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Network Systems Resume Profile


Position: IT Leadership, Network Systems Engineering and Technology Architect

Applicant Focus

Innovative leadership, design, implementation and management of complex technology to meet business requirements, and deployment of appropriate technology , security and voice systems to create new business opportunities.

Key Differentiator

Technology infrastructure security expert with legal compliance expertise for hospital environments with emphasis on HIPAA, ICD-10 migration, PCI 3.0 compliance and Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 SOX compliance. Technical guidance and leadership in technology implementation to support Stage 1 and Stage 2 Meaningful use.

Applicant Profile:

  • Technology Architect, Security focused Computer Systems Engineer and Business Consultant with the right blend of in depth technology experience, excellence in transforming detailed functional requirements into well managed project deliverables, and great customer service skills. Strengths are working with multiple teams, providing thought leadership, needs analysis, detailed project planning and implementation.
  • I have highly specialized technology infrastructure design, network engineering, project management, server, database, customer support and legal compliance skills to build on the team centered business technology results already in place. I can then apply my depth of experience and best practices from a diverse range of technology environments to achieve outstanding results for a prospective employer.
  • As a result of in depth technical experience with technology issues across the enterprise, I have the ability to comprehensively design and implement best in class technology solutions to meet specific business needs. My depth of experience distinguishes me from other applicants because I have the ability to apply my experience to prevent many network, security and technology issues from affecting or disrupting business operations.
  • Understanding business requirements and deploying appropriate technology to achieve specific business goals is my primary strength. I typically work with multiple team members from many disciplines and management levels, spread across national and international locations.
  • While many metrics are used to evaluate project success, I have consistently delivered results, by working extremely well with existing IT Staff, earning their respect on a technical and personal level, and then building on that trust to complete executive management objectives.
  • My proven background in database systems, network infrastructure, project management, data center design, analysis and documentation of business requirements, deployment of appropriate solutions to meet business requirements, extensive problem solving abilities, excellent public communication and presentation skills, will ensure successful project completion with any business team.

Industry Experience

  • My technology background has benefited from best practices at many diverse environments. I have been actively providing for more than 20 years: technology solutions, design and support to a broad range of Fortune 1000 Clients, Medical/Institutional/Hospital settings, Academic higher Ed and K12 , Medical Research Environments, Defense Contractors, Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace, Construction and Service industries.
  • As a result of that diverse experience I am highly effective at objectively analyzing current IT infrastructure, conducting needs assessments, re-engineering business processes as appropriate and delivering measurable improvements.

Professional Experience: 1996-Present: Information Technology Engineering

  • In capacity as CIO and Customer Solutions Architect, I design, develop, test, implement, support, technology solutions and project management for fortune 1000 clients, Medical and Academic Research Clients, School District Clients, and related businesses.
  • Core competencies are in industry standard products from well known vendors such as Cisco, HP, Dell, American Power Conversion, Siemon, Kodak, Sony, IBM, Lenovo, and Microsoft.
  • Security focus is on deploying appropriate encryption to safeguard corporate data , intrusion detection and prevention, firewall technologies, legal compliance, and disaster planning and recovery. Specialized security skills are primarily targeted onVOIP traffic management , increasing call privacy, managing call routing and costs thru deployment of SBC session border control appliances and other technologies.
  • Daily projects are focused on server, data center and unified messaging deployment and development with customization of database solutions in conjunction with other industry standard applications from Microsoft related technologies. Server 2008 R2, 2012, SQL Server, Exchange 2010, 2013, VMware Vsphere 5.x .
  • Daily emphasis common to all projects is improving security and system reliability while driving down costs and improving both management's and the end users satisfaction with technology
  • investments.
  • On a daily basis I am required to effectively manage employees, contractors and conduct detailed budgeting to support multiple simultaneous projects.
  • My project management skills, thought leadership and ability to communicate complex technology in a highly effective way to senior management combine to differentiate me from other candidates.
  • Recent project development efforts have focused on improving and simplifying secure remote access for users that need access to centralized corporate resources including an emerging mix of Android and IOS devices..
  • Recent design projects have encompassed solutions for a myriad of security issues: data center consolidations, medium density racks 1.5kW to 6kW , access restrictions for legal compliance and audit, expanded measures for intrusion detection, secure campus-wide wireless access deployment.
  • Successful deployments typically involve server migrations, data center retrofits, consolidation and virtualization when appropriate. High visibility projects currently include document imaging applications, unified messaging, VOIP deployments, medical lab equipment integration .video based security and security compliance PCI 3.0, , HIPAA., SOX, and GLB
  • Recent projects have demonstrated my consistent ability to effectively lead, manage and successfully apply technology solutions to enable and improve business results.

