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Development Resume Profile



  • I am a Technical leader recognized by peers, customers and management as having the highest level of technical expertise in Cloud Computing, Proactive Performance Management BPPM , Atrium Orchestrator AO , Atrium Discovery ADDM , Capacity Management, CMDB, Service Desk ITSM Solutions from BMC and other solution providers. My work in projects directly resulted in significant cost reduction, faster problem resolution and improved SLAs for customers while realizing increased revenue for the company. I have been tasked with leading cutting edge state-of-the art enterprise projects to help customer realize value from their investment in technology utilizing my development, problem solving, technology business experience and leadership skills.
  • Worked over 14 years as Senior Architect, Enterprise/Technology Leader and Developer in Consulting, Development and Technical Sales in Dynamic Cloud Computing, IT Operations, DevOps and system management products directly impacting quality of solution and revenue generation activities for the company. Implemented pilot for IT Operations solution at one of the largest V-Block/VCE installation in world while working with CISCO project team.
  • Designed and developed Networking ISO/OSI transport and Message Switching layers, AFTN and AEROPP Message Switching systems, Compilers/Program generators for Requirement Specifications, Retail Point of Sales system using structured object oriented languages like C/C , Pascal, Java, and Scripting languages
  • Developed Workflows and Optimization processes for IT Operations, Cloud Computing,Data Center Automation and IT Service Management while working with Large Enterprises. Automated workflows included integrations with non BMC products like ServiceNow, HP, CA and IBM solutions.
  • Developed deep dive technical training hands-on workshops in the area of Atrium orchestrators, Proactive Operations and Atrium Discovery solutions. This included training in Architecture, deployment methodologies and SDK tools including teaching of XML/XPath/xSLT and other APIs/SDK kits for solutions. Delivered workshops in USA and EMEA for the partners, consulting services experts globally and few Enterprise Customers.
  • Technical lead/developer for Projects in R D, Sales and Business technology groups. I executed critical high value strategic projects related to Fortune 100 enterprise customers' infrastructure, utilizing technology to automate workflows for IT Operations and IT Service Management. The project work recognized for maintaining schedules, the highest quality. I also implemented Quality Assurance Best Practices for integration, performance and system testing.
  • Extensively used SDKs/API kits to develop/customize integrations for Atrium Orchestrator, BMC Monitoring and Event Management and Atrium Discovery solutions. XML/XPATH/XSLT for work flows Orchestration Automation, XML like SDK kits, PERL/PSL/BAROC/TPL scripting languages for System Management products to improve quality value of delivered IT Service.



  • Worked on streamlining Development processes, document existing system architecture optimize data collection, processing and retrieval mechanism for a system developed in Java.
  • Current projects : Started specification development of a new solution to automate data quality verifications, event and alarm management, work flow automation using open source architecture for oil and Gas industry as a potential enhancement/replacement to old system. Installed and evaluated products like OPENNMS, Solarwinds for network, server and application monitoring and event management.
  • Evaluating OpenStack Cloud computing solutions for enterprise's adoption



