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Database Analyst Resume Profile


I would like to advance my career by obtaining a new position with a respectable company. My strongest interests fall in the categories of Data Architecture, Data/Database Analyst, QA Engineering, and Project Management.



Title: Senior Data Analyst

Responsible for creating dynamic parameters and monitoring Atomic Appworx chains groups of programs in order to control the processing of multiple applications in the client/server environment, such as Unix, PL/SQL server, and Oracle. Troubleshoot and correct aborts in the system by performing data cleansing and data validation. Design and establish criteria for User Acceptance Testing UAT and production implementation by setting up new vendors in the database and by creating SQL scripts that generate custom order feeds in EDI, text, and CSV formats. Conducted testing and system validation in order to troubleshoot issues related to data management. Identified and implemented process improvements in relation to data processes and extensive data modeling. Set up FTP parameters and monitor their existence. Create and maintain detailed documentation and define standard operating procedures, including data integration and mining. Lead technical discussions and participate in client calls and meetings.


Title: E-Commerce Project Manager

As the project manager I was responsible for improving the internal sales processes by overseeing the conversion of their legacy product ordering system to an automated E-commerce webstore allowing the website to accept online payments and establish credit relationships. Responsible for facilitating meetings in order to prepare cost/benefit and risk assessments, prepare requirements definition documentation, gather and organize product data for the web pages, and gather requirements specifications from the customers vendors for user-behavior analysis, and establish definitions and timelines to the contractor for web analytics, usability and site design, identification of new trends, web information architecture, search tuning, content management, and ease of use.


Title: Commercial Configuration Specialist/Database Developer

Develop new code and improve existing code in the rating engine Ratabase and research and identify business needs or problems with business processes or systems and coordinate temporary workarounds or permanent solutions. This includes the overall design of the rating system such as table designs, specifications for rating structures and algorithms through rules and data definition documents on the back end and through integration layers on a Oracle system. I have implemented several improvements to the system and current processes in order to become more efficient overall. In addition to development, I develop rating test strategies, plans, cases, and scripts which always leads to more needed improvements across divisions. In addition to my regular duties, I have developed an extremely powerful proofing/rating tool with VB/SQL/Access for the Commercial and Personal Lines that has been a successful component of the daily operation at The Erie. I have made decisions on operating procedures and have used analytical approaches on an independent basis in order to complete this extremely large project. It has been my responsibility to oversee that the project meets the needs of the company and that all decisions are documented properly. In the process of building this tool, I have applied a wide application of theories, concepts, and principals in order to analyze and evaluated all diverse scopes of required data that goes into creating a policy and the needs of the departments that create them. I have provided training and guidance to several employees how to use this tool and also created many training manuals and technical requirement documents. I was also the SharePoint administrator for my department.


Title: Database Analyst/Developer/Manager

I created a custom database on Access/Visual Basic to keep track of clients, with disabilities, that were attempting to return to the job market. The system kept track of personal and work history, skills, contact information, and notes on their progress. I also assisted my clients on job seeking skills, education opportunities, interviewing skills, and maintaining permanent employment. Also responsible for managing 4 people, hiring, training, and monitoring daily activities.


Title: Fabrication Sales Engineer

Set up new business accounts for medium to heavy sheet metal fabrication via cold calling and internet research. Managed projects and coordinated with customer, business, production, and development teams both local and abroad to take a project from start to finish in a timely manner. Computed costs of materials/labor and complex processes via detailed proposals based on customer's product needs. Created DXF files on CAD for CNN operations per customer specifications, may it be a PDF file or a hand drawing print. Responsible for redesigning the website and developed many other applications, such as a proposal system, custom excel workbooks, reporting systems to easily generate various reports from the unrelated AS400 time tracking in order to track estimated vs. actual phase times and overall project health. Served as president of the morale committee and also participated in an ongoing leadership training program.


Title: MIS Intern

As a full time independent intern for the product engineering department, I was responsible for designing a custom database that enabled the engineers of 5 worldwide facilities the ability to manipulate their confidential product formulas by use of queries and special reports.


Title: Business Development Representative

Set up contracts for high-end armed security services in the Detroit area to private and public sectors. Cold calling potential customers, attended bid meetings, delivered presentations, generated sales proposals, negotiated contracts, and followed up on services.


Title: Project Manager/Estimator

I developed new sales and maintained multi-million dollar contracts with DaimlerChrysler, Ford, and GM in Michigan and Ohio. As the General Contractor, I was responsible for managing several crews that installed high performance coating systems that we manufactured, and also granted other contractors to complete miscellaneous jobs under my purchase order. I was responsible for all the scheduling, pricing, and estimating the cost of the job based on labor and materials. I was successful at enabling product approvals through DaimlerChrysler's RPAS system, after the door was closed to additional suppliers, and this was quite an intensive project to complete. I assembled project plans, test specifications, implementation plans, Gantt charts, and other documentation to keep project progress in check and conducted daily on site visits at each project.


Title: Sales/Account Representative Sales of automotive production and maintenance paint to DaimlerChrysler and other industries. Monitored supplies and attended weekly PDCA meetings. Trained UAW employees and got new products approved. Assisted the new product development team, based on customer specifications, through our on-site lab. I received a recognition award for my exceptional business partnership from DaimlerChrysler for implementing the new color approvals for their merger with Daimler Benz.

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