Position: IT Leadership, Network Systems Engineering and Technology Architect

Professional Experience:

My ability to incorporate both technical engineering and legal compliance requirements into technology solutions is one of the key deliverables I can provide that distinguishes me from other candidates.


In capacity as Vice President of Technology, designed, implemented and supported data infrastructure to support Aerospace/Aviation parts tracking, messaging, warehousing, order tracking, accounting, and FAA regulatory compliance systems using a combination of database and other accounting packages. Implemented early versions of unified messaging by incorporating fax gateways available at the time into supported email Exchange network.


  • Worked as Director of Systems Engineering for Telair Information Services Division to support multi-national sales and marketing efforts for Aerospace division, and provided technical support and infrastructure development for corporate headquarters.
  • Sales automation projects were focused on deployment , management and support of Exchange based messaging systems and gateways. Used database tools and developed databases for corporate asset tracking, sales lead management and forecasting.
  • Provided technical support to financial services division for accounting systems management, remote user technologies, and early elements of system redundancy and fail safe design. Traveled nationally and internationally to implement standardized roll out of technology solutions primarily at remote management offices and industrial manufacturing facilities.


  • Worked as Systems Engineer for broad base of Fortune 1000 clients with focus on network infrastructure, security, data center design, server and messaging applications, complex problem resolution, and sales presentation of emerging technologies.
  • Used database tools for internal tracking of corporate assets, scheduling of system engineering resources, and as a tool for data extraction from a variety of proprietary corporate minis and mainframes. Deployed progressively sophisticated messaging systems based on MS-mail and early versions of Exchange as WAN technology expanded and gateway technology matured to enable reliable international links.

Position: IT Leadership, Network Systems Engineering and Technology Architect

Core Technologies

  • I am intimately familiar with design, deployment, and support strategies for most industry standard core technologies including Microsoft Server products Win2k, Server 200x, SQL Server, Exchange Server, and migration planning , desktop client management tools ghosting/imaging, Intel vPro technologies , cost efficient and effective end user support strategies, policies and am proficient with most office applications.
  • While I have a broad exposure to networking products from several manufacturers, most of the design efforts and focus have been based on Cisco products, Catalyst Switches, Routers, Fiber optics, Wireless access points and Wide Area network modules.

Network infrastructure experience

My network design experience is based on Bicsi standards and best practices. Projects successfully completed range from outdoor fiber optic cable plant design to wireless access point deployment, category 6 premises cabling, new data center construction and existing data center retrofits. My design focus consistently incorporates emphasis on reliability and security at all layers of the IT infrastructure.

Network Protocols and Analysis Skills

  • I frequently solve complex business problems and network security issues secure remote access, IPSec VPN, intrusion detection, application performance bottlenecks, quality of service issues, VoIP troubleshooting, DNS, Wins, load balancing by applying an understating of tcp/ip, routing protocols and ethernet packet analysis.
  • The main emphasis of the protocol focus is to ensure users have access to the tools and data that they need while maintaining appropriate security restrictions and regulatory compliance.

PC Hardware Experience

  • Includes exposure to most name brand and clone manufactures with a concentration of products from Dell and HP. I can design, recommend, troubleshoot and resolve most technical issues across a wide range of server, desktop and laptop technologies. Recent server deployment projects have focused on increasing reliability, performance enhancement load balancing across multiple servers , layered security Active Directory, Group policies , implementation of new risk management strategies, disaster recovery planning augmented with new storage technologies.
  • Recent desktop/laptop deployment projects have involved hardware with Intel vPro technology, Symantec Ghost , and other utilities to further reduce desktop support costs

Technical Writing Experience

  • Most of my technical writing is focused on design specifications, request for proposal generation, service level agreements, vendor contracts, procedure standards, revisions to end user documentation for different business processes, legal compliance documentation, risk management documentation, disaster planning and security
  • To ensure effective delivery of services I combine technical writing skills with the most important intangible skills that I bring - accountability and absolute consistency on follow up.

Position: IT Leadership, Network Systems Engineering and Technology Architect

Data Center Experience

  • My data center design, audit, retrofit, and consolidation projects often involve deployment of solutions based on American Power Conversion products including InfraStruXure, Netshelter, power distribution modules, ups solutions, power generation, heat extraction and data center cooling.
  • As an APC Authorized Reliability provider, I have the benefit of APC Enterprise Elite Data Center training. The specialized data center training along with practical hands on experience in telco grade/carrier class data centers enables me to deliver measurable improvements to the strengths of existing data centers and strategically plan for future expansions.
  • My Recent data center project involved larger scale deployment of high density servers in telco grade facilities for well-known clients such as Time Warner and Akamai. As a result, I can work with the IT team to dramatically increase the reliability, standards compliance, security and cost effective use of capital resources in the data center.

