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Project Manager Resume Profile

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10 year experience of Federal government accounting, financial reporting, budgetary, ERP system implementation, government compliances and audit.


Oracle Financial, Enterprise, Discoverer, Oracle SQL, PeopleSoft, CGI Momentum, SAP, MS Office Excel Macro, Excel Pivot Table, Access ODBC, Visio etc. , CostPoint.


GWA, GTAS, CARS, SPS, PAM, IPAC, OTCNet, Pay.gov, ITS.gov, Fedwire.



Project Manager

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Coordinate the GTAS/CARS system transformation
  • Reconcile the FACTS I attributes
  • Provide the supports for the Notes to the Financial Statements
  • Reconcile the Federal Trading Partner Codes for IPAC reporting and IFRS reporting
  • Reconcile cash and Fund Balance with Treasury FBwT solve the cash differences by coordinating with Department of State, DFAS of DoD, as well as with the BBG field officers all over the world Draft the Standard Operating Procedure SOP
  • Provide accounting support for areas including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Property Plant and Equipment PP E
  • Perform routine and ad-hoc analysis, reconciliations, and reports
  • Prepare fund analytics including fluctuation analysis, budgetary to proprietary relationships, and treasury tie point analysis
  • Prepare and post general journal vouchers JVs as needed
  • Maintain auditable records and documentation of all analysis, reconciliations, and journal entries
  • Provide support for the annual financial statement audit
  • Prepare financial reports for the Agency's financial managers or senior staff.
  • Payroll Analysis and Reconciliation
  • Reconcile the payroll with Department of Defense DFAS report and Department of State reports
  • Reconcile the taxes items in the payroll and Thrift Saving Plan items in the payroll
  • Track monthly payroll expenditure and accrual information by Agency program office and corresponding allotment
  • Coordinate with appropriate personnel to request additional or reallocation of funding when necessary to resolve errors or shortages.
  • Systems Management
  • Analyze and update the transaction codes and posting modules
  • Participate in data conversion, data cleanup, and systems integration testing, specifically for the system transformation to CARS and GTAS
  • Perform activities related to stabilization, such as ongoing communications regarding process and system changes, identifying training issues and providing end user support, particularly for IPAC, TDO payments and collections
  • Perform change management and outreach activities related to implementation of GWA CARS
  • Participate in meetings i.e. business readiness, communications, training, etc. with Treasury Department personnel, CGI system specialists
  • Coordinate and provide logistical preparation i.e. set-up of training equipment, database maintenance, training materials, etc. for workshops or other instructional presentations
  • Perform process analysis to identify methods for improving business processes and/or systems of OCTNet, ITS, IPAC, SPS, PAM, Pay.Gov etc.
  • Provide business systems implementation support to include project management and planning, process and gap analysis, developing communication and training strategies, post-training analysis, and risk management analysis
  • Extract financial data from systems, including the extraction of financial data from Momentum using SQL Developer
  • Develop reports, reporting processes, or reporting mechanisms to facilitate reporting and analysis.
  • Create, maintain, or improve spreadsheet or database applications
  • Propose changes to system or data structures
  • Respond to ad-hoc requests related to systems, as needed


Senior Consultant

  • Supported GWA/GTAS conversion and translation
  • Prepared general ledger and validate trial balance
  • Analyzed and validate Fund Balance With Treasury SF224
  • Prepared financial statements BS, SNC, SCNP and SBR
  • Prepared footnotes to the financial statements
  • Reported in Governmentwide Financial Report System GFRS
  • Analyzed and made correction to the abnormal balances
  • Analyzed the tie-points 19 tie-points by Treasury and solved the tie-point issues
  • Analyzed and posted eliminations to finalize general ledger
  • Implemented fund allocations and cost allocations
  • Prepared and posted journal vouchers
  • Reconciled Statement of Budgetary Resources SBR vs SF133
  • Complied with federal accounting principles and standards, internal control standards, and Office of Management and Budget OMB Circular A-136 Financial Reporting policies and requirements.
  • Enhanced internal controls in financial reporting, establish and enhance accounting policies and procedures to support accurate and timely financial reporting.


