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Staff, EngineeR


  • Used Jira to manage and document Agile software lifecycle.
  • Used Hip chat to collaborate across team environments to alert users of server shut downs and upgrades.
  • Managed Git and Jenkins; fixed all unresolved merges and identify and fix broken Jenkin builds.
  • Configure Maven and Spring boot to build simple Applications.
  • Used both Npm and bower to manage project frameworks, assets and utilities.
  • Create Splunk queries to diagnose Server health, throughput and availability.
  • Create, launch and manage EC2 instance for development and hosting.


Collaborate: Jira, Confluence, Hip chat

Build: Git, Jenkins, Maven, Spring boot

Deploy: Npm, Bower

Monitoring: Splunk, Aws, Linux


Staff Engineer



  • The Talent Exchange receive accelerated systems delivery and firm specific mentoring, learning and development while available for immediate deployment across all markets.
  • Through on - the-job training, I perform activities ranging from software design, operating architecture integration and project management and apply knowledge of programming languages toward value-added, internal projects efforts.

MarkLogic Database Admin/ System Developer



  • Analyzed current state of production operational procedures, implemented transformational improvements to monitoring, change control, triage and resolution methodologies, processes and tools to support future streamlined agile operations architecture.
  • Applied incident management and patch management service models to Linux Servers.
  • Implementing J2EE, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, SOA/Web Services, SQL, HTML to design new operating models for monitoring and environment management.
  • Developed Splunk queries to analyze database traffic, health and statistics to generate baseline reports.
  • Editing shell scripts for automation and providing support and working in parallel with Application and UI Developers.

Database Librarian



  • Created and manage Applications for in house data processing via Java and MS access.
  • Contacting, troubleshooting and escalating any hardware/Software issues that may occur to SAIC management.
  • White box Unit Testing programs for data automation.
  • Modifying and creating SQL queries to generate data sets for machine learning.
  • Administrator of Office SharePoint, issuing Access Requests, uploading, maintaining and updating office documents and POC information.

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