  • Worked with Sales Executives and Software Consultants by developing best practices use cases for requirements, solution differentiators and execution of Proof of Concepts POC . I worked on solution design for large enterprise customers and Led Participated in technical execution of POCs.
  • Worked with R D product architects and development teams to resolve complex product issue like performance, scalability, user interface, and security for large Enterprise customers using Atrium Orchestrator, BPPM ITSM Solutions and Discovery Solutions. Recognized as a key tiger team member for working with customers to resolve complex issues and realize value realization of solutions.
  • Developed deep dive technical training hands-on workshops in the area of Atrium orchestrators, Proactive Operations and Atrium Discovery solutions. This included training in Architecture, deployment methodologies and SDK tools including teaching of XML/XPath/xSLT and other APIs/SDK kits for solutions. Delivered courses in USA and EMEA for the partners and BMC consulting services experts globally and few Enterprise Customers.
  • Hand-on experience in using SDKs to develop/customize integrations for Atrium Orchestrator, BMC Monitoring and Event Management and Atrium Discovery solutions using XML/XPATH/XSLT for Automation, XML like SDK kits for monitoring solution, PSL/BAROC/TPL scripting languages and API SDK for other products.
  • Over 14 years of hands on deep technical experience in BMC Business Service Management Solutions Automation technologies e.g Databases, Storage, Multiple Operating System platforms, SAP, Oracle Applications .
  • Proposed Architecture and Solutions to Customers based on discussions on current architecture, pain points, and requirements. The Solutions helped customers realize value from BMC products. Developed processes check lists and templates to carry out such engagements efficiently. i.e Technical Assessments, Health checks, Value Assessments, Architecture design and Custom Developments using SDKs
  • Setup Performance, Scalability and Integration Lab at BMC to validate Monitoring, Event management and Job Scheduling solutions BPPM/Control-M workload Automation by simulating workloads at Large Enterprises . It helped resolve complex customer issues in products at BMC. The lab also focused on Integration between BPPM and IT Service Management solution for Incidents problem resolution while improving and tracking SLA/SLOs for Service Level Management
  • Worked with Enablement to deliver advance ADDM pattern design course, participated in IUR, beta programs and also as Practice lead for BU/Sales Interlock for Assurance practice.
  • Worked with Customers, Support, R D, partners, System Integrators to resolve complex customer issues during architecture design and implementation phase. Provided technical expertise in integration of various BMC BSM Solution involving Service Assurance, Atrium Orchestrator, Service Support ITSM , Automation and Atrium CMDB and Discovery.
  • Lead technical team responsible for quality of BMC B2B, ERP and Database products. I reviewed and signed off on functional and design specs for products to ensure they meet the needs of the solution. Lead the QA teams of Siebel, SAP, Firewall, ARIBA/Broad vision, PeopleSoft and PATROL for AS/400 while participating in whole product lifecycle as Technical lead and/or Quality assurance manager. I provided valuable inputs during various reviews. I have hands on experience on Siebel, SAP, Diagnose products, As/400 Agents and KM, PATROL 7, ISM, Web sphere, Web logic, ISM, Perform/Predict, Control-M, ITSM, Event and Business Service Impact Management products.
  • Worked with large Enterprise customers to architect deployments, automate workflow integrations for data center operations using BMC and 3rd Party solution for monitoring, service desk ITSM , End user experience monitoring.


A Consultant for Retail Point of Sale Systems

As a Senior Synon/2 consultant designed developed a new Point of Sales application system for distributed retail stores. I led efforts to deploy the System at multiple stores. Prepared Design specifications and developed interface modules for Business transaction communications between Enterprise applications on MVS, AS/400 and Retail applications on AS/400, IBM 4690 POS


  • System Security officer and Chief Technical advisor to CIO of the largest integrated retail trading, commercial and service organization, leading business house in lower Gulf region. The data center supported 20 companies in the UAE and other countries in the Gulf Region
  • Responsible for System Security, Architecture Design, Capacity Plan , Back-up Recovery and over all Technical aspect of IT Operations and IT Service management for the multi-company, multi-site Data Center. Acted as Chief Technology Architect for the Data Center, advising CIO on all aspects of IT Operations and Application Engineering.
  • Prepared Network strategy for the group to design, develop, implement and maintain integrated Wide and Local network all over U.A.E in cost effective manner. Initial Network was based on Novel Netware and SNA. Later on developed plans for migration to open TCP/IP Network.
  • Evaluated the latest technologies, applications, and hardware software products to implement systems which are economic, efficient technically sound. Introduced tools for Self Service in multiple areas. The tool enabled delegation of system security maintenance task to users, local administrators, while working with corporate IT Auditors to satisfy strict audit requirements. Custom designed developed and implemented application for Incident, Change request, and Configuration management solution with full backup/recovery, auditing and approval processes.
  • Overall technical responsibility for System Capacity Planning, Performance, Availability, Recovery and System management of the installation.
  • Senior Designer and reviewer of all SYNON/2 based applications for the Enterprise group. Evaluated SYON/2, LANSA, ASSET and other productivity tools for 4GL based development and selected SYNON/2.


