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Solutions Architecture Resume Profile


  • Principal architect with fifteen years of experience in information technology on building products/applications/solutions using the below mentioned technology platforms
  • Build world class products/applications/solutions using Open Source SOA, open source portals and content management.
  • Design, develop and maintain Java/J2EE based Enterprise applications
  • Conceptualize, design solutions using Event and Stream computing platforms
  • Conceptualize, design solutions using Parallel Computing platforms.
  • Conceptualize and implement solutions using Business Intelligence/Big Data platforms.
  • Design, Develop a revolutionary, industry first Radiology and Medical Imaging platform.
  • Worked as a subject matter expert for the sales and delivery teams carving out opportunities providing services in the design and development phase of systems development in the above technology platforms.
  • Worked as a subject matter expert for building organization wide capabilities on open source, big data platform.
  • A member of the strategic technology and solutions group for a Fortune 10 customer business Unit, I provided technology advisory across projects on Open Source domain.


  • Job Functions Technology Solutions Architecture Consulting Implementation, Technical Presales
  • Software Development Methodology Scrum, Agile and CMM methodology
  • Project Management PMP Expired
  • Languages Java, C/C , SQL/PLSQL
  • Web Desktop Platform Spring, Struts, Java Script, XML, Adobe Flex, Swing
  • Portal Content Management Liferay, Alfresco, JBoss Portal
  • SOA Platform OSGI, WSO2, Drools, JBoss SOA
  • Database PostGres, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase
  • Business Intelligence Pentaho , Business Objects 6.5
  • Real Time Data Distribution RTI Data Distribution Service
  • Stream Computing SQL Stream, StreamBase, Sybase Aleri
  • Parallel Computing GridGain, Gigaspaces
  • Mobile Platform HTML5, Rhomobile, PhoneGap
  • Radiology Medical Imaging GE Centricity PACS, Revolution CT
  • Functional Domains worked on Finance, Telecom, Energy, Industrial, Automation, Aviation and Healthcare



Revolution CT Scanner Product

  • Revolution CT is a revolutionary, game changer CT scanner product. The product allows for diagnosing diseases of challenging patients which are not possible with the current CT products in the market. The scanner allows taking scans of challenging cardiac conditions with detailed image clarity not possible with existing products in the market.
  • Designed and developed desktop application framework to be used by the operators of a revolutionary CT scanner machine.
  • Made changes to the framework for loading large data sets in memory leveraging principles of HBase, and map reduce.
  • Initiated cardiac scan functionality.
  • Implemented RTI DDS for real time data distribution between various sub systems for cardiac scans.
  • Created services for system preferences application.
  • Development done in an agile mode with typically 2-3 week sprints. Leveraged Rally tool for sprint task management

Environment: Core Java, OSGI, SWING, Maven, Linux, RTI DDS, C/C , PostgreSQL, Mercurial, Clearcase


Vendor Neutral Picture Archive and Communication System Data

  • GE Centricity Picture Archiving and Communication System PACS is an image archiving product used in hospitals. The images generated from various radiology systems were routed and stored for long term use. The product maturity in terms of being vendor neutral was at level 2 and needed to move towards being level 3/4 on a scale of 5 with 5 being highest.
  • Lead analysis of GE Centricity PACS product and conceptualize solutions for data migration.
  • Lead technical solution design and review for a data migration solution used in migration of presentation state data from proprietary format to DICOM GSPS standards.
  • Managed solution developments requiring movement of medical imaging data archival to the size of TB's data leveraging a proprietary framework on similar lines of Hadoop HDFS.
  • Development done in Agile mode with 1-2 week sprints

Environment: Core Java, Swing, Sybase, GE Centricity PACS, SVN


Global Adherence Monitoring Platform for Drug Delivery Medical Device

  • The Global Adherence monitoring platform allows the patients to monitor and adhere to the schedule
  • drug usage from Merck Serono as part of their treatment. This data is used by physicians to make
  • changes to the treatment on a regular basis. The hardware collects data when used by the patient at home and transferred to the physician on a regular basis. The product initially launched in Europe, is planned for global rollout, starting with the US.
  • Managed technical solution conceptualization for the Global Adherence monitoring platform including the hosting of platform in adherence to regulatory compliance in Europe and US
  • Created effort and costing estimation for the solution.
  • Managed the negotiations with hosting providers for a viable hosting solution in adherence to regulatory compliance in Europe and the US.

