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Marketing Executive Resume


  • I am an MBA graduate, passionate about Marketing, looking for an exciting and challenging entry level position in BA/SAS.
  • Apply my knowledge of analytics and learning from academics professionally
  • Actively contribute to the success of the company by being a team player and excellent collaborator with sound interpersonal skills and positive attitude.
  • Achieve continuous advancement in my career and undertake managerial responsibility


Marketing Research Management Marketo

Strategic planning Leadership SAS

Promotional/Marketing Materials Team Management New Product Management

Microsoft Office Google AdWords Tableau

Public Relations Canva SurveyMonkey/ Survey Design

Persuasive CommunicatorMicrosoft VizioSocial Media


Marketing Executive



  • Responsible for branding and merchandizing of the product line
  • Accountable for corporate key accounts management
  • Assisted the marketing team with developing and implementing market promotion strategies
  • Handled corporate communications
  • Conducted market research using area sampling activities
  • I executed marketing, pricing, and implementation of the business model.
  • Developed the value proposition for target customers to raise awareness about the service offering.
  • Researched the market to find the appropriate market segment, conducted SWOT analysis and used Porter’s forces to understand the market and the competition.
  • Promotional activities included outreach in college, distribution of flyers, company’s social media accounts, targeted advertisements on Confidential, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Conducted market research & SWOT analysis on the benefits of a medical device to the elderly.
  • Proposed a detailed plan to create market demand and market penetration for the device.
  • Formulated a revenue model targeting $3 million in the first year of market launch.

Marketing Plan Proposal



  • Developed a marketing strategy and proposed marketing objectives to improve customer satisfaction and attract middle to high income level customers for a project based on Confidential .
  • Researched Confidential ’s market and performed situational analysis, SWOT analysis, marketing analysis and evaluation and control.
  • Conducted market research and performed situational analysis, SWOT analysis and STP for instant noodles in Philippines and studied the presence of social media.
  • Developed a marketing strategy for an instant noodle start - up and created a self-featuredadvertisement video for the product.

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