A Large International Consulting Services Provider

  • I started as a Student Intern and progressed to Associate System Architect while working on some of the most critical projects for the Customers and System Software group of the Company. Worked on multiple international assignments during this period.
  • Consultant Responsible for Networking and System Software of a Major Banking Data Center in New York region. Coordinated with Bank user groups, Data-Com Engineers, Software Vendors for providing system services.
  • Architect and Team lead for Design and development of Transport layer CCITT X.200 and Messaging Handling System CCITT X.400 of ISO/OSI-7 Layer model for department of defense project in India.
  • Designer for Message Switching system for a major Telecom switch provider in Netherlands
  • Designer and Developer of a Message Switching System for AFTN. The system is used for processing, storage and retrieval of Air Traffic Control messages at Airports. I also participated in production implementation at a major airport in Europe.
  • Team lead for Design and Development a 4GL Program generator for commercial business applications

Technical Skills:

  • System Management: BMC Atrium Orchestrator, BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency ADDM , BMC Proactive Operations, Event Management, Capacity management, BMC Workload scheduling Control-M , Service Desk Incident, Problem, Configuration and Service Level ITSM , Network and Storage management, Cloud Life Cycle Management, OpenStack, Entuity, Solarwinds, OPENNMS
  • Platforms: VMware, VCE, Vblock, UNIX, Windows,IBM iSeries, and Main frame
  • Virtualization platforms: VMware vSphere 5, vCenter, CISCO VCE/V-Block, VCENexus 1000v, Hyper-V, IBM/Sun virtualizations
  • Operating System: ESXi, Windows Server 2008 R2/2003/2000,Linux/Redhat/CentOS/Ubonto, IBM iSeries
  • Scripting: Perl, RegEx regular expressions , SQL, Power shell, VBScript, PSL etc
  • Languages: XML/XPATH/XSLT, Java, BAROC, PL/1, C/C , PASCAL, CL, RPG/400, Visual Basi
  • Networking: DNS, FTP, NIS, NTP, NFS, TCP/IP, ISO/OSI 7 layer model, X.25, SNA
  • Database: MS SQL 2008/2005 Enterprise, Oracle 10g, PostgreSQL, Sybase,
  • Application Software: SAP BASIS and BW Certifications, PeopleSoft, SIEBEL, ORACLE, OpenStack for Clouds, Microsoft Exchange, Internet Web Servers Apache, Jboss
  • Certifications: ITIL V3 Foundation, SAP Basis/BW, Apache and various other technical skill related
  • Application Tools: Active Directory, SMTP, FTP etc.

SELECTED Major Accomplishments

  • Averted customer situation by leading Atrium Orchestration technical/scalability deep dive with in-depth expertise. When BMC acquired Real-Ops Atrium Orchestrator , worked with product architect, product management and customer to develop and deliver discussion on architecture, scalability and integration capabilities of the solution for a large customer involving distributed multiple sites. Saved contract and expanded customer deployment.
  • Averted losing customer and expanded penetration with adept expertise. Developed successful technology architecture, implementation roadmap and rollout guidance to disgruntled customer having 6000 servers distributed over multiple sites. Saved contract and expanded customer deployment by millions of dollars. Architected implemented the Cloud Service Assurance Solution for one of the largest CISCO Vblock/VCE deployment in the industry. The Customer used Atrium orchestrator, Discovery, Monitoring solution and Service Desk .
  • Established Performance, Scalability and Inter-operability QA lab for R D. Conceived, established and drove formal solutions testing lab processes to solve challenging product QA issues for a Software Products Company. Leveraged capacity management tools workload definitions to achieve performance targets and resolve issues. Lead development of customer-focused use-cases and setup test labs for quality verifications best practices. Delivered significant improvement in product quality and enabling expanded revenue growth for the product line.It also started the integration testing between monitoring and Incident, Problem and Service Level Management Solutions.
  • Evaluated and implemented Solutions for efficient IT operations. Introduction of high-availability concept and formal capacity planning methodology in the data center improved uptime from 90 to 99.999 , while expanding data center over 400 and maintaining the same cost. Developed security and change control application to optimize development and production roll out processes.
  • Architected, Designed and Developed Applications Systems. Worked on design development of OSI/ISO message switching and Transport layers for Defense Lab, Message Switching System for a large European Company, Automated Application program generator business Applications Complier , POS system for Retail.
  • Multiple Service Excellence Awards during my period at BMC and developed methodology for performance, scalability and reliability.

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