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Educational Specialist Resume Profile

Work Experience


IEP Educational Specialist

  • Responsible for coordinating Individualized Education Plan IEP meetings with staff members and fulfilling the role of district representative to ensure all meeting participants understood special education programs and services.
  • Review IEP and assist staff members with developing quality plans for each student by providing feedback and individual support. Provide a variety of professional development for the school staff on topics such as instructional strategies, Integrated Co-Teaching classroom models and creating quality Individualized Education Plans.
  • Train individuals on the use of the web-based system application SESIS Special Education Student Information System used to manage the entire special education process for all students. Provide training to teachers implementing the New York State Alternate Assessment to ensure students are accurately assessed, data folios are completed properly and all work is secured by the New York State deadline.
  • Responsible for coordinating the Pupil Personnel team meetings consisting of the school based support team, related service providers, administrators and guidance counselors to ensure students with academic difficulty receive appropriate educational interventions and are evaluated for special education services when necessary.
  • Responsible for creating spreadsheets for all testing accommodations for every student with an IEP to ensure each student receives the appropriate accommodations for the New York State standardized exams and all other relative assessments.
  • Assist in resolving compliance issues affecting the special education population ensuring that the school remains within compliance by interpreting data reports and delegating appropriate staff members the necessary details to rectify issues.
  • Active participant in special education meetings held at the district offices and attendee at professional development conferences to ensure all relevant and important information is relayed to appropriate staff members and administration. Served as meeting translator, during parent teacher conferences and parent special education meetings.
  • As bus coordinator, create spreadsheets to track students with NYC Department of Transportation school bus assignments, providing assistance to bus support personnel securing them with all necessary information to ensure student safety.
  • Selected by the principal as the Related Services Key Person who works with discipline supervisors and network special education staff to identify students who are not receiving special education services and ensure that providers are assigned immediately to provide services to such students.
  • Mentor new teachers to promote growth, development and improve student learning by guiding new teachers to enhance their planning, instruction, and content knowledge. Leading member of the testing committee who assist in securely preparing, distributing and packaging all of the New York State standardized exams while following the appropriate guidelines issued by the New York State Education Department.


General Education Teacher

  • Instructor as Bilingual Special Education teacher in a self-contained classroom consisting of twelve or less students, a paraprofessional for third, fourth and fifth grade and also educated Integrated Co-Teaching Bilingual Special Education classes for second, third and fourth grade.
  • Responsible for teaching curriculum based lessons for all core subjects consisting of Literacy, Math, Science, Social studies as well as Native language arts while differentiating lessons to accommodate each of the students diverse educational needs.


Fluent in Second Language: Spanish

Group training experience and experienced with online educational system programs and tracking systems

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