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Senior engineer

with 15 years experience building n-tier web based data driven applications. 10 years contributing in the design, coding and implementation of applications utilizing Microsoft .Net technologies. Languages, Development Tools and Operating Systems: C .Net, VB.Net, JavaScript, jQuery, Linq, MVC 4.0, Entity Framework, Link to SQL, AJAX, ASP.Net 4.0/3.5/2.0/1.1, Visual Studio 2012/10/08/05/03, SQL Server 2008/2005/2000, SSRS, WCF, IIS, OOP, AGILE, Classic ASP, VBScript, HTML, CSS, VB6, C, Team Foundation Server, VSS, Subversion, Telerik MVC extensions, Telerik Reports. Personal Skills: - Self-motivated, resourceful, detail-oriented, reliable, good communicator. - Strong Interpersonal skills. Work well independently as well as with teammates, managers and users. P R O F E S S I O N A L E X P E R I E N C E Senior .Net Developer: Confidential Contractor - responsible for coding new functionality to MCR's proprietary HealthTouch extranet application utilizing Microsoft's MVC design pattern, coding in C with SQL Server 2008 as the backend database. New project work included: : Developed multiple areas of web application functionality following the MVC design pattern. Development included creating entity models, view models, model extension methods, controller methods and UI views. Coding was done in C and Linq. Client side coding was done in jquery/javascript. Coded data access layer methods utilizing Linq to SQL. Coded standard view HTML helper objects as well as Telerik grid functionality utilizing both server side and client side Ajax methods. Created new reporting functionality using Telerik reports. Multiple reports coded using Telerik's report designer, C code behind methods and custom SQL Server stored procedures and views for data retrieval. Responsible for meeting weekly AGILE SCRUM objectives and 3 week SPRINT software demos. Responsible for requirements analysis/reworking with business users and management during evolution of project scope. Senior .Net Developer: Sleep Health Centers, Wilmington, MA 09/10 10/12 Technical Lead responsible for coding new functionality and ongoing maintenance to SHC's flagship ASP.Net 3.5 extranet web application written in C with SQL Server 2008 R2, hosted on a cloud server environment. New project work as well as enhancements included: : Initiated an improved Software Development Lifecycle SDLC process to improve efficiency for business and technology groups to adhere to during phases of business analysis, requirements gathering, coding, QA and product release. Implemented/Coordinated AGILE project management methodology with developers and business analysts. Created new data driven web page functionality as well as enhancements to existing web page functionality. Coded front end, middle layer class objects, SQL Server table schema and stored procedures. Coded enhancements to existing reports and created new reports using SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS . Conducted extensive technical analysis of current version 1.0 of SHC's extranet application. Architected a 3 tier version 2 solution utilizing ASP.Net MVC 3, Entity Framework and SQL Server 2008 R2. Coded a proof of concept website utilizing MVC's code-first approach. Created custom data import functionality for CSV data files from 3rd party vendors. Coding done in C and SQL Server. Analyzed/troubleshoot business application process issues leading to subsequent possible data integrity problems. Alerted business users to process flow problems for resolution and cleaned up SQL data storage issues. Responsible for deployment of web site and database changes across development, QA and production servers hosted on a Verizon Terremark Cloud environment. 2 Senior .Net Intranet Developer: Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, Billerica, MA 02/09 09/10 Contractor - Developed intranet applications for running internal Raytheon businesses. Microsoft technologies used for all sites, using .NET frameworks 3.5/2.0, C , ASP.NET, AJAX, VS2008/2005, SQL Server 2008/2005, TFS. Conducted requirements analysis, wrote specifications, compiled project cost estimates, architected, designed, coded and tested various intranet applications. AGILE project methodology applied. New project work as well as enhancements to others included: : Machine Program Library Version control system for data files related to manufacturing of circuit card assemblies for Raytheon's Integrated Air Defense Center. Requirements gathering and analysis, architected related C web and desktop applications as well as web services layer. SQL Server 2008 backend to be used for data file repository. Compiled cost estimates. Functional and technical design phases still ongoing. Corporate Event Estimation application: Coded ASP.Net C , SQL 2008 intranet application developed to forecast corporate event expenditures relating to allowed and un-allowed reimbursements of expenses. Reports done in SSRS. Computer Output to Laser Disk File processing application: Coded C console application, SQL Server 2008 backend with C web services business layer. Eliminated a highly tedious manual task by creating an automated process that retrieved invoice files from various servers, storing them to business rule specific destination server locations. Database logging, text file logging and email process