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Summary of Qualifications

  • A proactive and goal-driven professional with 20 years experience in health care management and administration. Self-initiator and problem-solver with a demonstrated history of managing various projects with delivered work efficiency and multitude of versatile skills that helps transfer int a setting which will deliver customer's needs.
  • Core Competencies
  • Team Leadership Process Improvement Negotiation
  • Vendor Relations Communication Skills Project Management
  • Policy and Procedures Conflict Management Adaptability

Professional Experience


  • Currently oversees Arrhythmia Services Department
  • Organized and implemented a reading workflow system for our Cardiologists t efficiently read our remote ICD and HF reports which resulted in up t 114,900 in revenues earned within a year.
  • Mapping projects together with our Cardiologists and IT involving our new pacemaker website, resulting in an integration that sends all reports over EMR t be read and signed electronically, which enables our cardiologists t read reports from any location.
  • Negotiating with outside vendors in purchasing software contracts and various scanning equipment.
  • On own, created policy and procedure manuals for new employees.
  • On own, created excel spreadsheets t track monthly reports of holter and event monitors and pacemakers for our Cardiologists and Managers. As a result, an average annual data shows our workflow system of 960 holter scans, over 1,000 downloads for events and up t 2,000 for trans-telephonic pacemaker checks.


  • Lead Scope Tech and PRN Cardiovascular Tech
  • Monitored and interpreted arrhythmias on acute care patients
  • Communicated with the appropriate nurses and physicians regarding lethal arrhythmias
  • Performed quality checks on our equipment
  • Performed electrocardiograms
  • Edited electrocardiograms for physicians on our software programs

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