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Senior Development Engineer Resume

East Hanover, NJ


  • Seeking a position for product investigation, development and metrology in optics, optics communications, electro - optical systems, nonlinear opticsinterferometry, holography, different kind of conventional and laser spectroscopy; and new optical materials.
  • 22+ years of U.S experience including the 14+ years of industry experience in: engineering skills in designing and constructing of advanced testing, detection(PMA, semiconductor detector, CCD) and measuring laser-optical systems and assembly line; electro-optical systems nonlinear optics; lasers and laser accessories including CW, Q-switch, mode-locked lasers holography, dynamic and static;
  • Photo-thermal Common Path Interferometer - PCI
  • Michelson 3D interferometer
  • Laser Calorimeter ptical spectroscopy: conventional adsorption and fluorescence spectroscopy (UV, UVIS), FTIR, time-resolved, flash-photolysis; high and ultra-high vacuum systems;
  • HPLC systems, GC, Mass Spectrometer;
  • Windows 10, MS Office (Word, Excell), Peakfit, Spectracalc, SuperChem. LabVIEW, Systems analysis;


Senior Development Engineer

Confidential, East Hanover, NJ


  • Provide design, development, construction and performance of high precision and extremely sensitive, unique optical setup for measurement of very low absorption (for bulk better than 1 ppm/cm; for HR and AR coatings better than 0.1 ppm) at CW, Q-switch and mode locked regimes; at different (UV, VIS and IR) wavelengths.
  • Has a high space resolution: 50 µm of transverse and 0.5 mm of longitudinal.
  • Comprehensive research and physical characterization of: laser crystals Nd:YVO4, Nd:YAG, Pr:YLF; Ti:Sapphire nonlinear crystals: LBO, b-BBO, CLBO; KTP; DKDP
  • Faraday Isolators TGG; CeF3; and also CaF2
  • AR coatings deposited on fused silica, BK7, sapphire substrates and LBO, CLBO and b - BBO nonlinear crystals have been done.
  • By PCI complete UVIGA (Ultraviolet Induced Green Absorption) has been investigated in LBO, CLBO and b-BBO nonlinear crystals. This allowed to improve the quality of crystal samples for production.
  • I have discovered the Photovoltaic Effect in LBO nonlinear crystals at 355 nm Q- switched regime.
  • I have built second multi-wavelength PCI setup for production and trained a person who explores it.
  • I have developed a dozen of new procedures and criteria for metrology of laser and nonlinear crystals which cannot be done any another existed technique.
  • Control by PCI of crystal quality helps to improve the performance of ones and understand the physical processes triggered by absorption/temperature change inside.
  • Detailed analysis of nature of refractive index change via absorption/temperature change inside of variety of crystals has been accomplished.
  • Employing home built Laser Calorimeter the thermo-loaded linear and nonlinear absorption in variety of laser crystals and nonlinear crystals has been evaluated at pulsed
  • 266nm, pulsed 355nm, CW/pulsed 532nm, Ti:Sapphire 730-950 nm, CW 1064nm
  • To detect the microscale bulk phase inhomogeneity inside the different crystals, 3D
  • Michelson Interferometer has been built.

Senior Scientist

Confidential, Stanford, CA


  • Provide design, development and maintenance of the highest precision and Sensitive, unique optical PCI setup for measurement of very low absorption.
  • The accuracy of measurement of sapphire, fused silica, KDP, LiNbO3LiTaO3 crystals at different wavelength is better than 1 ppm/cm; HR dielectric mirror and AR coating is better than 0.1 ppm
  • Research, laser and physical characterization of nonlinear SLN:MgO doped and VTE LT crystals.
  • Investigation, laser and physical characterization of GaAs crystals at 2.5 m..
  • For Confidential Project a study and development the low absorption sapphire substrates, HR IR mirrors and AR coatings deposited on the fused silica, sapphire substrates have been performed.
  • Laser and physical characterization of nonlinear optical and laser active materials.

Confidential, Mountain View, CA


  • Laser and physical characterization of nonlinear optical and laser active materials.
  • Laser and physical characterization of HR and AR coatings and bulk of different kind substrates.
  • Laser and physical characterization of nonlinear optical and laser active materials.
  • Laser and physical characterization of nonlinear optical and laser active materials.

Visiting Scientist



  • Provided design and development the highest in industry precision ptical utility to be installed in a high resolution FIR Spectrophotometer IFS-120 HR (Bruker) for FTIR studies of sample in a small diameter diamond cell (0.2-0.4 mm) at high pressure (up to 2.5 GPa).

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