Environment: Groovy/Grails, HTML5, Oracle, Maven, SVN


  • Computed Tomography Scanner Operator Desktop Console and Software Simulator
  • Revolution CT is a revolutionary, game changer CT scanner product. The product allows for disease diagnosis of challenging patients which are not possible with the current CT products in the market. As part of product testing, a hardware simulator is used which mimics the actual product. The goal of the project is to have a software simulator instead of hardware allowing cost reduction and flexibility in testing.
  • Implemented desktop application framework to be used by the operators of a CT scanner machine.
  • Lead and delivered design and development of a software simulator solution for CT scanners

Environment: Core Java, OSGI, SWING, Maven, C/C , Linux, Postgres, Clearcase, Mercurial


Big Data Platforms: Parallel Computing Center of Excellence CoE

  • CoE, is setup with the mandate to conceptualize solutions, bring revenue leveraging new technology platforms in big data and parallel computing.
  • Conceptualized and implemented the design and development of data benchmarking solutions for industrial automation leveraging open source products Adobe, Pentaho and SQL stream.
  • Conceptualized a risk management solution for finance vertical with Sybase Aleri and Streambase.
  • Managed consulting for carving out opportunities for the CoE for internal/external customers.
  • Lead collaboration with mainframe migration CoE for building Web based applications. leveraging products like Evolveware Migration , Gridgain, Gigaspaces
  • Managed vendor relationships with various technology partners.

Environment: Adobe Flex, Pentaho, SQL Stream, Sybase Aleri, Streambase, Grid Gain, Gigaspaces


Open Source Solutions OSS Center of Excellence CoE

  • CoE, setup with the mandate to conceptualize solutions, bring revenue leveraging new technology platforms in Open Source
  • Lead setting up alliances with open source vendors.
  • Managed consulting for carving out opportunities for the CoE.
  • Collaboration with mainframe migration CoE for building Web based applications.
  • Conceptualize and implemented back ground check solution development.
  • Institutionalized the capabilities around OSS products.
  • Institutionalized best practices, reference architectures, solutions around OSS.
  • Institutionalized the open source policy and governance framework leveraging open logic.

Environment: Liferay, Alfresco, Adobe, WSO2, JBoss, MySQL, Pentaho, Rhomobile, Open Logic


Technical Consulting Assessment

  • GE Energy Jenbacher Gas Engines has a portfolio of applications with varied technologies which are hosted separately with different look and feel. An approach is needed to consolidate the applications portfolio with a common look and feel.
  • Lead assessment of existing applications repository to come up with a recommendation for portal platforms to be used.
  • Implemented PoC on the JBoss portal platform to demonstrate its feasibility to integrate various technologies.

Environment: JBoss SOA Platform


  • GE Corporate, India is looking at various technology options as part of it Enterprise Architecture Policy that could reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of the applications. As part of this engagement it invited various vendors to come up with thoughts for the same. Over a period and 6 months with various rounds and a technical competition to test the solution capabilities, various Open Source platforms were made part of Enterprise Architecture. Patni is choosen the winner of the technology competition among all vendors on basis of the solution given and delivery excellence.
  • Lead Analysis of open source technologies : Liferay, Alfresco, MySQL, Mule ESB
  • Creation of migration methodologies from COTS to Open Source platform
  • Lead Technical Solution for the Proof of Concept on Portal Content Management Collaboration platform Build Your Own Portal as part of a technical competition.
  • Win the technology competition organized by GE Corporate on Open Source against 10 top international software service vendors

