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Technical Consultant Resume Profile


  • Around 6 years of Objective C/C/C , Cocoa Touch and iOS development, Xcode 5 and Mac OS X Mavericks , Application Design Development experience. With focus on iPhone and iPad application development.
  • Around 5 years experience in iOS iPhone/iPad Application development, mobile application development. .
  • Experience shipping multiple versions of commercial applications to Apple's app store. Experience developing multi-threaded mobile apps that leverage web services Rest, SOAP .
  • Successfully launched apps in the App Store are a big plus Memory management and multi-threaded development.
  • Worked on Core Data, SQLite, design patterns MVC, Singleton, Delegation, Target Action, XML and JSON.
  • Experienced Mobile Application Developer with development and design experience in iOS, Android and HTML5 mobile applications contributing to full implementation of many large mobile applications.
  • Proficient skills consulting for large clients in large team-based software engineering and development.
  • Sharp hands on Agile based methodologies in large Enterprise System development including large enterprise mobile applications.
  • In -depth understanding of the main mobile platforms and recognize the subtle differences between each.
  • Develop a series of commercially successful apps on iOS, and knowledge in Android.
  • iOS Software Engineer working with iOS 7 SDK, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, UIKit, Xcode, Interface Builder, Instruments, and Git on a daily basis.
  • Proficient with advanced iOS technologies including Core Data, Core Location, MapKit, Grand Central Dispatch, and Auto Layout.
  • Strong self-learner with a desire to stay highly informed on best practices and latest developments to Apple's iOS mobile platform.
  • Continuously focused on providing an excellent user experience via clean, maintainable, performant code.
  • Professional, personable, and flexible while working to achieve objectives.
  • Tech oriented, well-rounded Software Development Professional with business acumen through large client facing experiences.


Programming Languages

Objective-C, Java, C , C, C , PL/SQL, HTML 5, XML, JavaScript

Operating Systems

Mac OS X, iOS, Ubuntu, Linux, Windows 7/8

Testing Build tools

Instruments, JUnit

Application Servers and IDEs

Xcode 3.0/4.0/5.0 Eclipse 2.0/3.0 Juno, NetBeans, WebSphere 6.0

J2EE Technologies

Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, JDBC

Web Technologies

HTML, XML, HTML5, PHP, CSS, Javascript


Agile Scrum, Waterfall


Sr. iOS Lead Developer

  • Senior iOS iPad and iPhone Lead developer, in the design, implementation, maintenance and testing of a growing collection of iOS applications and magazine based applications.
  • iOS developer contributing to various mobile development projects involving iOS iPhone and iPad applications.
  • Developed and designed large complex multi-tier application utilizing iOS 5.0 SDK with with other 3rd party multimedia based libraries integrating with back-end server systems
  • Extended the app to enable it for the iPhone and developed a full new interface and supported issues HTML based specifically designed for the iPhone.
  • Maintained, added new features, fixed bugs, improved and re-architected the current framework used in all magazine apps
  • Enabled full iOS UI Automation Testing with KIF framework based test suites in a Jenkins continuous integration environment.
  • Proficient iOS interface components such as table views, navigation controllers, various button and control types, etc. as well as creating custom interface elements.
  • Observed best practice standards in Objective-C, design, development to deployment planned and developed detailed project plans.
  • Helped to generate mobile-friendly versions of existing websites, developed and debugged via XCode and Instruments.

Environments: iPhone SDK, Web application sphere, Xcode, Core data, GCD, Objective-C, iOS, Mac OS X, iPhone Simulator, Cocoa Touch, NSXML Parser, SBJSON, and Instruments.


Lead iOS Developer:

  • Lead developer contributing to the development of the iOS application through the full development lifecycle using Objective-C released on the App store.
  • Developed, designed and styled the large complex multi-tier application utilizing iOS 5.0 SDK with the open source RestKit library integrating with a custom Ruby on Rails back end.
  • Managed full application configuration and successfully submitted to Apple App Store.
  • Managed TestFlight beta testing effort with a small group of beta testers.
  • Enabled full iOS UI Automation Testing and created full-automated test suites utilizing Frank-cucumber UI Automation in a Jenkins continuous integration environment.
  • Established agile methodologies including pair programming, weekly sprints and retrospectives.
  • Worked closely with management to shape the direction of the app.
  • Eliminated memory leaks and abandoned memory using Instruments. Troubleshoot a serious issue with a third-party UI component.
  • Implemented search client for server-based PIM suite on iPhone utilizing JSON, SQLite, Objective C and Interface Builder.

