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Technician Resume Profile


I would like to ultimately be a GIS analyst/technician. I am a hardworking individual always looking to better myself and the people around me, and have acquired a unique skill set through both my education and working experience thus far. I am always ready to learn more from fellow colleagues who have more experience than myself, and will never back down from a challenge nor leave any project unfinished or incomplete. I am currently working at the WV Division of Highways and also enrolled in the engineering technician program as part of my job at Bridgemont College. I regularly use ArcGIS on a daily bases as well as use GPS units and Microsoft Office on a weekly basis. Anything else GIS/GPS related comes to my office in our district. I have created a plethora of maps as well as countless spreadsheets. I also have been out to several project locations, construction sites, and sites with potential environmental hazards to inspect.


Transportation Engineering Technician


My supervisor is the WVDOH District 2 Environmental Coordinator. I work mainly with him and his assistant but also help many others in our office. My work there has included thus far: GIS work for WVDOH District 2 in Huntington WV, work included: Making map books for the 5 counties in the district that displayed data for guardrail locations, bridge locations, DOT-DOH building locations, all routes from Interstate to County Routes to old Delta and FANS, and much much more. All of this data and much more are part of a base map for our district on ArcMap. Created MS4 permit maps with ArcMap from data collected by myself and others in the field with handheld GPS units. Also linked all data collected in the field as well as pictures taken to each location on a web-based map powered by ESRI. Trained others on how to use the Trimble Juno Sb GPS handhelds to start gathering data to create a GIS database of information pertaining to the WVDOH such as different permit locations ie. driveway permits , landslide locations, pipe locations, gas well locations, under 20 structures small bridges , and more to ultimately add the data to the base map for the state and/or our district within ArcMap. In charge of all roads up for addition, changes made to, or abandonment in the State Highway System. I submit packages pertaining to the type of change to made to the system for review and to be approved by the WV State Highway Commisoner's office. I also go out in the field often with my supervisor to do different environmental checks on various projects and other sites within our district on our right of way and do quarterly environmental checks to our garages and sub-stations. I also work with tax maps, right of way maps, old county route maps that have been digitized in ArcMap and also with survey maps and plans created in MicroStation. Im starting to work on disaster relief in accordance with FEMA on our state right of way damaged by natural disasters.

Transportation Technician


Manually took over 1,000 coordinates with a Trimble Juno SB GPS unit of culverts running perpendicular to state-owned and maintained roads. Post-processed raw GPS data making it useable with GIS software. Created maps of wildflower plot locations taken with a GPS unit using ArcGIS software. Trained to inspect locations of pipes for potential environmental threats. Created maps of Guardrail locations and lengths and color-coded them by type. Created maps of SRIC Snow Removal Ice Control priority 1, 2, and 3 routes and color-coded them by priority.



GPS fieldwork consisting of collecting pipe inlet and outlet locations crossing under roads owned by our district and marking the outlet of each location with handeld gps units. While at each location I took pictures of the inlet and outlet, performed different environmental checks on the pipe and surrounding areas, checked for maintenance issues on the pipe itself, and noted several other attributes all on the handheld unit: a Trimble Juno SB GPS handheld receiver. I also post-processed the data using GPS Pathfinder Office. This included downloading the raw GPS data to the computer, checking each attribute for any error, correcting the file using CORS stations, and exporting the corrected data as a shapefile for use in ArcMap. The shapefile and the folder containing all the pictures taken at each location were then uploaded to a shared drive on the network. I also learned a lot from going out with the Environmental Coordinator to various sites and performing different environmental checks.

Skills Expertise

ArcGIS, Transportation Planning, AutoCAD, Bentley Microstation, GPS Pathfinder Office Suite, Microsoft Office, Google Earth, SPSS, GPS Field Work and Post Processing with Trimble Juno SB handheld devices, Terrasync


Core Classes- Principles of GIS, Vector Analysis, Quantitative Methods in Geography, Political Geography, Geographic Field Research, Environmental Geography, Methods of Regional Planning, Physical Geography, Cultural Geography, World Regional Geography ESRI Online training classes from ESRI.com's Vitrual Campus include- Creating and Integrating Data for Natural Resource Applications, Understanding GIS Queries, Understanding Map Projections and Coordinate Systems, Cartographic Design Using ArcGIS 9.

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