Environment: Open Source Java/J2EE, Liferay, Alfresco, MySQL, Mule ESB


GECPS LOC Reduction

  • GECPS application is an application among a portfolio of applications. The application needed to go through a security review before any release. GE Corporate pays for the security review based on Lines of Code reviewed. The consulting assessment provided approaches to reduce the cost of the security review by reducing the lines of code.
  • Lead and Deliver Analysis of existing GECPS application and suggest approaches to reduce the LOC from 7 lacs to 4 lacs lines.
  • Implement the Analysis using various tools like sa4j, Metrics, Simian, PMD, XRadar.
  • Conceptualize a service offering for Reducing Software Decay
  • Create a Thought Paper for Reducing Software Decay

Environment: Struts, sa4j, Metrics, Simian, PMD, XRadar


Tririga Executive Summary Module

  • Tririga is an integrate workplace management system used by GE Corporate to manage the lifecycle of real estate assets across the world. There is a need to migrate the data warehousing component of the platform to a more real time reporting. The platform is java based except for the Executive Summary module which is Adobe Flash based.
  • Lead and Deliver Analysis of existing Tririga application and the Executive Summary Module within it.
  • Create an approach to migrate from Tririga DW to Tririga Real Time.
  • Create alternatives to migrate the Flash Based Module to AJAX/Java Module.

Environment: Struts, ExtJS, Adobe Flash


Evaluation of AndroMDA Tool

  • Revenue/margins associated with the Java/J2EE projects. AndroMDA is an MDA tool which allows to fasten the development time.
  • Patni is looking at reducing the time frame of development projects in order to increase the
  • Lead Technical Evaluation of AndroMDA, an MDA Tool.
  • Deliver a pilot on AndroMDA to reduce the coding time frame by 25 .

Environment: Struts, AndroMDA


Open Source Seminar

  • teams within GE Infrastructure to spread awareness of the same.
  • Applications. It invited vendors to come up with analysis of the same and discuss the same with various
  • GE Infrastructure, is looking at various open source products /frameworks for its portfolio of
  • Lead Technical Evaluation of various Open Source Frameworks
  • Evangelize usage of Open Source for cost reduction

Environment: Open Source stack


Pilot around RESTful Web Services, Storage As A Service

  • GE Corporate is looking towards leveraging cloud for storage of the data across various tiers. The project aims at evaluating various Storage As A Service provider at this point more specifically Nirvanix.
  • Lead Requirement Analysis for the Storage As A Service Initiative
  • Deliver Technical Analysis of Various Storage Service Provider API and narrow down To Nirvanix For Pilot
  • Deliver Technical Design For The RESTful Web Services Based Services Layer To Interact With The Nirvanix Storage Service Provider Using Jersey
  • Implement the Interaction With Nirvanix Directly and Via Restful Web Services layer
  • Create Thought Paper highlighting Key Design Considerations to Various Types Of Implementing Options

Environment: Glass Fish AS, Jersey, Netbeans IDE, Nirvanix API


POC for Liferay Portal

  • Lead Design and Development for a pilot for using Liferay Portal.
  • The pilot aims at looking at the feasibility of using Liferay portal for the Business Units HR applications.
  • Resolve Technical Issues in Development of POC.
  • BU Level Training Material Creation And Coordination Of Training

Environment: Java, Liferay Portal


Global Supplier List

  • The portal intends to be next generation platform for integration of Global Supply chain. The portal provides a mechanism to provide supplier interaction over mobile even in low bandwidth scenarios.
  • Technical Design Analysis for the Supplier Portal Having Work Flow Features and Web Services Integration with Third party named Choice Point Bridger Insight .
  • Bridger Provides Tools For Identity Verification Of Suppliers, Due Diligence And Regulatory Compliance Tools
  • Integration Of JBoss Portal Application With Bridger XML Web Services using Apache Axis
  • Feasibility Analysis Of Development Of Portal For Suppliers Over Various Means Of Communications like low Bandwidth , Mobile, High Bandwidth

Environment: Java, JBoss Portal, Axis Web Services


Proof of Concept for JBoss SOA products

  • same in providing value added responses to proposals.
  • The POC aims at understanding the capabilities of the JBoss SOA Suite. This would facilitate usage of
  • Lead Analysis of Jboss SOA stack of products.
  • Lead Requirements Analysis for POC use cases.
  • Deliver Design for the POC.
  • Implement the POC.