Environments: iPhone SDK, Xcode, Interface Builder, Objective-C, iOS, Mac OS X, iPhone Simulator, Cocoa Touch, NSXMLParser, SBJSON, A Foundation and Instruments.


IOS Developer

  • Lead developer in a true Agile Scrum based team developing mobile solutions for the client.
  • Developed and designed the large complex multi-tier business application: OpenText Everywhere for OpenText Corporation for iOS iPhone and iPad .
  • Android and HTML5/JavaScript/Sencha Touch in a pair programming environment.
  • Designed a thorough enterprise solution for the app for both iOS and Android/HTML Web App ports
  • Developed back-end Java based Middleware component service interfacing with client-based third party APIs'
  • Responsibilities included working in and facilitating the agile project, developing software, unit testing with Test-Driven Development methodologies, automation and build systems.
  • Interfaced with third party Web services with backend J2EE project including Apple Push Notification Service and Google Cloud to Device Notification Service.
  • Worked closely and interfaced extensively with client to gather requirements, perform weekly sprint planning sessions and demos.
  • Used native Objective-C and Java to develop state-of-the-art mobile applications for iOS and Android.
  • Involved at every project phrase, from concept creation to app store deployment.
  • Responsible for general maintenance of application library and debugging.
  • Tested applications on device simulators and actual devices to fine-tune products.
  • Developed and debugged via XCode and Instruments.

Environments: iOS 4.0 , Android 2.2 , HTML5, Sencha Touch, Objective-C, Java, J2EE, XML, HTML, JSON, Ant, Xcode, Eclipse.


Technical Consultant

  • Contributed to the solution design of the Integration of middleware WebLogic/Aqualogic Service Bus systems with Oracle Applications and Oracle DB.
  • Designed and developed various development objects with Java, SQL, PL/SQL and XML using SOA best practices integrating Oracle Applications with BEA WebLogic Integration Suite, BEA Aqualogic Service Bus, and IBM WebSphere MQ Series systems with legacy and third party systems
  • Led the development of Authority Suite 5.0, Camilion's main insurance policy administration system, utilizing Java/J2EE, JavaScript, Sencha EXT-JS , XML, SQL and Oracle DB 10g throughout the entire 5.0 release's development lifecycle.
  • Led various development teams to complete the design and development on various features and refactoring activities during sprints of the agile development process.
  • Created technical requirements, design and architecture documents detailing the architecture of the system and solution based on business requirements.
  • Designed integration and interface deliverables for various insurance clients, which involved requirements gathering from clients and transferring business requirements into a technical design for further implementation.
  • Gathered and specified requirements through various client sessions addressing various business needs.
  • Gathered requirements, designed and developed three reporting objects for Oracle Applications using PL/SQL and performed concurrent testing and support with each of the respective wireless suppliers.
  • Collaborated on writing and delivering project proposals for System Integration work designing high-level solutions involving Oracle Applications implementations and integration.

Environments: Java, STL, Windows XP, MFC, SQL Server 2000.


Web Solutions Developer

  • Developed complete client iPad login and signup module that includes UI design and backend communication with Web Services
  • Developed new components like infinite scrolling section for sliding tableview
  • Solved major defects in navigation controller behavior for the application
  • Developed Facebook integration for the application
  • Improved the efficiency of the application by optimization that resulted in faster loading of player and streaming data. Main thread and secondary thread
  • Provided mechanism to avoid loading of duplicate data in tableviews Problem due to concurrent server calls
  • Handled scenarios of no data for application during good network signal
  • Explained the design problem of invocation by drawing flowcharts
  • Assisted Project Manager with release build schedules
  • Documented the technical specifications
  • Managing the work log and following the schedule to ensure completion of projects before deadline
  • Followed a work data flow principle for design and development

Environments: iOS, HTML, Sencha Touch, Objective-C, Java, J2EE, XML, HTML, JSON, Ant, XCode, Eclipse

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