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Research Assistant Resume

Mount Pleasant, MI


  • Hands - on use of SDLC & Defect Life Cycle document contents: FRD, RTM, FDD, various level Test Plans, Test Case Design & Development Docs: Scenarios/ Scripts/ Execution & Triage Reports.
  • Hands-on HP Quality Center - exports FDR reqmts from Excel to QC, turns reqmts into plan & scenario trees, runs manual tests, sets RTM links throughout, links defects to e.o. & to all entities, issues all reports.
  • Hands-on Mercury/HP QTP - records scripts, sets checkpoints, parameterizes variables with Excel import values, VBScript conditional & iterated flow, plays scripts, issues reports.
  • Hands-on HP LoadRunner - records, assigns scripts to vUsers, runs stress tests, issues & records all analyses


Testing Tools: SQL, C++ Project Builders

Debuggers: C, Pascal, Cobol

Syntax/ API-s: Fortran 90, C, SQL, JavaScript, XML, Cobol; junior C++, MS Access, Java

O-Systems: Unix/ Linux, Windows 7/ Vista/ XP, DOS


Confidential, Mount Pleasant, MI

Research Assistant


  • Analyzed, tested, simplified code functionality by debugging & re - writing code.
  • Designed, wrote new.
  • Linked object code form few compilers with libraries and into executables using the MakeFile utility.
  • Wrote PBS scripts to launch in parallel and compare run-time of hundreds of versions of same code.
  • Recognized by supervisors for simplifying code and improving analytical solutions.

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Contractor, Web Site Analysis, Testing & re-Design


  • Tested JavaScript, XML access to ASP of the Internet Information Server by a wwWeb Shop Site.
  • Redesigned the site.
  • Client side had a Windows NT micro - LAN.
  • Managed proprietary DataBase.
  • Solved security concerns with the ISP server team.

Confidential, Akron OH

Contractor, Technical Writer/ System Analyst


  • Documented the event - driven cargo shipment database its architecture, design and capacity.
  • Analyzed the truck monitoring and cargo transfer Confidential code on a Windows 3.x/ PC WAN.
  • SQL to assist database conversion to an MS Access form developed in VBasic.

Confidential, Cleveland, OH

Data Analyst


  • Processed telephonic traffic data on a mainframe. Imported data to Excel in Windows.
  • Used scripting to funnel data between spreadsheets. Assisted analysis of new traffic trends.
  • Updated DB scripting to emerging needs to reflect how rented telephonic networks were upgraded and the billing methods reevaluated.


Programmer, Analyst


  • Developed & integrated stock management and cost analysis applications on 2 active parallel databases - a Cobol managed one on a DEC PDP-11 minicomputer (OS: RT-11), the other managed in Confidential, Pascal & C on an expanding PC LAN driven by an AT 486 Server (OS: Novell NetWare).
  • Embedded SQL queries in Confidential code to ID & fix database multiple index & data file inconsistencies.
  • Solved compile-time data structure (many debuggers) & run-time data flow errors (types & ranges).
  • Wrote architecture, design & technical documentation for internal and end-user purposes.

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