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Technical Engineer Resume Profile


Storage and Backup Solution Architect:

  • Over 8 years of in-depth work experience with 3 world class organizations, GOOGLE, ORACLE, and IBM GBM.
  • Joined Oracle IT Department, and currently working as a SENIOR TECHNICAL ENGINEER Storage and Backup.
  • Worked as an Integrated Technology Services Engineer at Google Gulf Business Machines
  • Worked as Senior SAN and Backup Solution Architect at IBM SVL.

Work Experience:


Senior Technical Engineer Storage and Backup

  • Managing a complex SAN, Storage and Backup Environment of a considerable size spanning across 2 Datacenters
  • Storage of more than 2PB.
  • Multivendor Storage Solution including IBM SVC, V7000, DS8800,XIV Hitachi AMS2500,HUS150,USPV.
  • SAN Infrastructure including 4 fully populated BROCADE Directors and DCFM.
  • Backup Infrastructure including 10 TSM Servers and IBM 3584 Enterprise Tape Libraries backing up over 30TB of Data on a daily basis.
  • Recently got trained on Symantec Net backup Software and Disk Based Appliances 5220. Currently working on a Backup Refresh Project t migrate Backup infrastructure from TSM t Net backup.
  • IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center TPC for Performance monitoring and management.
  • Data Replication across Datacenters for resilient applications using Metr Global Mirroring features of SVC.
  • Recently completed a huge project of Datacenter relocation with very minimal outages utilizing Data migration features of SVC.
  • Data migration from Hitachi Storage Subsystems t IBM DS8800 XIV virtualized behind 8-Nodes SVC cluster at both sites utilizing Image Mode Migration feature of SVC.
  • Conducted a POC for new Backup solution with 3 leading vendors EMC, Symantec IBM. Products tested were EMC's Networker, Avamar Datadomain, Symantec's Net backup 5220 Appliances, IBM's TSM Protectier.
  • Conducted a POC for TIER3 Storage with IBM, EMC and HDS. Products tested were IBM's V7000, EMC's VNX5500 and HDS's HUS150.
  • Evaluating IBM Flash System 820 840 for TIER0 Storage.


  • Provide expert technical consultancy and guidance t EG-IT on the Storage Backup technologies and act as lead technical member in the Project team delivering the work packages assigned.
  • Evaluate new products and Technologies from leading Storage and Backup vendors by conducting Proof of Concepts and selecting the most appropriate solution for the organization.
  • Install, configure, maintain and troubleshoot Servers, Storage Subsystems, SAN Directors, Enterprise Backup Software, Disk based Backup appliances and Tape libraries.
  • Working as part of a design support team, my responsibilities include design, develop, support and deliver robust and cost effective solutions for both Business and IT led initiatives including solution development and cost estimations, configuration and deployment Business Case development approval.
  • Ensure that the developed architecture/solution meets the service level requirements in terms of expected availability, capacity, continuity, security, performance and reliability.
  • Monitor current performance and t ensure appropriate levels of capacity, quality, service level, resources and solutions are optimally tuned.
  • Collaborate with other IT technology teams t implement on-going monitoring of the Storage, Backup and SAN Infrastructure t ensure Severity 1 2 incidents are configured within IT monitoring systems. Ensure that assigned incidents are resolved within the agreed Service Levels and where applicable, workarounds are provided t minimise business impact.
  • Publish and maintain high quality documentation for technology area. Working within the standard templates and documentation guidelines which include detailed design, configuration details, support procedures, operations manuals and deployment architecture.
  • Formulate the company's Backup and Archive policy and ensure the Data availability, integrity and security. Design, develop, implement and validate Disaster Recovery scenarios.
  • Coach, mentor and facilitate t build expertise and encourage on going learning and knowledge sharing in order t improve the overall effectiveness and performance of the team.


SAN Storage and Backup Lead

ITS Software/HW Implementation Services

  • Installation, configuration and support of Enterprise Servers, Storage and Backup solutions including the following products:
  • IBM Power Systems i p
  • Server virtualization solutions VIOS, HMC
  • SAN Storage IBM DS8K, XIV, DS4K, DS5K
  • SAN Volume Controller SVC for Storage virtualization
  • Brocade SAN Switches and Directors
  • Data Center Fabric Manager for SAN
  • Tivoli Storage Productivity Center TPC for Performance monitoring and management.
  • AIX and IBM i OS.
  • IBM Tape Libraries TS3200, 3500, 3584 for Enterprise Backup Solutions
  • Tivoli Storage Manager TSM for Backup including agents' deployment for ORACLE, SQL, Exchange etc.
  • Infrastructure planning and site survey according t IBM best practices.
  • Service validation and testing t ensure that the solution matches the design specifications and is capable of delivering Business needs.
  • Acceptance Service Completion form sign-off from the customer which is the pre requisite of billing.
  • Business continuity and recovery services in the event of a disaster.
  • Requirements gathering and configuration of new solutions using eConfig and System Planning tools.
  • Technical evaluation and configuration of the proposed solution and design.
  • Delivering technical presentations t assist GBM's sales and pre-sales teams.
  • Delivering Trainings on a range of IBM products t the customers t support GBM's Learning Services initiative.
  • Provide assistance t the Implementation Support team t resolve complex problems.
  • Responsible for doing Solution Assurance Review SAR for complex projects.
  • Service Delivery Services Project Management
  • Managing delivery of IBM Implementation Support Services t a wide range of customers across Bahrain.
  • Project planning, scheduling, implementation and resource management.
  • Managing customers' complex technical support requests t resolution.
  • Develop execute account service delivery plans, communicate and discuss with customers and the implementation team. Manage the project until the final acceptance and closure.


SAN and Backup Engineer

Key Accomplishments:

  • Installation, configuration and support of:
  • IBM AS400 iSeries pSeries Servers
  • IBM Storage Products FastT 600/700, DS3K/4K, ESS
  • Tape Libraries
  • Line Printers Model 4232, 6400, 4245
  • OS/400 AIX Smooth Start Services.
  • Smooth start services include HMC configuration, Logical Partitioning, Disk allocation, RAID configuration, Network Configurations, Installation of OS AIX or OS400 , License program and PTFs.
  • System HW upgrades and Firmware upgrades of SAN Switch, Storage Controllers, ESM FC Disks, pSeries iSeries System Firmware, adapter microcode and Maintenance level.

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