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Developer Resume Profile


To obtain a developer position and contribute efficient, well documented, reusable code.



  • Privately owned company operating exclusively in Columbus and the surrounding metropolitan areas
  • To lead our graphics and source development teams
  • To contribute high quality, marketable code and solutions to our source repository
  • To acquire new business contracts and oversee product delivery
  • VB.Net, C , Java, CSS, ActionScript, PHP, HTML, MySQL, MSSQL, TCP/IP
  • JavaScript, XML, AJAX, Coldfusion, Flash and Flex
  • Created an application called SQL expander, to allow multiple users to interact with SQL Express database systems without the use of IIS
  • Created applications focusing on front and backend database development
  • Specialized in CMS systems, database administration, server configuration, web and desktop development


  • Multi-National corporation, enterprise environment
  • Owner of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield with over 45,000 employees worldwide
  • To audit applications prior to deployment to ensure compliance with business requirements and data privacy regulations
  • To create Visual Basic .NET applications to assist in reporting, claims processing, and customer service
  • WOW Award July 2008, 5 additional awards during the scope of my employment for accuracy and excellence
  • Created HCF Macro in VB.NET to automate claims processing against mainframe system
  • Made the ITL Creator to automate creation of tracking logs for customer service issues
  • Created multiple MSSQL and MSAccess databases to assist in reporting
  • Automated report generation for managerial team using Microsoft Excel
  • Served as a Subject Matter Expert, working closely with business analyst team to gather requirements and maintain SDLC for all applications in production


Alternative Dispute Resolution Coordinator
  • Privately owned Managed Care Organization, based in Columbus, Ohio, with over 150 employees
  • To oversee the Alternative Dispute Resolution department
  • Working closely with managers to ensure timeframe and policy compliance
  • Appointed by Ohio BWC to Bureau of Workers Compensation/Managed Care Organization ADR committee, created to foster discussion on ways to streamline the ADR process and reduce claim resolution time for Ohio's injured workers
  • Worked with systems analyst to update claims processing databases and reduce data duplication across platforms
  • Supervised ADR administrative assistant team

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