Database Application Development Experience:

  • I have extensive experience with database technologies MS Access, SQL Server, Filemaker Pro . From a practical point of view, this means I can deliver the ability to evaluate, design, and implement complex database solutions to support corporate business objectives. The improvements that I could implement fall across several categories: analysis and documentation of the work to date, data integrity and validation, performance optimization, enhancement and professional polish on the end user interface, simplification of the existing scripts, resolution of existing known bugs, forms automation, automated linkage with external datasets and applications using odbc, sql and other import/export techniques, implementation of new features/functionality, needs analysis for future capabilities, and technical support for ongoing operational issues.
  • I also have extensive experience in linking corporate data from multiple sources to other project management applications like Microsoft Project, and can customize reports to show executive style dash board overviews in real time or structure detailed reports with extensive use of grouping, sub-summaries and portals to show the appropriate level of transactional detail.
  • My most recent database projects have focused on reliability and performance improvements for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Filemaker Pro 13. Both databases are integrated as backend services for Microsoft Windows 200x Webserver and other web enabled database projects..
  • My recent deployment/ Active directory project was part of a state wide effort for EasterSeals/United Cerbal Palsy to consolidate domains, standardize desktop images, enable DFS replication, migrate user data from local drives and redirect default save points to centralized DFS shares. Group polices were applied under the new consolidated domain to further leverage consistency, standards, exchange client access, and remote support tools.
  • My database background is a critical skillset that has enabled me to successfully manage complex ecommerce projects, web based customer relation management projects and a variety of document imaging/paperless office systems.
  • Position: IT Leadership, Network Systems Engineering and Technology Architect

Strategic Planning - Technology Leadership Skills

  • My ability to produce extraordinary results for the corporate team is derived from my intensive career-long focus on balancing technical expertise and business skills to facilitate measurable results from technology investments.
  • 20 years of experience, a depth of technical expertise, exposure to best practices from multiple demanding environments, a passion for problem solving, and expertise in IT infrastructure, security and regulatory compliance - have all contributed to my strategic planning and technology leadership skills that differentiate me from other candidates.
  • My skills in effective multi-tasking have been continuously refined and improved from the practical experience of managing technology during high corporate growth phases of mergers and acquisitions.
  • Making successful improvements to technology infrastructure that is inherited thru mergers and acquisitions is one of my primary strengths. I have the right mix of technical and political savvy to build on the technology that others have done well. At the same time, I can effectively identify risks, analyze and plan corrections for issues that could have a negative impact on operations.
  • The primary technology challenges where I can deliver measurable results, make meaningful changes and improvements - revolve around 7 key issues that affect most organizations:
  • Technology is unreliable and doesn't work as expected.
  • IT departments are perceived as ineffective or with antagonism by the clients they serve.
  • Security and Regulatory compliance issues with technology often create huge liability risks.
  • Technology doesn't deliver the return on investment originally promised.
  • Business growth opportunities are missed from lack of technology vision and poor execution.
  • Employee training levels are set too low to optimize ROI from technology projects
  • The global IT issues that directly impact the entire organization are not effectively communicated to senior management.
  • My strengths in operational areas are in 7 primary categories:
  • Detailed budgeting, cost estimation, and project management
  • Exceptionally honest assessments of internal employee capabilities to effectively determine which tasks can be done better internally and which tasks should be strategically outsourced
  • Vendor management, service level agreements, bid/purchase/lease decisions
  • Effective team building by working strategically with the human resources department to change common practices that often result in mediocre IT talent.
  • Risk assessment, Security management, and regulatory compliance management.
  • Process improvement - implemented by careful analysis, technology deployment when appropriate, and measurable, well communicated results.
  • Strengthening sales and marketing by deploying more effective technology and improving the communication of the strengths of the company to prospective customers.
  • Overall, I want to contribute my unique depth of skills and experience to impact the bottom line financial performance of the company. Ultimately, I seek to earn the trust and respect of senior management by my abilities at highly effective technology leadership that creates new business opportunities.
  • Position: IT Leadership, Network Systems Engineering and Technology Architect

Employee Management Skills:

