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Geospatial Analyst Resume Profile

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OBJECTIVE Seeking Career in Geographic Information Systems


  • ESRI Software and Tools - ArcGIS ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcScene 9.3-10.2
  • ArcGIS Model Builder, SQL, and Python Scripting for ArcGIS
  • Multitude of ArcMap tools, including Analysis, Data Management, 3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst, Geocoding, Conversions, Projections Transformations, Network Analyst, Surface Interpolation, Data Queries and Data Editing/Creation
  • Raster and Vector Data, Remote Sensing, LIDAR, and Computer Databases
  • Google Earth, Pictometry, Google Maps, GEOFidelis Map Viewer, MPS Atlas Map Series Creation, ACME Mapper and USMC Max
  • Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator Designing Flyers, Ads, Collages, Professional Photos and Thematic and Artistic Maps
  • Utility Engineering/Mapping/Analysis, Construction Plans, Specifications, and Basic Survey Methods utilizing levels, wheels, and Leica DISTO Laser Meter
  • Erdas IMAGINE including classification methods and accuracy assessments
  • Field Data Collection Trimble GPS units with Tornado Antenna, TerraSync and ArcPad GPS Software and Ridged SR-20 line locator
  • Cartography Map Production, Editing, Compilation and Interpretation
  • Customer Service, Data Management Security, Policy Procedural Guidance, Industrial Safety and Quality Control
  • Microsoft Suite PowerPoint, Word, Access, Excel, Publisher and Outlook



Geospatial Analyst

  • Assisted in maintaining an accurate, complete and current asset inventory to support the Marine Corps Geofidelis Program. Secret Clearance from U.S. DOD.
  • Fulfilled miscellaneous map requests Over 630 Map Documents generated. Data/Metadata management - Over 1,500 Metadata fields populated.
  • Performed GPS Collection and field verification for a multitude of assets. Over 639 Marine Corps Assets collected via GPS.
  • Georeferenced CAD Files, images, and engineering drawings for GIS database integration. Produced ArcMap Documents and Templates for mapping services.
  • Provided on-site GIS technical and cartographic support for SME's and generated how-to guides for GIS database utilization. Attended monthly Geofidelis teleconferences and provided feedback on Database Design/Cartography.
  • Ensured quality assurance, data confidentiality and database compliance within the spatial data standards. Maintained 59 Datasets and 245 Feature Classes.


Engineering Aide

  • Used mathematical calculations to verify engineering construction schematics and blue-prints for completion and accuracy. Completed construction cost estimates for over 275,000 square feet of disturbed area.
  • Read and interpreted city utility maps, plans, and technical documents.
  • Operated utility locating and marking equipment levels/wheels , utilized ArcMap GIS for inventory and project analysis, developed data spreadsheets, and verified as-built field conditions.


Work Center Supervisor

  • Trained 10 personnel and supervised up to 4 individuals at one time in PME.
  • Provided customer service and calibration scheduling needs for over 4,000 employees and 6,900 Test and Monitoring Systems. Improved ship readiness by 10 in 4 months. Managed tool inventory for 300 Mechanics and completed over 1,000 man hours of corrective and preventative maintenance.
  • Maintained maintenance records, computerized files, tech. manuals, file structures, and performed various clerical and correspondence tasks.
  • Ensured Quality control, audit preparation, data compliance, information accuracy, and proper data storage and organization.
  • Continuous Process Improvement Qualified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt February 2010. July 2010 Warrior of the Week

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