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Sales Associate Resume


A game programming graduate seeking employment.


A strong ability and passion for developing computer software. Extensive knowledge in the design and development of interactive software, with concentrations in video game and simulation applications.


HARDWARE: Skilled in the use and maintenance of common processor systems including personal computers, as well as handheld devices such as the PSP and Nintendo DS.

SOFTWARE: Windows Operating System Experience in the use of the Windows Operating System. Abilities include imaging procedures, network configuration and management, and miscellaneous troubleshooting of IT related issues.

C++ Programming language: Extensive training in both the use of the C++ programming Language and object - oriented programming techniques. Developed skills in code compressionvarious data structures, and artificial intelligence in school.

C# Programming Language: Intermediate training in the use of the C# programming language. Applied object-oriented programming techniques from C++ in C# syntax.

Unreal Development Kit: Intermediate training in the use of all areas involved with the UDK game engine. This includes the use of Unreal Kismet and the Matinee animation and cinematic system, as well as game compilation and packaging for end user use.

Lua Scripting Language: Introductory training in in the use of the Lua scripting language. Training centered around basic AI procedures and file reading/writing functions.

DirectX 9: Developed skills using the DirectX library. Recieved introductory training in the implementation of both 2D and 3D graphical development within a C++ environment.

FMOD Audio Library: Developed skills using the FMOD Audio Library. Recieved introductory training in the implementation of audio assets while developing within the C++ environment.



Sales Associate


  • Transportation of store revenue to the bank.
  • Handling of regular business transactions.
  • Maintenance of the store s physical organization.
  • Assistance with inventory procedures.
  • Fluent in Spanish Language.
  • Teamwork skills developed in Civil Air Patrol program.
  • Extensive spoken communicational skills.
  • Extensive written communicational skills from both a professional and literary perspective.
  • Project management and public speaking skills developed in school.
  • Leadership skills specialized in software design. Served as lead designer during two student projects.

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