exploitation Metasploit Social Engineering Toolkit SET

Core Impact/Insight

o Password Cracking Hydra Rainbow Crack 0phcrack John the Ripper

o Web Application Manual SQL Injection Manual Cross Site Scritping SQLmap

Debuggers Ollydbg Immunity Debugger WinDBG GDB

Wireless Kismet Aircrack-NG Suite

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