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  • I’m an IT enthusiast interested in server and network architecture and configurations, embedded systems engineering, and software development.
  • A hardworking and intuitive solutionist, I believe taking on challenging problems from different angles is most efficient in fast paced, large scale IT environments.
  • At the same time, I have good communication skills and am excited to receive and share knowledge with fellow peers.
  • Hardware Troubleshooting, basic networking(IP, DHCP, DNS, MAC, ROUTERS & SWITCHES)
  • Communication Skills with Clients and Co - workers. Ability to clearly and concisely explain issues and tasks with others.
  • Windows Server 2016 & Basic Linux usage
  • General aptitude with handiwork, tools, parts & pieces, and an inclination towards mechanical systems (cooling systems, engines, machinery)
  • Friendly, open to learning new things, sharing knowledge, and always focused on completing the task at hand with pride





  • Tutored K - 12 kids with basic Scratch coding, Python and Java curriculums that involved Minecraft and Roblox coding.
  • Helped with basic syntax as well as computer science logic.
  • Also had to handle sensitive laptops card and equipment cases.
  • I have a home-lab setup consisting of 3 desktops, a few routers, a home server, and various old pc components in inventory.
  • I have built gaming PCs and professional workstations for myself and customers, building it to their specifications and choosing components suited for specific applications, while keeping budget, performance, and upgradability in mind.
  • I also have a dedicated Dell Precision that I upgraded with an Intel Optane 5 SSD, high-performance heatsink and thermal paste .
  • This system was used for running multiple virtual machines, routing (DHCP, DNS, pfsense), file server and hosting Windows Server to practice with Windows Domains and active directory.
  • I have some experience with Linux and FreeBSD.

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