  • I would bring to your organization: 20 years of successful team building, application of best practices, and exceptionally strong skills to teach and motivate that enable me to continuously improve results from investments in technical personnel.
  • My most successful projects have been realized by my business process analysis, employee skills assessment, communication of clear expectations, effective task delegation, re-deployment and reduction in the number of personnel through automation.
  • I effectively manage a staff that is a mix of full time employees, part time consultants, and third party vendor employees that are often a part of deployment projects. The teams that I build and manage are frequently dispersed in different geographic areas and have a broad range of technical and customer service skills.
  • I typically work closely with HR to recruit, interview, and retain appropriate technical talent My key strengths in effectively managing the teams are from my ability to accurately assess and
  • efficiently utilize each individuals technical talents develop and recommend appropriate continuing education and my ability to communicate both technical requirements and expectations for performance.
  • One of my strengths in employee management is working with HR and risk management to improve security restrictions on sensitive corporate data and intellectual property for each employee.
  • Part of the team building skills I bring to any prospective employer inevitably involves termination of employees. I can frequently improve the termination process and minimize post-termination litigation. The strategies I deploy would further refine existing corporate policies to minimize theft of corporate data/intellectual property that is an unfortunately common part of many employee transitions.
  • My primary strengths in IT employee management are: building an effective team raising the reliability of the IT infrastructure, and ultimately improving the return on investment and quality of customer service experience for services delivered.

Change Management Experience: Depending on the corporate environment, I blend a hybrid of influences from the appropriate strengths of System development Life Cycle SDLC , ISO 9001, and Six Sigma to manage projects effectively and deliver bottom line results.

New Technology Assessment Skills

  • Change management well-grounded in best practices is one my refined skills. However I am able to improve the results of traditional change management by maintaining a passion for review and evaluation of new technologies that deliver measurable benefits to the organization.
  • Any prospective employer should expect that I can manage and maintain the existing technology infrastructure while strategically planning innovations and improvement consistent with organizational objectives.
  • Position: IT Leadership, Network Systems Engineering and Technology Architect

Legal Compliance Experience

  • I frequently act as technical, engineering liaison to the Corporate Counsel Office for information technology legal compliance issues regarding: Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Compliance, HIPAA compliance, and other issues affecting protection of corporate data, security, customer information, and protected health information PHI .
  • Recent projects have required planning and compliance strategies for new requirements introduced by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009 and Payment Card PCI 3.0 Compliance
  • I am able to apply a working knowledge of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, federal and state compliance statutes, civil process, and new developments in e-discovery, to assist Corporate Counsel in managing and minimizing risk and liabilities for technology related issues.
  • My ability to incorporate technical engineering and legal compliance requirements into technology solutions is one of the key deliverables I can provide that distinguishes me from other candidates.

Security, Encryption and Monitoring

  • My ability to incorporate effective security, encryption, monitoring and logging at every layer of the IT infrastructure is one of the most important skillsets and abilities that I bring to any prospective employer.
  • Succinctly , the news is replete with stories of serious data breaches in government, retail, education and the private sector that were devastating to the organization that suffered the breech. These compromised sites exposed the organizations to open ended millions of dollars in liabilities for potential damages.
  • While no candidate can 100 guarantee there will not be any security breaches, I can guarantee to carefully study the existing technology infrastructure, identify security weaknesses, prioritize, budget and make recommendations for improvement .
  • The security world can be a complex ocean of technical jargon. The jargon and security acronyms should not detract from the clear message that hiring Christopher Jensen will dramatically improve the security of your technology infrastructure and reduce future liabilities.

Voice over IP/Telecom/Smart Phone Experience

  • My career-long focus on emphasizing reliability in every aspect of IT systems deployment is most visible on the voice over ip VOIP projects that I currently design and manage. Most of the current projects involve phasing out legacy PBX Phone systems, deploying VOIP solutions primarily Cisco and Polycom and Avaya and delivering new functionality unified messaging mobile web .
  • My current VOIP projects also include a balancing act of phasing out traditional Blackberry era technology while supporting a mix of Android and Apple IOS devices that have relatively immature enterprise management tools.
  • Part of my current design projects involve strengthening traditional corporate network security that is often easily compromised by the widespread proliferation of tablets and other portable 4g devices. One of the key skills I bring is ability to manage all aspects of the corporate telecoms services as a key component of the overall IT infrastructure. My current enterprise designs include a mix of best in class products from Cisco, Juniper primarily load balancers , Sonus Session Border Control primarily SBC 5100 and Meru Networks Wifi with emphasis on new 802.11ac campus wifi.

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