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Technical Analyst Resume Profile


To design and develop effective and robust enterprise level database management systems and to provide support with efficient DBA, EDI, Microsoft Windows 2003-2008, BizTalk 2002-2004 -2006-2009,2010 Administration, Developer, IWAY ETL, Business Analyst, Quality Assurance testing, Management Administration skills.



Systems Design


Development / Support

Software Development








Enterprise-Modeling and Integration,

Systems Planning,

Business Process -Reengineering,


SQL 2005, 2008

Oracle 8i Database, MOM, SCOM, BizTalk 360,

Windows 2003, 2008 IIS 6.0/7.0

MS Office 2010

Systems Administration

Trouble Shooting


Trapps, TLW, MS BizTalk2004/2006/2009, F5, VM Ware, BizTalk MsgBoxViewer


EMC Storage


Install Mercator,

Lotus Notes,

Lotus 123,



Technical Production Support Finance system


Responsible for undertaking detailed investigations to identify root causes analyses/fixes for complex technical issue

  • Troubleshoot issues related to application performance, issues with connectivity/latency/functionality of interfaces to internal and external IT systems and functional issues within a BizTalk application. Support development team with technical issue resolution throughout the project implementation cycle
  • Provide senior-level support and guidance for Level 1 Customer Care staff
  • Regular interactions with development and test teams to manage fixes for live service issues through into the production environment
  • Perform system testing as a final validation before the new release
  • Manage and track issues to ensure accurate and complete resolution
  • Run book, Operating procedure reviews
  • BizTalk 360 Install configure setup

Application Support BizTalk Administrator/06, R2, 09.


  • Experienced in application analysis, planning, designing supporting implementation
  • Senior BizTalk administration experience in fast paced production environment including BizTalk installation, configuration e.g. scale-out/clustered configurations and performance tuning/optimization including high throughput and low latency. FDLC Supporting Global Claims Systems, Includes Claim, Policy, Documentum
  • Experience in Windows Server Administration and administration Virtualization technologies such as VMware. Also standing up Windows 2003-2008, BizTalk2006- 2009, VS 2005-2008, SQL2005-2008 virtual environment. Advise on and develop connections to general infrastructure monitoring, error handling, reporting etc
  • Experience in Administrating and Supporting Customer facing Product, interacting with external clients and Enterprise IT groups
  • Solid understanding of SQL Server 2008 BizTalk related jobs, BizTalk Tuning performance, Working knowledge of other SQL Server 2008 functions
  • Experience in High availability Disaster recovery via Plat spin, Log shipping, and DB dumps procedure.
  • Responsible for Identify process improvement opportunities, Experience in Service Management, change management process, Managing Offshore team and implementing new process/technology to standardize operations.
  • Responsible for Coordinating with DBA, Infrastructure teams to ensure CU updates, Windows securities, Antivirus patches/upgrades/changes are current Overall understanding of IT Technology networking, databases, applications, hardware, etc.
  • Strong web administration of Microsoft IIS Good understanding of application, middleware and database interactions and connectivity Experience supporting Web Farm servers and advance Knowledge of group policy and Active Directory
  • Responsible for Managing multiple projects and partner with peers and senior management teams to shift priorities as needed. Identify risks to projects and deliverables and ensure resolution of issues within area of responsibility.
  • Good working knowledge of WCF, File, HTTPS, SQL adapters along with creating F5 Load Balance entries and troubleshooting sites on IIS 6 and IIS 7, Installing Internal/External SSL Certificates
  • Work with functional and business analysts to define requirements and create technical design, Operating Procedure SOP's documentation.
  • Experienced managing offshore resources to provide 24/7 support
  • Experienced in project management, process analysis, and applications delivery
  • Team player with excellent consultative and communication skills, and the proven ability to work effectively with clients, IT management and staff, vendors and consultants

Infrastructure Application Support BizTalk Administrator


  • Responsible for identification and resolution of hardware, software of BizTalk problems/outages and BizTalk related services. Maintaining, creating and deploying BizTalk adapter/channels on multiple platforms across the enterprise
  • BizTalk platform Migration upgrades, application migrations and support from Test to Prod environments, supporting development teams for multiple projects.
  • Experienced with creating Orchestrations, Pipelines, Schema, XSD, XSLT, HAT, and BAM. Complete understanding of debugging and configuration of BizTalk Processes and in implementing Application Monitoring suspended message via SCOM 2007 and Service Desk incidents
  • Responsible for performance tuning, regular housekeeping, Change Management and Disaster Recovery and ensure environment are in stable and available
  • Deploy application Importing MSI packages, Bindings Manual or Automated
  • Creating and Configure hosts and host instances as well as Web Services load balancing
  • Managing a BizTalk Server Group, Service Accounts and memberships and managing system access
  • Monitoring suspended message via HAT , black berry
  • Worked with TFS maintaining the version Source Safe
  • Managing Master secret server key on SS0 / Restoring Master Secret key if required
  • Backing up and restoring BizTalk Server database
  • Monitoring Message Activity and Debugging Orchestration
  • Modifying sql stored procedure as per business requirement
  • Validating existing schema, maps and creating Send Receive port and location With MSI and Binding.XML files
  • Ability to research issue and troubleshoot problem On call 24/7 support