Environment: Java, JBoss SOA Platform


Ordering application

  • An ordering application used for client relationship management.
  • Deliver Design and development of the UNIX scripts used in integration with the PL/SQL for ETL logic.Autosys used for scheduling the various scripts.
  • Deliver Development of the notifications module using java. Spring, hibernate

Environment: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle 10G, UNIX Bourne Shell , Autosys


Risk Management Application

  • A number crunching Risk Management application with a number of satellite applications migrated from MS Access to the Web. The end of day trading data for various investment products is used as an input to calculate the risk exposure for the bank on a daily basis.
  • Lead Project Management Activities like client communication, Estimation, Budgeting, Billing, and Quality Management. Project assessed at CMM Level 5
  • Lead Requirements Analysis: Understanding the requirements of the various applications to be ported
  • Lead Implement Design, coding change requests for the new enhancements and bugs.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Oracle, BO 6.5, MS Access


Enterprise Ordering Application

  • An ordering application used for integrating the ordering process at an enterprise level. The application provides a common interface integrating various backend systems.
  • Implement change requests for enhancements
  • Manage Maintenance and Support of the application in production, system test environments
  • Manage onsite/offshore production support team

Environment: Java, J2EE, TopLink, UNIX Korn Shell , Web logic App Server,MQ Series, CORBA, Web Services


Electronic Wires and Stops handling application

  • A Middleware application used for processing the electronic wires/stop payment requests from different front ends client server/web
  • Implement change requests for enhancements and bugs.
  • Maintenance and Support of the existing application in C /Unix/Sybase.

Environment: Java, UNIX AIX , Exadel Flow Engine, MQ Series, Oracle 8i, Orbix, C


SCM product development

  • Revenue Manager 6.0 is a product in a suite. It helps companies in the service industry like IT, telecom keep track of their costs, revenues and manage their supply chain in an efficient way. The product is developed using a multi-tier web architecture supporting variety of databases.
  • Implement and unit testing of application components.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Orion Application Server, SQLServer 7.0, XML Spy 3.5, JBuilder



  • LTC Digital Office is an extranet site for the GEFA agents. It provides the agents with a single, comprehensive, up to date source for agent and sales related materials 24/7 anywhere across United States.
  • Implement and unit test of enhancements
  • Delivery of Support and Maintenance Services

Environment: Java, J2EE, Netscape Application Server 4.0, Netscape Enterprise Server3.6.2, Oracle


Fulfillment and Leads Management system

  • The system captures the details of the leads which come from various sources into a central repository. These leads are then distributed to the agents. The system generates various reports based on the marketing initiatives taken up by the Marketing Department.
  • Implement and unit test enhancements
  • Delivery of Support and Maintenance Services

Environment: J2EE, Netscape Application Server 4.0, Netscape Enterprise Server3.6.2, MS SQLServer 7.0


Sales Forecasting System

  • The system is a Sales Forecasting tool used by the Senior management.
  • Lead Requirement Analysis
  • Lead Prototype development and database design
  • Implement Preparation of test plans
  • Manage Client liason
  • Manage Code reviews an System testing

Environment: Visual Basic 6.0 using Active X technology, Oracle PL/SQL,Oracle 7.3/MS Access 97


Fleet Maintenance System

  • The system maintains a list of messages which would be coming from the various aircrafts. This would help diagnose any mechanical issues with the aircraft engines beforehand. The system was developed with three tier architecture. Tier 1 was the GUI, Tier 2 housing the dll's for business logic and tier 3 the database component.
  • Implement Maintain Message Definitions module Perform unit testing of components

Environment: Visual Basic 6.0 using Active X technology, Oracle 7.3,Microsoft Transaction Server v2.0

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