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  • Responsible for the frontend development and maintenance of one of the leading systems for threat detection and response in the security operations industry.
  • In charge of operating as an eTaas Extended Team as a Service that collaborate with abroad teams using agile methodologies.
  • Responsible of code reviewing processes to ensure company code standards.
  • Prototyping and creation of new internal products using lean startup methodology.


  • In charge of developing web based applications using scrum methodology in the private industry.
  • Responsible for implementing software usability best practices and navigation improvement.
  • Prototyping and creating mockups for intern products.
  • Investigation and usage of new technologies to improve software craftsmanship.


  • Engineering and development of enterprise level applications using scrum methodologies and at the same time adapting CMMI processes.
  • Responsible of designing the architecture of frontend platform for intern products.
  • Team Lead of some product development process.
  • Responsible for code reviewing to ensure the code base was following coding conventions.


  • Responsible for developing Web 2.0 sites using cutting edge technologies.
  • Architecture of applications frontend, widget integrations and ensure browser compatibility.
  • In charge of the implementation of streaming media broadcast.
  • Developed social media apps that implement different social media APIs.


  • In charge of website design and development.
  • Responsible to create semantic and neat code for search engine optimization.
  • Coordinated the upgrade and creation of new programming and web design courses.


javascript html5 css3 backbonejs angularjs jquery underscore bootstrap nodejs foundation less sass yeoman actionscript flex flash air mysql json xml ui/ux npm scrum git php cmmi phonegap firebase agile rss grunt ajax spry webservices jira


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