BizTalk Admin/Developer


  • Creating additional schema for the interface for mutual funds
  • Additional mapping to the existing schema's and debugging existing maps for Mutual funds
  • Validating existing schema, maps and creating send receive port With MSI and Binding.XML files
  • Working with QA Team guiding them to test the projects
  • Experience working in Agile methodology

BizTalk Administration/Developer BizTalk


  • System analysis, Design architecture for the new interface
  • Gathering details documentation for all the retail suppliers to send PO receive Invoice
  • Creating technical design, Hardware, Release Deploy documentation
  • Coordinate release testing interface with suppliers to migrate from QA to Production
  • Standing up Dev., Test, QA Production standalone and cluster environment
  • Suppliers which were implemented via BizTalk2006 are Dell, RCA, JVC, Maytag/Whirlpool, HP computers, and Philips. etc
  • Integrating automated Purchase Order Invoice with Lawson ERP system
  • Installing and Configure AS2 FTP Adapters
  • Creating Test script to test the interface end to end
  • Worked with Imagenow scanning software and work flow software

IT/EDI Integration / Quality Assurance/ BizTalk2004.


  • Creating additional schema for the interface for velocity workflow engine
  • Additional mapping to the existing schema's
  • Validating existing schema, maps and creating send receive port
  • Creating interface to convert Flat file to XML
  • Installation of Visual Studio 2003, SQL 2000 and BizTalk 2004
  • Working with senior QA to test the document process flow
  • Direction to collogue as how to integrate all the interface and test

Business Analyst/Quality Assurance/Documentation


  • Migration of BizTalk 2002 from one location to another on new hardware
  • Migrated 15 customer like DHL Kellogg, G.E Lighting, Rockwell, to new location
  • Analysis of system Interfaces and creating Technical Design Document
  • Work closely with Q A to create test script create Fall back plan
  • Testing the new BizTalk install Covast Install, MQ Install making sure files passing through dependences
  • L2 of testing escalation

EDI Developer/Analyst/Administrator,


  • Installing Iway 5.5, Iway adapter designer, Experience in creating workflow which includes Creating Repository, Creating Projects and adding Objects
  • Setting up FTP, File, SMTP port with a listener, Experience in creating CDF layout for XML, FDF layout for flat file
  • Validating GXP file after the mapping and Creating XSD using XMLSPY to use in Iway 5.5
  • Experienced in BizTalk Integration Designing/Administration developing Interfaces
  • Conversion of old EDI system to new using MS BizTalk
  • Experience with XSD, XML, Schema, Pipeline, Ports, Mapping and Orchestration,
  • Information Builders Iway ETL tool to implement new EDI projects
  • Gathering trading partner requirements agreements

EDI Technical Analyst, VAN


  • Experience in setting up. Ftp, By sync, A sync communication line
  • Tracking Edifact and ANSI X12 Data and flat files for VAN Customers
  • Mapping Flat File to XML and creating intermediate XSD
  • Setting Trading Partner relationship, Knowledge of Automotive, Retail Supply chain Industries
  • Working real time delivery routing errors and Mailbags parsing the files manually
  • knowledge of Doc, 850,860,997, Deljit Desadv,Control, Delfore, etc
  • Applications: Tandem, Templar, Ipnet, Trapps, Exceed, Netcool,
  • Experience with Value Added Network VAN E.g. Ordernet Sterling, EC EDI, Covisant, IBM Advantis

Junior DBA,


  • Administering Orical8i on Win 2K server with various duties like Managing Privileges, Roles, Users, Tables, Indexes and Security of the database
  • Planning Backup Strategy Testing Backup of the database, Scheduling taking Backups
  • Tuning of Shared Pool, Buffer Cache, Redo Buffers, Rollback Segments
  • Resolving complex problems associated with networks, hardware, and software applications
  • Managing Online redo logs, Exporting and Importing Data, Setting up the parameter of parameters file init.ora file
  • Providing training for assembling PC's and software installation

Team Leader


  • Data Center Sunguard and Level 3
  • Parsing Production billers files using Oracle in Unix environment
  • Running PL/SQL and Unix scripts, Configuring Sun E420, Ultra-5 and Ultra-10
  • Managing Loading tapes into tape library using EDM, Parsing Data using Oracle and Unix Sun Solaris 5.6
  • Processing Information using Oracle and Unix, Modifying and maintaining Unix environment
  • Writing Contab jobs and modifying scripts in Unix to automate manual jobs, Ftp data in Unix environment between different cities
  • Maintaining and managing Ftp and local environment space allocation,
  • In charge of Implementation of billers for the Parsing team, Set up billers environment in QA and production
  • Train team members to parse biller in production, Assign biller to a specific team member
  • Monitor team member and biller to make sure transaction are processing, 3rd level of escalations for any problems team might have, First Level of contact for team issues with account services

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