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Lab Assistant Resume

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Los Angeles, CA


  • Seeking a challenging Entry - Level Position within the field of Electrical Engineering
  • Designed a 3GHz operational amplifier in TSMC 45nm technology using a 4-level current bias in folded cascade topology to reach gain above 60dB with BW of 1GHz
  • Designed a 1GHz high-frequency amplifier circuit with 100MHz of bandwidth to output gain of 30dB, designed its PCB layout using ExpressPCB, matched impedances, assembled components
  • Designed analog Tx/Rx for a purse tracking device using IR
  • Designed amplifying, filtering, and distortion circuits for a handmade electric guitar
  • Developed C/C++ scripts for image processing, pathfinding, ciphering/deciphering, vending machine
  • Manipulated sound direction using MATLAB by recording/producing impulses in different rooms
  • Designed and implemented a crosswalk light and a vending machine on an FPGA using Xilinx ISE
  • Created a business model for an innovative security device called “BeSecure”


Lab Assistant

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA


  • Designed a two layer PCB board using AltiumDesigner to be used in a vacuum chamber, connecting a semiconductor analyzer to a multimeter device, and developed an appropriate LabView script to create a GUI to monitor the I-V characteristics

Lab Assistant

Confidential, Pasadena, CA


  • Soldered components on dozens of PCB boards to produce “Likame”, a device that produces a series of images for viewers to press vote/like

Cell phone Repair Technician

Confidential, Chatsworth, CA


  • Diagnosed damaged components of dysfunctional iPhones by performing a series of tests
  • Performed various techniques to repair or to replace the damaged parts

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