Senior Budget Accountant

  • Exercised fund controls
  • Prepared the DHS/TSA Monthly Budget Execution Report to the Office of Budget and Performance OBP analyzed the abnormal balances of budgetary accounts
  • Prepared the monthly reconciliation of the DHS/TSA Monthly Budget Execution Report to the SF 133
  • Validated the quarterly SF 133 to the SF 132 for the CFO certification package
  • Prepared drafts for the Office of Budget for quarterly SF 132 requests
  • Prepared year end reporting for Budgetary Resources to include reconciliation of the SF 133, SF 2108, DHS Monthly Budget Execution Report, and TFDW or BI Tool reports.
  • Provided data at year end closing for TSA's annual MAX submission
  • Prepared general journal entries for budget appropriation and apportionments
  • Ensured that budget allocations enacted and carryover and re-allocation documents were entered in Oracle financial system
  • Developed functional specifications and proto-type for new budgetary reporting requirements
  • Evaluated and/or monitored agency developed or COTS accounting and/or financial management software
  • Assisted with the calculation, presentation and dissemination of accounting codes for fiscal year start-up or TSA reorganization updated USSGL changes to the financial systems, such as Oracle systems in TSA.


Senior Consultant from

  • Provided the solutions to the client's accounting issues such as:

a IPAC and SF1221 invoice payment process automation

b SF1081 trading partner transactions

c File N Q bar code automations

d Agreement/Contract Recurring Billing Maintenance

e SF1038 PCS travel advance automations

f General ledger reclassification automations

g Conversion transaction codes from SF224 to Partial SF224 with TAS/BETC.

  • Worked as the POC Point of Contact for the client's software enhancement requirements
  • Analyzed the FFMS system performance in DHS as a whole and provided the monthly measurement reports to the DHS clients
  • Designed the tests cases and test scenario and accomplished the UAT test scripts
  • Drafted and updated the user manuals for FFMS.


Senior Consultant

  • As the managing onsite consultant, provided USCIS for customer services on budgetary, accounting, reporting, financial operation/transaction, internal audits and financial system implementation:
  • Accounting and financial reporting: Supported and processed accounting and financial data in accordance with OMB/Treasury Department regulations, and accounting standards provided the financial data such as TIER reports to USCIS for uploading to DHS reporting system provided the detail General Ledger Report for USCIS for its monthly and fiscal year end closing analyzed and reconciled the intra-government trading partner activities processed general journals to FFMS system
  • Financial operation: Provided the customer support and trouble shooting for travel, purchase card and field overhead operations for USCIS ensured the accuracy and timeliness of financial transactions within the financial systems drafted the standard operation procedures SOP
  • Budget execution: Provided budgetary data, reports, forms, flowcharts for budget execution by using Discoverer and other tools created and provided the Fund Status Report in accordance with USCIS requirements in the reconciliation of DHS budget for SF133, SBR and P F Statement updated USSGL, FACTS I and FACTS II to the budgetary and financial system in accordance with OMB Circulars updated budgetary codes and funding strings such as fund codes, program codes, project codes, org codes, sub-object class codes
  • Audit support, internal control and system maintenance: Supported public auditors as the point of contact for the financial reporting, established and maintained financial policies and procedures to enable effective and efficient controls and compliance with applicable laws and regulations supported the internal audits by providing the improper payment reports to USCIS supported quarterly validation and verification VnV reviews maintained an effective partnership with DHS, ICE, USCIS system officers and Savantage program developers and services providers coordinated the special change of requests SCR by the users on FFMS system implemented the system interfacing for EFRS cash processing system , FedTraveler travel expense system and Oracle financial system provided the cash receipt reports and travel expense reports to USCIS users supported the FFMS user management by providing the user profiles, role profiles, approver list, fund officer list to USCIS officers.


Senior Consultant

  • Budget Execution
  • Applied the appropriations, programs in OMB Circulars A-11, A-130 and A-136 to the fund codes and program codes in the Oracle financial system
  • Formulated and structured the Account Classification Code Structure funding strings and codes in accordance with the OMB and Treasury Department regulations
  • Applied the ACCS strings program, project, task and transaction codes to the daily budget transactions including apportionment SF132 , allotment, commitment and obligations provided the financial data to the budgetary reports such as SF133, SBR and P F Statement to the client
  • Prepared and provided the fund check reports, fund status reports to the clients.


Senior Consultant

  • Configured the CFO reports during the FFMS system implementation. These reports included Balance Sheet, the Statement of Net Cost, the Statement of Changes in Net Position, the Statement of Budgetary Resources, etc.
  • Reconciled SF224 Statement of Transactions and SF133 Statement of Budgetary Resources for the clients.

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