notifications created. Facilities Scorecard application: Coded C , SQL Server 2005 enhancements to intranet application which tracks building specific compliance data with proprietary rating system for determining the needs at different facilities. Raytheon Corporate Travel Approval System Technical business analyst role - evaluated current system functionality, completed requirements analysis for large scale enhancements and worked on projected cost estimates. Raytheon Employee Performance Evaluator: Coded C , SQL Server 2005 intranet survey application used in rating an employee's overall job performance. Reports done in SSRS. Senior Web Developer: AIPSO, Johnston, RI 10/08 - 01/09 Contractor AIPSO Automobile Insurance Provider Servicing Organization : Developed new functionality to an online automobile insurance policy application submission program. Customized enhancements were based on insurance regulations set from the states of California, New Jersey and Maryland. Extranet coding done using the .NET 2.0 framework, VB.Net and SQL Server 2005. Conducted requirements analysis, developed and tested applications. Tasks included: Create new web page user interfaces with client and server side data input validation routines. Build custom business class objects for middle layer business rule processing. Create middle layer data access class objects calling SQL Server 2005 backend database. Designed relational schema, custom tables and TSQL stored procedures for SQL Server 2005. Senior Web Developer: Confidential Contractor - Technical Lead and Website Architect responsible for full SDLC tasks including requirements gathering and analysis, project estimating, functional and technical design, coding, systems integration testing, quality assurance testing, deployment and support for the RBS National Bank Credit Card Services US based corporate intranet. Intranet development was in support of 11 various business groups within RBS. N-tier architecting and coding included front end user interface development, coding of middle layer custom business class objects, as well as backend database relational schema design and TSQL stored procedures. Initiated migration of intranet application code base from .Net 1.1 to .Net 2.0 framework. Original application coding done in VB.Net was being changed over to C .Net. Initial database tables and multiple stored procedures were being upgraded from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005. Projects included: Custom Content Management System Custom Document Management System Corporate Conference Room Scheduling Service Facilities Management and Alert Service Project Management Workflow and Approval System RBS United Way Charitable Auction Application Employee/Management Communication Relations Application Employee Recognition Submission and Approval System 3 Senior Web Developer: Confidential Contractor Technical Lead and System Architect responsible for development and deployment of a large scale extranet web application used as Hewlett Packard's corporate system of record capturing weekly information on all contract employees working at Compaq/Hewlett Packard facilities throughout the United States. Information included contractors' personal data, employment contract specific information, hourly rates, weekly billing, individual and batch invoice processing, monthly and quarterly summaries, error tracking and real-time daily business reporting. Conducted requirements analysis, wrote specifications, compiled project cost estimates Coded ASP pages in VBScript and JavaScript Business rules and data validation COM modules written in VB 6 running under Microsoft Transaction Server Backend SQL Server 2000 database design and custom stored procedure development in TSQL Started migration of application from classic ASP to ASP.Net 1.1 creating web forms written in C and JavaScript.

Senior Software Engineer


Contractor Technical Lead and System Architect responsible for various data driven web projects, which supported Compaq's Global eService implementation of supplying support services and documents to business partners and customers. All intranet applications were developed using Visual Interdev 6, Active Server Pages, ADO, VBScript, JavaScript and HTML. The development platform was on NT Server running IIS. The backend was a SQL Server7 database. Developed an intranet application supporting the authoring, reviewing and publishing of Digital Corp, Tandem Corp. and Compaq Corp. service documents and related data. Coded ASP pages in VBScript and JavaScript. Lead engineer responsible for creating an Intranet based Document Management Facility for Compaq's CustomSystems business segment. Senior Software Engineer: Confidential Contractor Lead Developer responsible for various desktop projects supporting the business. Enhanced a disability insurance proposal application used by agents for creating proposals onsite with customers when quoting large group disability and individual policy premiums. Developed an Insurance Annuity application for forecasting projected annuity investment proposals. Coding was done in C and VB for Win 3.1 operating system. Education - University of Massachusetts, Boston BACS - Computer Science, completed core concentration of software engineering degree. Additional work history available upon request

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